Saturday, October 27, 2012

Times A'Changing

Sound: Numb3ers tv show

It's been a while, I realized, since I shared anything on here. What has it been, a month or so? Well, let's see what I've been up to, shall we?

1. Working. Lots of working on campus. It's not too bad- I'm learning to make a few Starbucks specialties and the whole thing has me interacting with strangers. Which I've almost missed in a way, since my adventures at Disney World.

2. Speaking of which, I still miss. So. Much. I need to travel more. If only it weren't so expensive! Plus, I'm working on my residency for Utah so I can attend Southern Utah University full time next fall, and this means at max, I can only leave the state for up to 28 days [not including weekends]. It's a bit of a problem, I'll admit, but I've been kept decently busy since.

3. Archery! Officially joined the club. I'll show you my official t-shirt in my next post. It's pretty awesome though. However, two of the instructors couldn't stop complaining about my neck  limitations and so they had me change to left-handed. I tried right handed again the other week, and couldn't do a thing. My arms are still weak and limpy [ew], but I'm getting better, and it's almost becoming natural!

4. General Conference time- wow yeah okay so Jenessa's latest blog post reminded me of that. I was COMPLETELY planning on attending, I swear. But my work surprised me and said that basically, I work that weekend or I don't work at all. There's this Shakespeare Competition that goes on for High School kids and they all came over, ordering a bunch of drinks and pretending they were adults... it was cute. I got called "ma'am" a little too often, though. I'm not that much older than them! Am I?
Definitely short enough to blend in, haha.
But yeah, I worked that weekend and enjoyed watching it online afterwards. However, as my family came up, we had the chance to chill for a little bit- my dad had to use my computer for his online class. My littlest [okay,  youngest] brother, Jake, took me to the movies as a late birthday present. It was precious! We saw Hotel Transylvania which was pretty cute. They said hi on the way back down, too, and dropped off some delicious pumpkin mixes.

5. Fall Break happened last week. Katie used it to go up to Wyoming. A month ago, we though of doing something fun like Alaska, but you can see that [unfortunately] did not pan out well. I would have joined her, but that would have made me a third [and fifth and seventh and nineth] wheel whilst out there. It gets a little annoying after a while, you know? BUT it was better I stayed- because I got sick. I could avoid everyone and despair all on my lonesome. Which I did, curling up on the couch with my computer and a decent enough excuse not to study.
^ I caught up on so many of my shows!

(Look at those handsome faces! And I'll admit, their story line has been used up more than enough and those producers are pulling at strings because these two boys die and die and die again. But it's too amusing for me to pass up. Is it wrong I see this as a bit more of a comedy than horror or something? Hm.)

I'm absolutely loving it. October is my very favorite month. It just holds so much promise, you know? Candy, costumes, and colors! Then there's the promise of festive cardigans, scarves, family time and boots in November, then more of everything in December!

See, back home in San Diego- it keeps hitting the 80's and the like. Here? Crunchy leaf heaven! It's perfect and adorable. I've had some wonderful pumpkin pie with gingerbread crust, and tomorrow I'm [finally] making pumpkin chocolate chip cookies. Plus, yesterday, I pulled out all of my winter gear! Cheers!
Oh, speaking of clothes, Katie dearest is taking a Photography class so we dolled up and hit up the sunshine with some lovely pictures.

So that was a ton of fun!
Then we ran to Smith's for a buttload of groceries [we had to splurge on Pumpkin Eggnog, which has become a favorite instantly, because well... it's pumpkin AND eggnog together!]. After that, it was time to figure out what we'd do for the Institute Halloween Party. And I had a few ideas... and besides the usual serial killer, fruit loop, or a table, we found something suitably and suited up!

Hipster Disney Princesses. I know, mine was not as brilliant, but I was too preoccupied with dressing Katie up and come on, seriously here. It was pretty incredible. I loved watching people's faces when they figured out her costume [and then were less impressed with mine, but that doesn't matter because I MADE her, haha]. We also had the classy signs on our backs: "I had an apple before Steve Jobs" and "I left the ocean because it was too current."

We didn't do any trunk-or-treating because we got there so late [but nobody really wanted to freeze outside anyways, and we're trying not to stuff our faces with candy for once], but she got some chili- I don't do beans- and we soon headed inside.

The moment we stepped through the glass doors, we were accosted with familiar faces and from there on out, it was fabulous! We hung around a few good old friends, made a few new friends, and did just enough dancing! Then much before the clock struck midnight, we were out the door to chill out for a little bit after such an absolutely fantastic day!

So yeah, that's been my life. Now, I really have to start on some serious studying, I know. But there's an Edgar Allen Poe MUSICAL that I'm going to have to check out. Oh speaking of musicals, I've put my own on hold for the moment but I'm trying to work out something for National November Writing Month or something like that, yeah. NaNoWrMo. I've failed the last two years, but I can do it this time! As long as I can create the perfect plot...

Schizophrenic, anyone?