Saturday, January 21, 2012


Sound: The Notebook (playing on ABC)

Guess who's one of the trainees at The Seas With Nemo And Friends? ME!
Obviously, of course.

I don't have a complete picture of my uniform but here we go. My roommates actually don't think it's too bad but I try not to think about it too much. I've already been reprimanded for keeping my hands in my pockets [they're just so big and my hands get cold] and not having the top button buttoned [I'm claustrophobic].

Um, so I can't say too much, of course. But I'm already having issues because we get paid every Thursday and my roommates have gotten their paycheck and I haven't... It should get sorted out soon, though. At least I had the weekend off!

I meant to get this out last Wednesday because that was the anniversary of my real arrival! It already feels like I've been here forever, practically. But I was lazy.

BUT I DID MY FIRST TURTLE TALK. I was so nervous, you have no idea. I've gotten out of it twice but there's always that one time you get tricked into it, you know?

Still training with Joe. Our trainer, Ariel, said that we appear like brother and sister. He's such a kid making weird noises and claiming to be a player but he can't keep to his script, whereas I work hard and try to do everything right- which I do- and I just roll my eyes at his antics. I can't keep track of how many times I've done that, to be honest.

Friday I wandered around Epcot finally.

I wandered around Future World into Innovations [you can see how sturdy television screens are supposed to see and try and drop a heavy weight on a hard hat, etc.], then on Spaceship: Mars. That ride was GENIUS. I got pretty claustrophobic because it's a simulation with no space at all but wow it was incredible!

Then I headed to the International Realm um, place. I wandered from Europe to Morroco to Mexico in less than three hours, hitting about twelve or so countries. They all have at least a few [fake] buildings to celebrate their culture, along with a restaurant and a gift shop or two. Plus they bring out characters from those countries [Belle from France, Pooh Bear from America, etc], AND everyone working in those countries has literally come from that country and speak the native language and everything. It's so incredible!

Norway even has a ride. France has a patisserie that had a LONG line going out. I'll have to go some time! They have fireworks about nine but I didn't stay for that. Hanging alone is something I'm used to but it eventually gets tiring.

^Plus I'd just worked from about 7am to 4 in the afternoon. So I walked around the place, mocked my sister [Hi, Nessa!], for about four hours and headed out.

Last things: I went to Hollywood Studios- they put on a live 30mn show of Indiana Jones AND Beauty and The Beast. I saw a partial film/show of The Little Mermaid but I was there late so I didn't get to see the first few. YET anyways!! But it's such a fun place, mostly shops but still cool.
There and both in the International area they do live music- BRITISH ROCK BANDS ARE BEAUTIFUL- and they have a stage at the big hat in HS which is awesome.

Then work:
-I met Jaime, a BYU student and I feel not too alone in preferring clean language at The Seas
-TUESDAY is my final test to see if I can do everything at The Seas. This includes being followed around to prove I can perform every position [there's at least twelve of them], and taking a few tests. Wish me luck! I'm so nervous. I'm not good at testing at all.

Anything else? I don't think so. After my testing [about four hours], I have the day off in the afternoon and I'm going to check out Disney's Animal Kingdom!

And we have a little library here on the grounds and they actually had MY FAVORITE BOOK OF ALL TIME. Does anyone know what it is? GUESS!

We've had lovely weather, by the way. Nice seventies, a few breezes.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Discovery Channel

Sound: "Messy Mondays" on by blimeycow

Saturday Update: Chillaxin! I had no work, nothing. I wanted to go to the parks but at the same time, I didn't want to go alone. I was extremely lazy, unfortunately. I got a few extra kitchen utensils and I got a book or two from the Vista library [they don't have my favorites but its still decent!], and hung around. My roommates later got home and I joined Shelby and Mandy into the Magic Kingdom around 7-8, joining three french boys [we could barely understand them, but we are neighbors here!], for a few rides before closing.

Sunday Update: I made it to my new ward! Our Sunday School time was setting up all of the newbies in the ward, including me, to get our documents in and all. I met John who was going to help with some papers for us to get Sundays off, and apparently he works with the Nemo ride there. Also made a friend or two on the bus ride home- there's quite a few BYU-I students here I didn't know about, all living together in Chattham! They've promised to call me if they do anything as a group, because all the swearing in my house can be a bother.



I took an early bus with a few other students to Epcot, and we arrived at seven in the morning. Chilly and tired, we hung around and talked to each other until everyone began to form together. We clocked in, WOOO, and headed into a room to start the introduction!

After that, we headed into the actual park, Epcot, for a look around. We met Lennard [I don't think that's his name, I'm so sorry!], a really cool guy on a segway who gives tours and kept popping up to "raise the roof" at us whenever he saw us. We split our group in half to keep it smaller, and went through Innovations, both East and West, which is incredible.

We rode... shoot. Spaceman something. Nice and slow that talks about the history of man's inventions and the like. From cavemen with fire, to talking to computers onto the moon, amazing! After that, we wandered around.

Cool Fact #1: 'Club Cool' is hosted by Coca-Cola. For free, you can wander around in the store with a mini cup and try different sodas from all around the world.
Guess who's going to chill there on her free day? ;)

Cool Fact #2: When the park opened, they had about 7 International Houses and Walt Disney wanted to represent all of the world. So the fountain you can see there- they had 22 representatives on opening day bring in water from their own country to really come together. Amazing!

We also saw Graffiki there! Pretty fun :D

After that, we returned to our building to talk about cultures which was so much fun. I can't wait for extra time to go around to the different places and see Norway and China a little bit, you know? It's going to be fun!

Then! After that, we got our assignments! Well, at least half of it! I'll be working at the Nemo ride AND Turtle Talk with Crush! [Remember I mentioned John from church? He'll be one of my trainers, I think] I have my work schedule for the week- 9 hours every day until the weekend which I have off. Yay! This is going to be tough but I'll give it my best! I'm going there in about an hour, where I'll get my costume and then head off. I also met Joe, who'll be working with me!

After that, I rushed home to get groceries, spent about 50 dollars at Wal-Mart. I bought boys' black socks and black velcro shoes [cheapest things possible, still amounting to about $20]

I was going to hit the parks and stuff early then make it to FHE, but I ended up waiting two hours for my roommates and we all had to take showers and by then, I couldn't make it to FHE and they convinced me to end the evening at the park.

Like I could pass that up?

^Marie and Victoria in the evening :D

We chilled in Main Street especially during the parade which was awesome! Then we got dinner. Marie got a taco salad hot dog. Victoria got a philly cheese steak hot dog.

I bought a sweet cream cheese pretzel. IT WAS AMAZING. Sounds weird, right? And it just looks like a basic pretzel with cinnamon sprinkled on top. But it's so much more than that, I can assure you. It's SO GOOD. Incredible. Life changing.

Then we took to a few rides! The People Mover, It's A Small World, The Haunted Mansion [we walked through their little graveyard, and all three of us squished into one seat which was like being in a can of sardines, we laughed about it later. But this was so cool. I prefer the Small World back home but the Haunted Mansion is SO GOOD. Ugh amazing.

We watched a few minutes of the fireworks and kept wandering around through a few shops. They had too many cute things, I had to suppress my urges so much, seriously.

Fun stuff :) Then we caught up to Space Mountain [the fast pass is so perfect there, you have no idea] which isn't smooth like it is at Disneyland, but that's seriously okay. My glasses nearly flew off so many times. SO FUN! After that, they got some ice cream, and we headed back.

My feet were killing me, which sucks. BUT THAT'S OKAY!

Anyways, in all, it was a good weekend. Too easy, really. So now it's my first week of real training and let's see how that goes! :D

Friday, January 13, 2012

A Whole New World

Song:'Mary Jane's Last Dance' by Tom Petty

Mood: Why is my headache so tiny and yet so painful?

I DID IT! I flew across the States all by myself [to my layover in a squished plane ride I saw this CUTE guy getting ready to backpack through Australia and Peru. He helped me put my backpack up and he was reading 'Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance' which is one of the craziest coolest stories EVER.], hopped on a bus to watch a Eastern sunrise and by eight in the morning [east coast time], I was at Vista Way Apartments, in line.

To be honest the whole set up here to get signed in, is between being in lines for rides at any Disney Resort Parks and a tax line. There are lots of papers shuffled around but everyone is so friendly and helpful!

We went to Casting where I found I will be working at the.... flip. South or East Attractions at Epcot Park [meaning, I believe, Finding Nemo or a Space ride], yay! But seriously, we were going through lines to be fingerprinted, get property I.D.'s, go to a "Welcome Introduction" and all.

Oh, I have to mention this: I found my apartment [three bedroom, two bathroom place with Cable and wi-fi but nothing to really cook with]. It was across the park from the Pavilion where we had our luggage stashed. Do you see the beginning of my problem? If you know me, the problem is multiplied. There are so many different paths- I had to make THREE trips and EVERY way turned out DIFFERENT. I do not lie.

But hey, it's an adventure!

I have pretty cool roommates [when they cut down the swearing and hopes to party], and our main problem is getting enough things for our kitchen [I just bought a muffin pan and tomorrow I'm picking up a cookie sheet. Another girl just got us a microwave oven.], and finding how messy our apartment was beforehand [dirt in the showers, ew!]


Yesterday I had the day off from everything, thank goodness, because the day before I didn't get a meal until ten in the evening- beforehand I lived off six mini cookies and half a waterbottle!- but my roommate, Marie, made me delicious food. Reinforces my belief that most people outside of America cook the best.

SHOPPING. Gotta love Wal-Mart. AND they have a dollar tree just down the road! Marie and I walked on over and they have a FREEZER section! My life was made. Orange chicken and ice cream, booyah! Then we just chilled out, watched a movie, and she blowdried my hair [because we all know if my hair doesn't look fine after five minutes, I will give up]

Sorry, I'm getting distracted.

TODAY! Was our "Traditions" class where things started to click. FIRST OFF, I got my badge! That and I got my technical pass that lets me into all Disney Resort Parks FREE. Jealous? I thought so. [And for the next two weeks, I have 40% off of all things, then it goes down to 20. I'm already planning on a little splurging, I'm afraid! haha :D]

^My badge!!!!

After some rules and regulations and a game or two, we headed out in our groups out into the Magic Kingdom and you know it- we went underground! Pictures not allowed, of course, but it's not that flashy, just really cool. We ran into Cinderella on our way! Then we came out the back doors and right before we were heading out, our leader, Gio, asked if anyone hadn't been there before....

SO yeah, I've had Disneyland but not here so I had to raise my hand and so she pulled me up to the front and I was the first one to walk into Main Street! It was embarrassing, to be honest [girls behind me were "awww"ing] and while it held a lot of similiarties of Disneyland, it was still different and so awesome!

(^At the park we had radios with ear pieces and I felt so pro!)

We didn't go far, unfortunately, just a few minutes through to talk about Safety, Courtesy, Show and Effeciency.

It was great and Mickey Mouse brought us our pins in the end!

Except for the blisters. Ouch :/

My conclusion of our day was riding the bus around town for an hour, talking to others getting off their shifts. Turns out, the park had closed at nine! Silly, right? But tomorrow it's open later and we're going out, my roommates and I.

Shall keep you updated with my adventures! :D

Friday, January 6, 2012


I love lists. This is a fact I haven't literally shared with anyone. Does this make me OCD? I have no idea. I have a bucket list, a weekly list, daily list, year list, I don't even know- just all sorts of lists okay?

Lists of shows I fell in love with in 2011:
Criminal Minds
White Collar
Modern Family
Pretty Little Liars [i hate it but i can't stop]
The Mentalist

I'd do a list of books but I seriously read close to nothing. I'm so ashamed. My dad just forced me to start a book now because I haven't read a nonschool book in months. MONTHS. Do you know what that does to me? I don't think so.

Random fears:
Noises in the dark
nails being pulled from my skin
paper cuts
no longer believing in love

Recent revelations:
All I need is love fudge
I can't read people like I thought I could
My wrists may be different sizes
I need new earphones
people should try to be a part of others lives outside of facebook
facebook prevents anything real
i need to progress to something better
I want to make cookies
conspiracies are too much fun and vastly amusing.
I should learn karate before someone decides to attack me

Favorite Songs of 2011:
'Time Bomb' by All Time Low
'Teenage Dirtbag' by Wheatus
'Don't Give Up On (Us)' by The Maine
'Come Fly With Me' by Frank Sinatra
'Believe In Me' by fun.
'Goodnight Moon' by Go Radio
'You're Dead Wrong' by Mayday Parade
'Hungry Like The Wolf' by Duran Duran
'I Like The Ones' by Austin Gibbs
'Counting The Stars' by Augustana
'Skinny Love' by Bon Iver
'All The Small Things' by Blink 182
'Everything I Own' by Bread
'Birds Of A Feather' by The Civil Wars
'Dance Magic Dance' by David Bowie
'Afternoon Of The Fawn' [sp??] by Claude Debussy

And I'm a girl. I need this okay?
Gorgeous men of 2011:
Ryan Gosling
Garrett Nickelsen
John O'Callaghan
Jared Monaco
Kennedy Brock
Pat Kirch
Jude Law
Robert Downey Jr.
Matthew Bomer
Simon Baker
Matthew Gray Gubler

^The majority of them are single.
I am single.
We have so much in common.

Any thing else? No more lists. It's midnight and I'm so done with you guys there are just too many readers you know.
Please note the lazy sarcasm.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

The End Of The End

2011 was a tough year in a lot of ways.

It was supposed to be a good, fresh start- my first semester of college had been extremely tough and I hadn't wanted to return in the first place. And then starting the new year in tears hadn't been the plan either.

HOWEVER, I shall cover my favorite things of the year.

First, I did return to Cedar City for school, where I found the best of roommates-

[Somehow I don't have a picture of Lindsey who was always disappearing.]

Then I almost FINALLY met my favorite band of forever, The Maine. They were in a small venue in St. George with a few other local bands and I learned the week before they showed up they would be there. I scrambled for someone to join me but everyone was... what's the term? "Grouping up" or something. Let's just say I was single and they weren't.

I went anyways. Second row and I met them all!

I bought a poster and got that signed- the lead singer loved my 50 cent vest. ^ that's Garrett Nickelsen, their crazy bassist who I adore most because... well, there are too many reasons.

What else? Well, January-April were literally the best months of my life. I was constantly the third-, fifth-, or even the seventh-wheel, but I lived through it. I went dancing, won a hula-hoop contest, got clothes, had several game nights, I cried,I laughed, I ran barefoot in the rain- those days really were the best.


Wasn't too bad!

June, I spent as a live-in nanny. They picked me up Sunday evenings and brought me home Friday afternoons to watch their cute kid, Abby. I have too many adorable pictures, umm.....

I went to Warped once again, the "traveling concert" with Kei Riggins and her bro, Drex who were awesome. We met a few bands and I saw some of my new favorite musicians like Go Radio, Every Avenue, and more! It was incredible, hot, and too much fun.

Back in June, I saw The Maine AGAIN with Augustana and Austin Gibbs. It sort of beat the first concert, but in a way it didn't because my sisters picked me up too early so I didn't get the chance to meet any of them.

^ In order of their set, that's Austin Gibbs, John O'Callaghan of the The Maine, and Dan Layus of Augustana^

The weekend after my birthday, I also saw This Century who are personally good friends with The Maine, and I got to meet 3/4 of the band [ryan was deliberately avoiding us or something] But these guys were amazing though they had such a tiny crowd [somehow for some wierd reason, because the building should have been properly crowded]

THENNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN Before summer could end, my family and I made our final trip with our family passes to Disneyland and California Adventures! We split up a time or two in various ways and grabbed pictures with some of our favorite people! I'll never be able to get enough of that magical place!

Shortly after, I returned to Cedar City after a bit of deciding. I remained a few days at home to give a lecture for her school group about the little voices in our heads that went well. Then I was up in Cedar, pretty alone without Jenessa there.

Still, I was living in the same house as Katie Barnes so that was good enough. I met the other girls as well as Jenee, who's just precious, and the crazy women, Jordann and Aleshea. Weird things happened but we went with the flow! A few parties, movie nights, bowls of popcorn and boys, and everything went well.

The last thing I should mention is the progression intooooo 2012!!


And not to visit- but to work there! I got accepted into their college program and chose that over Disneyland because it's cheaper [that defines half of mine decisions, I swear]. I'll get paid practically nothing and do a lot of boring work forever.

BUT it's a new place. New people. New everything.

And quite frankly, that's just what I need. A seriously new clean slate. It's something I've never really faced- anything I ever do, I do with someone else be it Jordyn my younger sister, Jenessa my older sister, or a friend- Stephanie, Kei, or Katie.

I've bought the plane tickets and I head out this following Tuesday for a flight to LA and then to Florida- a red eye, my favorite. It'll be my first time flying alone for one thing, and then trying to sort out everything after that.

Scared out of my wits like you have no idea but so excited. I'm ready for an adventure. 2012, HERE I COME!

*I intend, once I arrive, to update my blog every Sunday, if I'm lucky, to share how my new life is going! If there are certain details or anything you're ever looking for. My new address, a Disney discount, let me know ;)