Friday, January 13, 2012

A Whole New World

Song:'Mary Jane's Last Dance' by Tom Petty

Mood: Why is my headache so tiny and yet so painful?

I DID IT! I flew across the States all by myself [to my layover in a squished plane ride I saw this CUTE guy getting ready to backpack through Australia and Peru. He helped me put my backpack up and he was reading 'Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance' which is one of the craziest coolest stories EVER.], hopped on a bus to watch a Eastern sunrise and by eight in the morning [east coast time], I was at Vista Way Apartments, in line.

To be honest the whole set up here to get signed in, is between being in lines for rides at any Disney Resort Parks and a tax line. There are lots of papers shuffled around but everyone is so friendly and helpful!

We went to Casting where I found I will be working at the.... flip. South or East Attractions at Epcot Park [meaning, I believe, Finding Nemo or a Space ride], yay! But seriously, we were going through lines to be fingerprinted, get property I.D.'s, go to a "Welcome Introduction" and all.

Oh, I have to mention this: I found my apartment [three bedroom, two bathroom place with Cable and wi-fi but nothing to really cook with]. It was across the park from the Pavilion where we had our luggage stashed. Do you see the beginning of my problem? If you know me, the problem is multiplied. There are so many different paths- I had to make THREE trips and EVERY way turned out DIFFERENT. I do not lie.

But hey, it's an adventure!

I have pretty cool roommates [when they cut down the swearing and hopes to party], and our main problem is getting enough things for our kitchen [I just bought a muffin pan and tomorrow I'm picking up a cookie sheet. Another girl just got us a microwave oven.], and finding how messy our apartment was beforehand [dirt in the showers, ew!]


Yesterday I had the day off from everything, thank goodness, because the day before I didn't get a meal until ten in the evening- beforehand I lived off six mini cookies and half a waterbottle!- but my roommate, Marie, made me delicious food. Reinforces my belief that most people outside of America cook the best.

SHOPPING. Gotta love Wal-Mart. AND they have a dollar tree just down the road! Marie and I walked on over and they have a FREEZER section! My life was made. Orange chicken and ice cream, booyah! Then we just chilled out, watched a movie, and she blowdried my hair [because we all know if my hair doesn't look fine after five minutes, I will give up]

Sorry, I'm getting distracted.

TODAY! Was our "Traditions" class where things started to click. FIRST OFF, I got my badge! That and I got my technical pass that lets me into all Disney Resort Parks FREE. Jealous? I thought so. [And for the next two weeks, I have 40% off of all things, then it goes down to 20. I'm already planning on a little splurging, I'm afraid! haha :D]

^My badge!!!!

After some rules and regulations and a game or two, we headed out in our groups out into the Magic Kingdom and you know it- we went underground! Pictures not allowed, of course, but it's not that flashy, just really cool. We ran into Cinderella on our way! Then we came out the back doors and right before we were heading out, our leader, Gio, asked if anyone hadn't been there before....

SO yeah, I've had Disneyland but not here so I had to raise my hand and so she pulled me up to the front and I was the first one to walk into Main Street! It was embarrassing, to be honest [girls behind me were "awww"ing] and while it held a lot of similiarties of Disneyland, it was still different and so awesome!

(^At the park we had radios with ear pieces and I felt so pro!)

We didn't go far, unfortunately, just a few minutes through to talk about Safety, Courtesy, Show and Effeciency.

It was great and Mickey Mouse brought us our pins in the end!

Except for the blisters. Ouch :/

My conclusion of our day was riding the bus around town for an hour, talking to others getting off their shifts. Turns out, the park had closed at nine! Silly, right? But tomorrow it's open later and we're going out, my roommates and I.

Shall keep you updated with my adventures! :D

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