Sunday, December 9, 2012

Tis The Season

Sound: Baby, It's Cold Outside

^ Because as stalkerish as this song may seem, I adore it! Next up: Santa Stole My Girlfriend by the Maine mostly because it's hilarious and I love the band.

Anyways! GUYS! CHRISTMAS TIME! Definitely a holiday post. Definitely. Though I'll admit- and I'm not ashamed of it- I don't start Christmas music or anything [besides shopping, of course, I did half of that back in Disney World], until the day after Thanksgiving. Then I blast it like crazy. Of course, there is variation. Quite a few bands, like The Maine, have done Christmas songs and the like [Relient K also has an amusing and original compilation as well]. So I have rock songs, then the Mormon Tabernacle Choir... it's awesome.

Um, so yeah. I have to say, it's seriously disappointing here in Utah right now. I want snow! I desperately sing "Let It Snow!" in hopes that something will happen. Actually, walking to church today with Katie and Jordan, a few flakes trickled down. Maybe I have to sing louder? If only my guitar strings weren't broken, then I could do that too.

All the same, good things come out of this. Few of you may know that I'm not too adept in the kitchen [though I can survive, even if it's just frozen pizzas], but I do love baking!! The moment Thanksgiving starts rolling around is when I start finding some recipes [Jenessa, hope you're looking for some more fudge ideas!!], and trying things out.

Today, I made these:

I didn't have chocolate chips, so I had to make my chocolate from scratch. It seemed too runny, so I added more wheat flour and raw sugar [sometimes it's still hard to get used to], but it turned out pretty well. Katie and I had our hometeacher over, Robby- and HE BROUGHT HIS DOG. Sam is three years old, a golden retriever, and might weigh more than me.
Which is why when he got excited and basically jumped on me, I just sort... well... yeah I couldn't do a thing, really. That boy wouldn't budge. I might have to start lifting weights. I got drenched in his slobber.

But he was adorable, and I couldn't stop laughing. So all was well.

My point of this story is, I knew he'd be coming and he took some pumpkin whoopee pie cookies I made [with cream cheese frosting] and he said they were delicious, and I tried to give him more but I left for Thanksgiving and the cookies went bad [so sad! It's horrible seeing good food go to waste. Especially cookies], but I did manage to pass off four of these to him. Hopefully, Katie will eat the rest. Or maybe I'll try one, we'll see. I like pretzels, love soft ones, but big hard thick ones.... Hm. I'm not the biggest fan, sorry!

The point: GOOD THINGS COME TO THOSE WHO DO GOOD THINGS. Barely ten minutes after Robby left, some lovely ladies from our ward [visiting teachers? something like that? I don't know, they didn't say their names they just brought us goodies], and I got super excited:

Cute right? I was so delighted!  And excited! Turns out, it was other homemade goodies.

Caramels and truffles 

It amazes me that anyone can do diets. I remember doing a yeast-free one two...two years ago? Something like that. Hardest thing EVER. Got to the point that vanilla ice cream just so delicious [and no, Barry, you do have to have chocolate syrup on it or at least caramel to really be good], and I haven't really tried doing a diet since. I mean, I try not to have too much soda, though my veins might be bleeding hot cocoa these days. But I love vegetables [as long as Katie makes them for me, because she makes them so delightful!], and fruit [some- can you believe I've never tried berries?], and bread [okay not the best healthy choice but come ON], and... I'm losing track of my point. 

I made cornbread last night. It's probably been at least a year since I had some. It was delicious. Katie even had honey for me to use. I had that with Sante Fe Chicken Soup this afternoon. Some say food is only to fill up our bodies, but come on... if we can take time to smell the roses, we can take time to delight our taste buds, right?

And I'm not trying to distract from the holiday season. But there's food. Incredible, savory food just waiting to eaten or at least made. So, friends, if you're in my town at the moment, feel free to stop on by for a pretzel. I'm told they're pretty tasty!

Cheers to the holidays and splurging!

Friday, November 30, 2012

Surviving As A Ginger

Sound: Stove boiling my tortilla soup, yum!

All right, so it was my day off and I've been thinking its about time I got myself a passport. So you know, if I ever have to flee the country, it won't be too much of a hassle. Anyways, so I walked seven blocks up to Main to get my picture taken, only to find they would be closed for another hour or so.

Eh, fine, so I went shopping. I'm a girl, it's not that hard. Plus it was the Catholic Thrift Shop's end-of-the-month sale so even better, I spent less than $6 whilst there. Still too early, so I walked all the way back home. By then, my ears hurt from the cold [storm coming?], but I grabbed an energy bar and headed back.

^Where I plan on traveling. Guess the route I'll take!^

I got my picture taken at Zion Photography [they have two adorable dogs], for just $10 and he gave me four copies, so that was all good. Thus, I made my way across Main several more blocks to the Post Office. After maybe five minutes, I was inside.

Only to find out California in the early 1990's made some mistake with their birth certificates [they look fine to me and are still technically legal], but they wouldn't take it so I left with everything I had arrived with. The very nice lady had given me a website where to go to get this worked out- and it would cost $33, not including shipping.

Basically, it would cost me at least $200 for a passport. I'm a bargain hunter, and that didn't make me happy. After all, my sisters have their cards and books just fine without a hitch.

My .8 mile walk home, I was internally ranting [I am only human!] how of course this would happen to me. Who else? Nothing ever comes easy for me, and after 20 years I still have nothing to show for myself. I can't even get my passport when my sisters got theirs without a problem. Nothing is allowed to work out for me until I have ripped through the walls, torn out my hair, and ranted and raved and cried about it for weeks on end.

It was just one of those feelings. But I got home, got some food in my system [miracle worker!] and it's gotten me thinking. Which is usually a good thing, though, maybe?

Anyways, people love asking me about my temper. After all, I'm a redhead. We're famous for that.

^Me sort of doing the stupid duck face and looking sassy because now and then, I remember how awesome I am, though I might be pushing it a little far sometimes^

I don't even know why. Okay, that's a partial lie. I remember reading something just the other week about in some culture, Native American or Indian or something, they preferred burning people with redhair because it symbolized fire and the devil.

Thanks, I appreciate that.

On top of all that, I'm decked out in freckles and people say that I have one for every soul I suck...? As for where that came from, I haven't got a clue. That one's a little beyond me- first time I heard of that was whilst working at Disney World and my coworkers started making fun of me for that [that may have been before or after I made a remark about not being about to tan which maybe they took offensively?]...

Anyways. So a new coworker asked if I had the infamous redhead temper. To be honest, I never know what to tell people. That I can act like a pissed off dragon or for all you know, I'm always the (slightly awkward) umm....princess doesn't really quite cut it, haha. How about.... Luna Lovegood. That's who!

^ Me in my natural habitat and happy state of mind^

Like most people, I had a tricky time growing up- and I'm a girl, so I haven't always taken things in stride. But I do work hard, day after day, to be the best version of myself. As my family knows too well, and Katie because as my best friend and roommate, it's bound to happen eventually, I'm not always happy or collected.

But I try to be. I work really, really hard so I'm not the "typical redhead" stereotype who gets pissed off at just about anything. It's not that I'm a people pleaser, but I do enjoy being around people and I'd like to keep doing that [and never getting locked up in a mental ward would be fabulous]. It's not like I'm always containing my rage, that's not what I mean either- but I'm like most people. I love laughing, smiling, and happy people- I like being one of those. But if you take a step too far and try pushing me in the wrong direction, I might not exactly be smiling- but don't worry. I don't know karate- yet.

Anyways, we get fame and endure the shame, but that's okay. I can mock my sisters for being blonde, can't I? And as much fun as it is to mock people for what they are born with- be careful now and then because people can take it to heart.

*Don't get me wrong, I love my freckles and I love being a ginger. I wouldn't trade it for anything else, except for the often craving to dye my hair silver or teal. But life is tricky for us all, so don't make a stereotypical thought that it's ever easier for anyone because of their hair color or anything...or something like that, ;)

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

I Vant Yer Blood

Sound: The Walking Dead

^And no, I don't know why I'm watching it. If you know me, I don't do horror films ever. The scariest I like to get is something like Beetlejuice or The Mummy. The Walking Dead- I'm still not liking just about anyone at this point, actually, but the plot intrigues me enough so I don't start rewatching Doctor Who or keep taking myself to the theaters. But don't worry, I'm planning on picking up a book and reading it, just like the good old days.


Unfortunately, this is not a rant about Bram's Dracula

I just wanted to share the exciting news that this Monday, three days ago, I donated blood!

Silly, I know, people don't like doing it. A lot of people pass out. And I'm not saying it's fun or anything, I'm not. But I've taken so much, lived such a blessed life and I've had the necessary surgeries to survive- I wanted to be able to give back for once. There's no way I'll become a nurse or anything, but this is a tiny something to help out.

I didn't pass out, but I did feel nauseated- for about the first time since... oh, probably since the family reunion blood poisoning party [but before that, a few good years].

And I was just glad to be able to do it- I'm not exactly that big, and last time I tried- this last spring- my veins were too little because I'm not a big fan of water. Silly, right? Of course, the guy had to test both arms for a bit... but eventually, with some effort, we got it sorted out. We laughed a bit, talked about San Diego and growing up, [even complimented on my lovely band shirt] and soon I was done.

I walked about a bit early, so Katie and I sat together for a bit, but here you go. I donated blood, yay! I even got a sticker for it, and there's been no bruising. Though I didn't really use it for anything all day ;)

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Goin' Crazy

Sound: Boy Meets World S05E08 "Chasing Angela"

I'm on a Boy Meets World rollin' marathon, obviously. I grew up with them [and Sabrina the Teenage Witch], and I can't stop laughing. Disney's actually wanting to take over and do a sequel show, Girl Meets World- which would be about Topanga and Corey Matthew's tween girl's life! They even want Danielle and Ben to reprise their rolls!

Disney Channel would probably ruin it. But it's the thought that counts!


It's November! Not only am I still on a Tim Burton streak [Frankenweenie was MARVELOUS! So much better than I could have imagined. Seriously, a must see. So fantastic!], but it's also NANO.

For those who don't know what that really is, it's National Novel Writing Month. I think I mentioned it in my last post? But it's time! Hey, better late than never, eh? The main point is being able to write at least 40,000 words in the month of November.

Last month, in the beginning, I wrote a 58,000 word story in 20 days. Which sort of freaked me out, because that's insane. I wrote like five chapters in the first two days. It's also kinda crazy that I finished it. Unfortunately, as much as I enjoyed the story, I don't see it being strong enough to last in the big world so it's never going to really be shared, published, or anything.

The real problem resulting from this, is writer's block. It's like running a big marathon or doing a huge contest- lots of hard work, done really fast- and then you need rest. Right? Except when it comes to writing- to get something good out, you can't always force it out of your system. It can make the situation worse.

It's the third of November but I've been plotting out this new story, little by little, and writing out little excerpts in notebooks and on my laptop. Anything I can do, to at least get out a piece of string filled with words to create the story, line by line.

This is actually frustrating, though, I haven't been able to get very far...

Curious, much?

Not only am I a writer, but I'm also a girl, so I'm not too great at being concise. The basics of this story is about a girl [she's yet to have a name]. She has an older brother, and two parents. Small family, simple enough, right? It would be, if she were all right- if she were normal.
But she's a schizophrenic.
-I was writing another version of this story, about halfway through with it, when I got caught up in other stories and life so I never finished it. But now I'm taking it and messing around with it again. Just about everything has changed, except her and her relationships with her family.

Pieces will include: meeting a boy in a flower shop. the flowers calm down her thoughts and that's when the voices have no power over her. he works there, but she's also running off to spend time with him. he has no direction in life but has so many possibilities- whereas she's so restricted, she doesn't have the chance to do anything. they have the opportunity to change each other's lives. She just happens to have a mental disorder...
fun pieces will include- having conversations with voices in her head, hallucinations, and a Peter Pan theme of  youth, wonder,  music and flowers...

It's going to be fantastic and magical and yet so simple... I'm really excited, you know. Writing stories about people is such a blessing for me. I'm not the most social, we all know that- but the human race is amazing and I love writing about bits of human nature. I love being inside others' heads and seeing their problems, and hopefully helping them find their happy ever afters or at least a solution for the time being...

Anyways. I'm really hoping that this year, I can complete NaNo. I've "competed" a few times now, but being pushed into writing is never the easiest thing for me, so I've never actually finished... wish me luck!

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Times A'Changing

Sound: Numb3ers tv show

It's been a while, I realized, since I shared anything on here. What has it been, a month or so? Well, let's see what I've been up to, shall we?

1. Working. Lots of working on campus. It's not too bad- I'm learning to make a few Starbucks specialties and the whole thing has me interacting with strangers. Which I've almost missed in a way, since my adventures at Disney World.

2. Speaking of which, I still miss. So. Much. I need to travel more. If only it weren't so expensive! Plus, I'm working on my residency for Utah so I can attend Southern Utah University full time next fall, and this means at max, I can only leave the state for up to 28 days [not including weekends]. It's a bit of a problem, I'll admit, but I've been kept decently busy since.

3. Archery! Officially joined the club. I'll show you my official t-shirt in my next post. It's pretty awesome though. However, two of the instructors couldn't stop complaining about my neck  limitations and so they had me change to left-handed. I tried right handed again the other week, and couldn't do a thing. My arms are still weak and limpy [ew], but I'm getting better, and it's almost becoming natural!

4. General Conference time- wow yeah okay so Jenessa's latest blog post reminded me of that. I was COMPLETELY planning on attending, I swear. But my work surprised me and said that basically, I work that weekend or I don't work at all. There's this Shakespeare Competition that goes on for High School kids and they all came over, ordering a bunch of drinks and pretending they were adults... it was cute. I got called "ma'am" a little too often, though. I'm not that much older than them! Am I?
Definitely short enough to blend in, haha.
But yeah, I worked that weekend and enjoyed watching it online afterwards. However, as my family came up, we had the chance to chill for a little bit- my dad had to use my computer for his online class. My littlest [okay,  youngest] brother, Jake, took me to the movies as a late birthday present. It was precious! We saw Hotel Transylvania which was pretty cute. They said hi on the way back down, too, and dropped off some delicious pumpkin mixes.

5. Fall Break happened last week. Katie used it to go up to Wyoming. A month ago, we though of doing something fun like Alaska, but you can see that [unfortunately] did not pan out well. I would have joined her, but that would have made me a third [and fifth and seventh and nineth] wheel whilst out there. It gets a little annoying after a while, you know? BUT it was better I stayed- because I got sick. I could avoid everyone and despair all on my lonesome. Which I did, curling up on the couch with my computer and a decent enough excuse not to study.
^ I caught up on so many of my shows!

(Look at those handsome faces! And I'll admit, their story line has been used up more than enough and those producers are pulling at strings because these two boys die and die and die again. But it's too amusing for me to pass up. Is it wrong I see this as a bit more of a comedy than horror or something? Hm.)

I'm absolutely loving it. October is my very favorite month. It just holds so much promise, you know? Candy, costumes, and colors! Then there's the promise of festive cardigans, scarves, family time and boots in November, then more of everything in December!

See, back home in San Diego- it keeps hitting the 80's and the like. Here? Crunchy leaf heaven! It's perfect and adorable. I've had some wonderful pumpkin pie with gingerbread crust, and tomorrow I'm [finally] making pumpkin chocolate chip cookies. Plus, yesterday, I pulled out all of my winter gear! Cheers!
Oh, speaking of clothes, Katie dearest is taking a Photography class so we dolled up and hit up the sunshine with some lovely pictures.

So that was a ton of fun!
Then we ran to Smith's for a buttload of groceries [we had to splurge on Pumpkin Eggnog, which has become a favorite instantly, because well... it's pumpkin AND eggnog together!]. After that, it was time to figure out what we'd do for the Institute Halloween Party. And I had a few ideas... and besides the usual serial killer, fruit loop, or a table, we found something suitably and suited up!

Hipster Disney Princesses. I know, mine was not as brilliant, but I was too preoccupied with dressing Katie up and come on, seriously here. It was pretty incredible. I loved watching people's faces when they figured out her costume [and then were less impressed with mine, but that doesn't matter because I MADE her, haha]. We also had the classy signs on our backs: "I had an apple before Steve Jobs" and "I left the ocean because it was too current."

We didn't do any trunk-or-treating because we got there so late [but nobody really wanted to freeze outside anyways, and we're trying not to stuff our faces with candy for once], but she got some chili- I don't do beans- and we soon headed inside.

The moment we stepped through the glass doors, we were accosted with familiar faces and from there on out, it was fabulous! We hung around a few good old friends, made a few new friends, and did just enough dancing! Then much before the clock struck midnight, we were out the door to chill out for a little bit after such an absolutely fantastic day!

So yeah, that's been my life. Now, I really have to start on some serious studying, I know. But there's an Edgar Allen Poe MUSICAL that I'm going to have to check out. Oh speaking of musicals, I've put my own on hold for the moment but I'm trying to work out something for National November Writing Month or something like that, yeah. NaNoWrMo. I've failed the last two years, but I can do it this time! As long as I can create the perfect plot...

Schizophrenic, anyone?

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

O Happy Day

sound- bbc sherlockS2 e1
again. haha

Anyways, trying out writing a post on my new phone, and i hate it! wont be trying this out.

thank goodness my only intentions were to share a photo i took on my phone and this was the fastest way since my phone refuses to connect to my computer.

went up the canyon with katie and her cool friend andy who wants to be a professional photographer. so we found the lava rocks aftrr a while. not easy for me to maneuver in flip flops but i did get a lovely picture i wanted to share.

^ And this is where I stopped with the phone. It was frustrating. It's been a long day of work, barely sleeping the last few nights, and just feeling nauseated for no good justifiable reason. I was trying to live off saltines but splurged on some delicious ice cream... not a wise idea. I learned fast.

Back to the picture I've been dying to share: it's ridiculous how stubborn my phone can be. I stopped that. And spent five extremely frustrating minutes trying to figure out how to get to my picture from my phone because it refuses to connect or anything so I sent like three emails to myself which didn't even work and I managed somehow to download it from a draft, switch it from that ignoramus picture viewer into paint and finally, to here.

Which refuses to show. Again. Let's see....

Okay granted it looks a little more fish-eyed on my phone which makes the effect just LOVELY.

But look at it. It's better on my phone than my camera.

Yellow! Aspens! and lava in the distance, lava rocks. It was sort of fun, climbing on boulder over boulder you know? But at the same time, I was wearing flip flops and I have the balance of a 2 year old, so I nearly sprained my ankle and got a wee bit scraped up. One of these days, I'm going to put on my hiking boots and just run.

Lovely, just lovely!

And on another bright note, I've decided I'm going to write a Broadway play. Fantasy/Historic Barbaric Revolution/ It Makes Sense In My Head
And even my sister, Jordyn's head, I think.

It's going to be awesome. I told her she was to write the music scores and I can do everything else. Apparently Jenessa wants in on it [tends to happen, us three girls with one idea and then we all have to jump in on it. I fear for our weddings and anything else "big" or momentuous], so I told her she could do costume design which would be epic of course. She wasn't too impressed for some reason....

Monday, September 24, 2012

Wherefore Art Thou?

Sound: a ringing in my ears and heart.

For those of you who do not know: At the age of 8, I first stepped on stage before an audience. I was a mere but worthy caroler in, you know it, A Christmas Carol. I was in third grade, I was just part of the choir. But it was just the beginning.

Then came the Big Move, and that following winter I performed- and sang again- in Newsies. I was Boots.

Another year later, and that was my first introduction to Shakespeare- I joined Shakespeare Conquest. To graduate the first portion, I had to read/watch/listen to at least 17 of his places. Then came the acting, my first play: Twelfth Night.

It's been true love ever since.

I was going through the list of his 36 plays and I recall 21, the other 15 having never held any interest. And I've read many of those 21 plays several times. I cannot think of all the hours I have spent in production of some of those plays along with reading and watching and just EVERYTHING.

The ones I've performed in:
Twelfth Night -Gideon
A Midsummer Night's Dream -Her...? Hermia!
Romeo And Juliet- Balthasar
As You Like It - Silvius
The Comedy Of Errors- Dromio of Ephesus

I think that's the right order? I also redid pieces of Twelfth Night as Olivia [Jenessa, is that right? It's been so long!] and As You Like It as Touchstone- those for the Annual Shakespeare Festival held every April in Balboa Park, CA by their Old Globe Theatre. Actually my last year there, we did a piece of the Comedy of Errors, and I got an award for it. YAY!

Um but yes. Yes.

I feel like I was meant to be Shakespeare's soul mate sometimes.
If I ever get to meet him- I may spontaneously combust.

I feel like these truly are the stories of my childhood, though I didn't begin until I was about 12. But they took  many of my years growing up, and I gave them freely. I've seen so many movies of them, I've reread many of the plays, and I have been lucky enough to see a few performed.

All new SUU students are able to participate in the new Thunderbard project [witty or what??]. For one, there's a new minor: Shakespeare Studies or something like that.  [HEAVENS YES I FOUND IT (and at a decent price at that)] AND anyways so there have been workshops on discussing pieces of Hamlet, the play they picked alongside The Shakespeare Festival held here in Cedar City every summer.


Fangirling a lot here, seriously.

I miss the stage, I realized. It's just incredible.

I was in the fifth row, on the edge by the steps which the actors took advantage of. I cannot say enough about this! I loved the movie by Kenneth Branagh, he is just a wonderful Shakespearean, I cannot say enough about him. 

And think about it, Hamlet is pretty tough to portray. Not only are you trying to help an audience understand Old English which very few understand any more- while acting as a man who may or may not be mad! A lunatic, honestly. It's one of Shakespeare's most intriguing plays, indeed.

In fact I was at the workshop last Friday- and nearly started freaking out then because I'd missed it so!

At first, I wasn't sure I'd be impressed. I mean, they did good with slightly modern dress- sort of 20's era, almost? But still modern. I mean, Hamlet came out with hair in a ponytail and ill-fitting loose suit. Everything was stiff, just "eh" I was almost disappointed!

But then Hamlet saw his father's ghost- which they portrayed as a light, because let's face it, most ghosts on stages aren't too awesome nor creative, it's 'just hard. But yeah, after that... like he lost his mind and that's how the play just really came together. He came out with really short hair and I kid you not, a goth jacket [long with slits and zippers, everything!] and big combat boots. INGENIUS!

They worked so well with the costumes- Gertrude was always in red, like the sinner she played [and yet for the first time, I actually felt sorry for Hamlet's mother- first time ever! Lovely actress!]. Claudius wore white- until Hamlet's play with the actors where we really knew he was the murderer- and then he began wearing black like the murderer he was. Ophelia was always in white. 

She was pretty good, played such a delicate part that was pretty tough to do. I loved her last scene, when she's handing out the flowers- but all she had were long nails! Ugh, it was just incredible.

Oh okay okay OKAY- tiny piece but it made such an impact: after the play within the play, Hamlet was called to his mother's bedchamber to talk to her. He has that quick monologue, how he will talk with knives but have no daggers there [something like that? anyways, he lied because he used his pocket knife to kill Polonius]- but he stares off madly, starts running up the stairs just to my right- and yells "MOTHER!"

It made me shiver, it was just so.... Skldfjalskdjfakdsjfsakdfjadskfj!!!! YOU KNOW? Insane, irrational, yet calm and conniving and just it's so maddening and lovely and genius.

Final piece to go crazy about: the play ran by WAY too quickly and suddenly Laertes was literally banging on the door to the King and Queen and then they were plotting Hamlet's demise [just the first two, that's when the Queen became a real alcoholic], and then the final scene.

IT WAS THE COOLEST SWORD FIGHT EVER ON STAGE. They pushed a table across, they had actors running around to avoid it, those people seriously knew what they were doing. It was incredibly impressive, I couldn't believe it. It was pure MADNESS. Carefully orchestrated, of course, but still. To be honest, the trade of the knives and the two woundings/poisonings/murders [no, three, don't forget the King as well] didn't flash so well as they could have at first, they almost lacked momentum- but it did catch up fast, indeed.

But seriously. I was on the edge of my seat from all the awesomeness.

Granted, there are a few pieces in the play where I had some BRILLIANT ideas for the actors that would have made it a teeny bit better. But still, granted without my assistance, it still rocked. Like, insanely.

Actually, I do feel that if the Shakespeare Festival here in Cedar met with the professionals of the Old Globe Theater back at Balboa Park- every stage might explode from sheer amazement of what could be done. 

You know how people say that there are a few things we are meant to do, a few passions we are meant to keep, to grow, to share?
THEATER!!! Mostly Shakespeare granted, but I'm definitely leaning towards some Broadway [in Vegas on Nov 20-25 they'll be doing a production of The Addams Family- THE FREAKING ADDAMS FAMILY] so since that's my dad's Birthday week, and he's the one who got me such a fan of that freak family, I think we should go. Don't you?

I'm going to be a writer. Don't know if I'll be an actor- maybe little pieces? But I do love the big ones... I'm just such a reserved person, I'm not willing to do just anything and be that crazy and outgoing, I have too many limits at the time being...

Definitely looking to write the next Wicked. Or something like that. I kid you not, I am ready. All I need is a musician to put those momentus pieces together and we could very well have a great production just waiting to be performed by professionals. 

Friday, September 14, 2012


Sound: traffic

This post is here mostly because I've been busy going through Pinterest, and finally scrounging around outside of the Geek and Animals categories [crazy, right?], and went to the Quotes selection.

So inspiring! Even the sad ones. I've been feeling something building inside of me, something great just waiting to get written. I started a few lines, but it faded and thinks I'm not prepared yet. Reminds me- I watched this lecture where they talked of a Poet who recently passed. But that woman, the poet, claimed that her inspiration would come like a wind running right at her. She could feel it coming, all she could do was run: run to find paper before it went through her and left. If she didn't get it all down, the wind would move along to find someone else who would do it better.

Make sense to anyone else? It does to me, though my way is slightly different. It sort of makes me feel whimsical, and light, and usually a little bit quiet. It's like I'm waiting for the full moon to see the fairies dance in their circle sort of way, even. Like Cinderella in her pumpkin carriage, anticipating the glory and wonder of the ball. Like Ariel wobbling on her new found legs, excited and pretty scared.

Back to the quotes. They've been making me think about life. I mean, what doesn't? It's such a fascinating concept of how we mortals think of it- death, as well. It's such a mystery filled with questions we don't have the answers to- that we couldn't even comprehend.

So why do so many of us waste it away?

Just a little something I've been working on in the last few years: boredom. In the morning I may think differently, but isn't it such a silly concept? People getting bored. In this world. Where you can take a walk or listen to the birds- I used to wake up to the crows and I didn't mind it, I liked listening to them. My brothers say this all the time the moment they can't have the TV, computer, or their itouch.
Sure, there's the world at your fingertips right there.

But what about cooking? Trying a new recipe? Even cleaning- I love turning on music and getting things done! I reorganize my closet if I want to. Or I make paper airplanes. Or I steal Katie's ukulele and attempt to strum it. I pick up my archaeology textbook and read a few paragraphs [ugh, textbooks, so unhumorous].

Granted, it gets tougher when you're alone in a tiny town like this. But both of those choices are mine- and I can change either of them if I want to! Besides the boredom issues, I'm attempting to get better at making decisions.

Instead of saying "I don't know" I say something else. Of course I don't know- but I can change it by making a choice and finding out. Sure, there are some choices I regret [like ever climbing in the car with my sister's boyfriend], but at least I can learn from them [that took me a few times to sink into my head, to be  honest], and make better choices next time.

All of this helps with making goals, and I think tomorrow, I might start writing down some answers to choices ahead of time- like no, Katie, I will not ever go camping. [This idea comes from watching all 5 seasons of the Big Bang Theory in an evenly spread out amount of time that allows me to soak up Sheldon's nerdyness.] Then, I'll head off into town and buy some more washcloths. While jamming to music.

Oh! Thought I'd share an update of my weekly events:
Work: Mon-Thur, random times.
Institute: 2 classes before and after work on Tue/Thur
Zumba: starting this week,3x weekly
Archaeology class: online, study daily
Archery club: thursday nights [SO EXCITED AREN'T YOU EXCITED FOR ME?!]
^ This is my kind of sport. No running, and it releases my stress/anger because we all know I could cool it now and then, haha.

In between, I need to work on the very first 23 seasons of Doctor Who. As well as make an attempt to be slightly more social. Instead of hiding out with my computer on Friday nights. As usual.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Dark Friday~

Sound: Once Upon A Time [Jenessa wanted me to watch it. Not too bad]

Um I don't really know where to take this, but here goes.

My grandma- my mother's mom- passed away this last week from Alzheimer's. My family drove up Sunday to spend sometime with her, and once most of had spent some time with her, she let her spirit go. I'm so glad, I'm so happy for her- thanks to the gospel and the atonement, I know the truth that she is happy and healthy, and that'll I'll see her again someday.

She didn't have very much family, mostly just my mom, dad, and us kids. Our grandpa had everything already planned with her passing, and everything came together well. I was asked to speak a few minutes at her funeral and shared a few precious memories [for anyone who could understand me.] I sat beside my sister Jordyn, and we went through at least half a box of tissues. We struggled to keep our spirits high, reminding each other of our grandma's humor, and did all we could.

It was a lovely service, and all the family friends were so very kind. I wrote her a poem as well, that I feel she's going to be reading a lot- as will my grandpa, because he has a copy of it. And I'd just like to put it on here, because it seems in a way I don't really do a lot of writing here.

I’m making you a paper crane,
In paper red, your favorite color!
And on it’s wing, I’ll write your name:
There’ll be none the same.
I’m folding her so carefully,
My fingers smooth every wrinkle-
Already I can’t wait to see
I know she’ll fly so beautifully.
I feel her spirit fluttering
She’s a miracle, she’s a marvel.
Her soul is flying though we can’t see.
An angel, a crane, she’s more than a body.
Her red wings stretch out to the sky,
She’s ready to soar with the eagles.
Her dreams and spirit make you sigh
And with the wind, she waves goodbye.
I’m making you a paper crane,
It’s red, your favorite color.
With my heart I write your name-
There’ll never be another the same.

This isn't the first personal poem I've written- I wrote a few for some friends in the past, and it's a really nice challenge to add particulars. My grandma loved the color red, and she's always shared a love of eagles with my grandpa; and she's had the biggest love of [guardian] angels. But I think this is one of my favorite poems I've written so far.

She was- and is- my biggest fan. I'm just going to miss her hugs.

And on this note, I've had plenty of time to learn about funerals and how depressing they are- no offense, Grandma. History reveals that when people died, the tradition was to have a long procession with the family tearing out their hair and ripping their clothes. It's a horrible, sad time, it always has been.

Thus, my sisters have all agreed on having Celebration/Receptions instead. 

So I thought I'd try to end this somewhat cheerfully with my ideas of what is to happen when I die:
-A nice party, preferably at 3AM on a Friday Night [perfect time when people are delirious,cheers!]
-There can be pictures with our memories all over the place 
-A book of Remembrance- write down your favorite memory of me!
-They can use a microphone and share your favorite things about me [wow this is beginning to sound conceited, yikes!]
-Possibly a talent show where you can mimic my talents, haha!
-My favorite songs playing one onside, my favorite movies on the other
-A collage of my favorite things- and people!
-All of my favorite foods [I wonder if we eat in heaven?]
-I almost think I'd like everyone dressed up all fun, but I'd have to make a list of what's appropriate, haha
-At the conclusion, there may be a moment of silence
-And for the closest friends and family, they shall visit my grave and make a toast with apple and peach sparkling cider [YUM YUM!]

I was going to include black lights until I was reminded it would appear like a rave, and I don't like crazy crowds, I like small friendly ones so I decided against that. Hopefully by then as well, I've have published books and you can all read those or something there if you want to be there but not talk to people [because let's face it, that's what I would be doing].

Also if anyone wants to know: 
Katie Barnes and my two sisters may fight over all of my clothes and accessories. 
My brothers get my books and must bear the responsibility of READING THEM ALL. 
Jordyn must take the responsibility- along with any of my friendsto help her- in sharing my works with the world, anything that's finished. 
And I think I'd like my set of scriptures buried with me, is that allowed? That would be nice. And a glow stick, possibly.

And on that last note, let me show pictures of what I intend on getting once I earn enough money:

A hedgehog! Apparently illegal in California but I'm working on getting my Utah residency so... I CAN'T STOP SQUEALING. Isn't he precious?
Probably won't be that nice. But I'll want some transportation during the summer, eh? Cheap enough and  handy because let's face it, I just shouldn't be allowed to drive a car.

Ugh I want these both so badly!

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Scheduling Life~

Sound: Sherlock S1E02 [BBC. Why am I not British?]

Oh, and traffic.

It's been so hot lately, the windows definitely have to be open and living right next to the school makes a ton of annoying traffic. Ugh :/ At least we have ice cream, though, cheers!

Anyways, most people are finishing up their first week of school. While I have yet to have my first class. Haha... But it's tomorrow! Kinda scary, but it's supposed to be super easy, to the point of being totally useless. Cheers!

But hey, I have nothing to do until then, and that's a great feeling. I haven't had that empty of a schedule for over a week now- and when you just jump into everything, it can be sort of crazy. I mean, I did just finish my first week of work!

It was supposed to be 11 hours of scheduled work, but another girl they hired doesn't start till next week so I picked up her extra time and worked 14 hours this week- cheers! I definitely prefer working at the T-Bird Grill. Easier menu, and it's just a bit simpler for me. I work the register and though there's supposed to be another worker helping get out the bags of burgers and drinks and the like, I sort of do it all unless someone like Debb or Kevin comes over to help for a little bit.

Kevin's always around and he's such a life saver, I swear.

But yeah- before work, I have a morning Institute class. Then I eat in the student cafeteria [if I've worked five hours,which I have], and then I hurry to another Institute class. That keeps me busy from waking up until about 6 PM or so, and today that just left me so exhausted!

I like that feeling.

Wednesdays are an extra day I have in the middle of the week with nothing, but I was talking to Deb and it turns out she's looking for extra help in Outtakes, which I do for 4 hours on Monday mornings.They have the bigger menu, bigger crowds, and all that fun totally scary stuff.

Like starbucks fraps and craps and caps and other caffeinated beverages I don't even know the proper names of or anything. Then again, I have always wanted to learn, hmmmm....

It looks like I'm getting my chance though! Debb was so worried all week because I "had" to stay later with no one else coming in [but seriously, I'll stay there until they kick me out, that's just how I roll], and so she loves having my help apparently. CHEERS! Woo! Anyways my point is: Debb loves me, she needs me, I have nothing on Wednesdays, and they need more help from about 11 AM to 5 PM.

The only thing is I have to chance Institute classes. I want to take three- just because I can- so I have to take off the one I was doing on Wednesdays [I'd only made it to one class so far] and I'll just switch to another on Tue/Thur because I'll have more time since my shifts will be cut short to about 3.5 hours at most.

Slight bummer, but I'm ready! And I might have a day-gig as a poll worker for election day. That would be great! It pays super well :D Haha

Anyways, I don't think I ever explained Flight School very well, I know Nessa asked about it:
SUU is home of the Thunderbirds.
Birds. Get it?
Unfortunately, I'm not learning to fly. Actually, that's really fortunate. I don't like NOT being on solid ground, and I can barely drive a car. I'd probably find a way to hit a cactus in the desert, I kid you not.

So it's just like... I don't know. A gov't school. Doing all these "fun" things to get school started and get everyone excited. Flight School was specific for new students to SUU, whether Freshmen or Transfers or whatever. It was just a few days filled with motivational speakers, a few social activities, and all these booths with all the school's clubs. There was a lame dance somewhere in it as well.
Oh, and we did the symbolic walk under the clock tower. Symbolizes something. We walk under it as we enter the school- and then we don't walk under it until we're graduating.

Katie and I want to walk under it again, because some people take it seriously and obviously, we don't. I actually remember a church official once stating that traditions are dangerous to us mortals. So there. Reason enough, right?

Oh! And right now it's Flight Week. A few fun things. They had Casino Night last night- gamble with chips not of your own money and if you get enough, you can buy kindles or stuff. Basically for free. But Katie went on a motorbike ride that lasted three hours too long and I didn't know what to do so I trapped myself inside our apartment and made cookies! Yum!

Tonight, as a part of it, we're going to watch The Hunger Games on the fields tonight  in about an hourish, and OOOOHHH tomorrow, we're going to watch a Mentalist. Granted, I shall not be too impressed seeing as it won't be Simon Baker as Patrick Jane from The Mentalist. Seriously, wouldn't that be the best? My life would be complete! But life isn't perfect you know?

I hope you enjoyed my collection of gifs. There's a lot more where they came from, haha... I'll finish with one last one :D

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

It's Tuesday

Life Update:

Worked at the T-Bird Grill. Much easier than Outtakes because it's not like a grocery store, there's only one menu page of possibilities. Though I was shorthanded up front- Kevin in the kitchens was such a dear, I do mean really, and he came out to help out now and then when I was frazzled or I didn't know what to do.

Because let's face it, your second day of training isn't usually just being shoved onto the register. She gave me an idea of the layout and was gone. I was left wide-eyed and scared witless, I assure you!

But Debb and Kevin were always around with the answers, thank goodness. I even stayed later- resulting in a free lunch, since I worked five hours with no break- so that's good, eh? It helped them and helped me! So here's a picture of me in my outfit:

Shirt & Visor: Free [Loan] (That includes the name tag, I suppose) My own jeans [I bought another pair for fifty cents which I need to hem about five inches] and the priciest bit: $25 shoes. I wasn't allowed to get anything cheapter. And there is no such thing as the "last time I spent twenty dollars on shoes" because I never have. Never. So I'm just praying I don't get fired for a good while because that's just silly.

You can't even see my name tag. Well this picture is useless. Except for what I learned at Disney World- always keep a smile on your face! Ha :P And by the way, I'll have you know that shirt is a SMALL. I don't know in what world it's a basic S, but it'll have to do.

Other stuff?
Oh right. I lasted through Flight School! I made it out with a whole lot of hand outs, a few possible friends, and some free stuff. Like pens and and shirts. For example, I attended the Tie Dye party [mostly because it was just across the street and there was no way I'd get to bed with all that racket.]
I let it hang up in our bathroom because I didn't want to stay the entire time [too many people!], so I dyed it and walked back home and finished my snow cone. Well no, that's a lie. I never finished it. But still.

I don't know. Can you see it?
I see it.
Give it a minute.
Then you'll see it.

Peach Juice. There's five boxes of it right there. And we even have more. This is sort of scary, but it's actually sort of awesome. Katie and I returned to the dollar store- yes, scary that we bought it there but it's still good for another year and it tastes SO GOOD- and we bought seven more. 
Originally, on Saturday, she bought a peach juice and a peach nectar. Warning: the nectar sucks. The juice is beautiful. So we have seven. And I won't be surprised if we're going back next week. Although we might have to- we're almost out of milk and the Dollar Store's on the way to Wal-Mart.

Just thought I'd share this with you. I was slow on reaching Katie inside the store and I found her with a broom and SEVEN juice boxes. I thought we'd get like, three at the most. She was thinking at least ten. But she compromised- though I don't think I said anything?- and then we bought them. Though I think I'll definitely have to treat her there some time, and buy her five just for herself, eh?

Extra news: I attended Institute today! Yay! First time in about a year, I had two classes. I might end up sitting in on another. Tomorrow's busy with all these plans though none of them are set in stone: making cookies, making sloppy joes, attending Institute with redhead Jordan, studying for my archaeology class, going to pizza and politics, attending choir practice for the Holland conference, possibly something else, and of course seeing Elaina Humiston as she passes through to Idaho.

But more on that later :D

Monday, August 27, 2012

Life Update:

Sound: SILENCE [library]

My life's update:

1. I have a job! Only 11 hours a week, three days, on campus food stuff. Today was my first morning, I got my shirt, spent half the time trying to stuff mini bread loaves into smaller bags, and smelling the cookies I can't really eat, as well as cleaning up everything. Extremely hectic, but it should work out well. Tomorrow I'm working at the Grill and that concerns me a little as well- it's so scary handling money! We'll see how it goes!

2. Katie is back! This means a huge shopping trip Saturday to buy a ton of food, a $5 vaccuum [don't judge], a dust pan but no broom, and a wireless router. I also bought a super cute lace top and skirt from some birthday money! Katie took a picture and I'll post it eventually ;)

3. We hung out with Barry from Maine and went on a walk in the canyon. The insane part was going to the "water fall" [like a mini three-layered dam], and walking in. I accidentally stepped in and it went up all the way on my legs, cold stuff! And probably really dirty, ew. The two of them are taller and more balanced than myself, so I had to have a hand [or three] every time we climbed up or down something. It made me feel like I was 5 again but let's face it, this won't ever change. So I wasn't really embarrassed, just annoyed.

4. I have another interview today for another job. Wish me luck! I desperately need it. Seriously. With the job I have now, it'll be barely $200 a MONTH. And the holiday seasons are coming right up! I'm trying not to panic, though I'm sure I don't need to. I don't know- we'll see how this works out :/

That's about it, I guess. Cheers!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Current News~

Sound: The Big Bang Theory Season 3 Episode 15

Between all the storms and Big Bang Theory Episodes, I have managed to get through/achieve three things!

First: Tuesday, I was sending around applications, because that's what I'm constantly doing around here. An hour later after, I was chilling at the library after passing in 2-3 applications around campus, and I got a call. I was quiet about the call but apparently she'd needed another job filled in food services here at SUU and asked me to come over.

So I did! She told me the times: Mon, Tue & Thur afternoons, and I could! So I signed all these papers, she gave me papers to read and then suddenly ta-da! I have to buy non-stick [or something like that] shoes, I grabbed an extra pair of black pants for 50 cents [yay thrift shops!], let them finish the criminal background check [yikes], and I could be starting on Monday!

It's only about 12 hours a week, however, so I'm still looking for more work! I have an interview in a little over an hour, and then another on Tuesday! Wish me luck!

Second: Orientation. It went on and on. They repeated a lot of thing. Lots of smiling and energy from the directors, of course. Fajitas for lunch, yum! But their cinnamon chips were definitely not as good as my own, I have to admit,  sorry! I have "Flight School" tonight, all day tomorrow, and Saturday morning. A few lectures, some activities, and there we go!

Third: KATIEEEE. My roommate arrived! Well, sort of. Haha. I finished Orientation and finally made it home to find her there! After eight long months we got to see each other, cheers. I helped her unpack, we had cookies and started catching up with one another! We also started on making plans to St. George, camping and hiking trips, going to the movies and more! Then it was Wing Wednesday at Pizza Hut so we went there for dinner and talked some more.
Then she decided to ditch me for Vegas for the weekend, but that's okay, haha. I'm pretty busy anyways! So it's all cool....Although I'm totally going to finish all the cookies. That is all.

So, ta-da! I'm going to check out some movies from SUU library because I have my ID card [discounts eeeverywhere!], then I'll go home and prep for my interview, and then onto Flight School! Wish me luck!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Disney Overdose

Sound: The Big Bang Theory S3

So I finished decorating my new place and I realized that once again, I have quite the obsession with Disney. I've mentioned it before, yes, and I just thought I would show the proof.

 Frame, picture [haven't gotten my own put in yet], and a Cheshire Cat keychain thing

A Stitch Pillow-Pet. They have quite the growing selection, of course! I meant first to get a Eeyore one. Then I saw Simba. Then I looked at Stitch, remembered my dog, and it was meant to be.

A Rapunzel blanket from a dear, dear friend of mine :)

Decorem on my bedroom walls! I drew Pluto in the Animation Studio at Hollywood Studios, I got that picture of Mickey scuba diving from one of my old managers from my first day of training at The Seas. And That is a sticker of Mickey waving- we kept getting the big roles of stickers [they cost about 300, I heard, a roll], and one day I believe it was Seana, who stuck one on my back without my knowledge! I ended up having a guest informing me of this, and to my embarrassment, they handed it over through the laughter. I couldn't help but laugh as well, and stuck it on one of my old break time sheets.

Two of my Disney shirts! I have Disney clothes! I also have another one with Yoda. I also have Tinkerbell shorts that I don't really wear anymore... Hm. I also had Mickey Mouse keds but those didn't fit right so I didn't keep them long. But yeah. Disney clothes. Oh shoot and there's that Alice shirt of mine as well.....

Disney jewelry! I have at least another pair of Mickey Earrings, along with another necklace or two :) I love them!

Disney band-aids. A birthday gift, actually. Weird, right? BUT THEY ARE SO CUTE. I'm even wearing one right now! Stupid paper cuts... but ugh those are cute bandaids I kid you not. I feel like a kid, wanting to put all of them on and wear them around hahahaa

Okay, the last day of our Disneyland Year Passes, both my older sister Nessa and I bought the Mickey Mouse keyring. He's classic and his arms moves and it looks like he wants to give you a HUG. So precious, we love him so. Anyways, when I started working at Disney World, I realized they of course have classic Minnie Mouse as well. And by the end of my trip, I had to get her as well. Now they're hanging out on my pantry doors. And when I want them extra shut, I can swing them close to each other and they can hug each other! It's soo cute!

My Mickey Towel. Sorry, awkward picture. It's just how I ended up folding him up and putting  him away for later use. It's reversable with the same picture but opposite color positioning on the other side. Too fun!

My Pins! Not that that's even half of them. But some of my favorite pins- there's Simba with the Mickey Wheel for Disneyland's World Of Color. I am not ashamed, last time I saw it I cried! It's so perfect! And my nametag, of course. I was so worried they wouldn't actually let us keep it... am I the only one tempted to put it on and stroll around the parks? Hahaha

My Mickey Graduation ears! Proof I graduated from the college program, haha. And my lovely Alice in Wonderland mug. It's so precious I'm too scared to use it, haha

Then my mug addiction is no less. I have another Disneyland mug, and I think another one besides this Walt Disney & Mickey Main Street mug, and my little Disney Nerds cup collection, hehe!

My favorite poster. Vision- shows a shadow of Walt and the Castle on the Florida ground and below it says a quote of his, "It's Kind of Fun To Do the Impossible" ugh I love that.

My stuffed creatures! Chewbacca [Star Wars works with Disney, or they own the rights, I can't remember. Can anyone tell me?], and the Mad Hatter!

And then some LP Records I picked up for 25 cents a piece. One of these days I'll get me a record player, haha...

But there we go. Some of my Disney obsession. I PROMISE this isn't to brag or something [though I do love them], I'm just still realizing how big my obsession really is! I'm such a fan of so many things [Doctor Who, Supernatural, Sherlock Holmes, other Musicals, other great movies like Batman and Quest for Camelot, and the classics with Frank Sinatra and Gene Kelly, and so on], and to see that my Disney obsession has sort of taken over most of them, it's just a little... extreme.

Very childish as well, I know. But I'm working on it. I've grown up and now I just have to start acting mature, right? Well, I'm trying to get a job [pray for me] and trying to make friends [I attended FHE for the first time in about three weeks, I went there all on my own! (Thanks a lot, Jordan :P ) ] But I do like to think I'm getting somewhere. We'll see!