Sunday, August 11, 2013

Conversations about China

Yeah, I haven't posted in 8 months, I know, and that's okay. Not too much interesting stuff happened. Well, it did. But I was much too busy to write and now I have things progressing forward and before I ramble too much,

Here I am!

About half the people who know me may also know Katie Barnes. Crazy Katie. Fabulous Katie. Katie the Clown.

So we've been best friends as of January 2011, and that's right after she returned from teaching English in Ukraine. Ever since, she has loved kids and traveling. I've always kids and I'd never really done that much traveling- but I've always wanted to.

When she first suggested the idea, it was an absolute NO. China, really? All I knew came from the Cultural Revolution- 'Red Scarf Girl,' 'Wild Swans,' & 'Life and Death in Shanghai.' That, and the obvious and delicious food.

But seriously. Seemed like a death trap.

It was two years later when I actually started considering doing one of the programs. And by then, she was definitely wearing down on me. One night, I came home from a long shift and saw her more excited than usual [which is saying something.]

After a lot of confusing ideas, it came out-

"And if I don't have a boyfriend this fall, let's go to China!"

If you know Katie, she can flake out on some of the ideas. We were supposed to do so many trips which have yet to happen. So I said, "Yeah, sure. Maybe we can." Because I was kind of honestly considering it by then.


"Yeah, yeah."

And that's how I got caught up in this China business.

PS. Don't worry, I am SUPER EXCITED [now], and have yet to have any serious panic attacks about this adventure. Which is a great sign. I'll be borrowing Katie's camera for the trip, and she will be the star of most of my photos since she'll probably be so far ahead like the mountain goat she really is at heart. I fly out on August 21st of next week to enjoy a tour of Beijing, before heading to my school in Guiyang! I'll try to update as much as possible to fill you all in about what will be going on- and hopefully  update every week while there.

Warning!! The Chinese Government still restricts their internet, so I will not be able to put this to Facebook, so I suggest you subscribe/Follow now. Or get my email address, because that should always work. And hey, if I don't post or reply to anything for more than two weeks, please start getting worried because Katie probably antagonized someone, I tried to defend her, and we're probably rotting in a tiny jail cell making puppet shadows on the wall!