Tuesday, January 17, 2012

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Saturday Update: Chillaxin! I had no work, nothing. I wanted to go to the parks but at the same time, I didn't want to go alone. I was extremely lazy, unfortunately. I got a few extra kitchen utensils and I got a book or two from the Vista library [they don't have my favorites but its still decent!], and hung around. My roommates later got home and I joined Shelby and Mandy into the Magic Kingdom around 7-8, joining three french boys [we could barely understand them, but we are neighbors here!], for a few rides before closing.

Sunday Update: I made it to my new ward! Our Sunday School time was setting up all of the newbies in the ward, including me, to get our documents in and all. I met John who was going to help with some papers for us to get Sundays off, and apparently he works with the Nemo ride there. Also made a friend or two on the bus ride home- there's quite a few BYU-I students here I didn't know about, all living together in Chattham! They've promised to call me if they do anything as a group, because all the swearing in my house can be a bother.



I took an early bus with a few other students to Epcot, and we arrived at seven in the morning. Chilly and tired, we hung around and talked to each other until everyone began to form together. We clocked in, WOOO, and headed into a room to start the introduction!

After that, we headed into the actual park, Epcot, for a look around. We met Lennard [I don't think that's his name, I'm so sorry!], a really cool guy on a segway who gives tours and kept popping up to "raise the roof" at us whenever he saw us. We split our group in half to keep it smaller, and went through Innovations, both East and West, which is incredible.

We rode... shoot. Spaceman something. Nice and slow that talks about the history of man's inventions and the like. From cavemen with fire, to talking to computers onto the moon, amazing! After that, we wandered around.

Cool Fact #1: 'Club Cool' is hosted by Coca-Cola. For free, you can wander around in the store with a mini cup and try different sodas from all around the world.
Guess who's going to chill there on her free day? ;)

Cool Fact #2: When the park opened, they had about 7 International Houses and Walt Disney wanted to represent all of the world. So the fountain you can see there- they had 22 representatives on opening day bring in water from their own country to really come together. Amazing!

We also saw Graffiki there! Pretty fun :D

After that, we returned to our building to talk about cultures which was so much fun. I can't wait for extra time to go around to the different places and see Norway and China a little bit, you know? It's going to be fun!

Then! After that, we got our assignments! Well, at least half of it! I'll be working at the Nemo ride AND Turtle Talk with Crush! [Remember I mentioned John from church? He'll be one of my trainers, I think] I have my work schedule for the week- 9 hours every day until the weekend which I have off. Yay! This is going to be tough but I'll give it my best! I'm going there in about an hour, where I'll get my costume and then head off. I also met Joe, who'll be working with me!

After that, I rushed home to get groceries, spent about 50 dollars at Wal-Mart. I bought boys' black socks and black velcro shoes [cheapest things possible, still amounting to about $20]

I was going to hit the parks and stuff early then make it to FHE, but I ended up waiting two hours for my roommates and we all had to take showers and by then, I couldn't make it to FHE and they convinced me to end the evening at the park.

Like I could pass that up?

^Marie and Victoria in the evening :D

We chilled in Main Street especially during the parade which was awesome! Then we got dinner. Marie got a taco salad hot dog. Victoria got a philly cheese steak hot dog.

I bought a sweet cream cheese pretzel. IT WAS AMAZING. Sounds weird, right? And it just looks like a basic pretzel with cinnamon sprinkled on top. But it's so much more than that, I can assure you. It's SO GOOD. Incredible. Life changing.

Then we took to a few rides! The People Mover, It's A Small World, The Haunted Mansion [we walked through their little graveyard, and all three of us squished into one seat which was like being in a can of sardines, we laughed about it later. But this was so cool. I prefer the Small World back home but the Haunted Mansion is SO GOOD. Ugh amazing.

We watched a few minutes of the fireworks and kept wandering around through a few shops. They had too many cute things, I had to suppress my urges so much, seriously.

Fun stuff :) Then we caught up to Space Mountain [the fast pass is so perfect there, you have no idea] which isn't smooth like it is at Disneyland, but that's seriously okay. My glasses nearly flew off so many times. SO FUN! After that, they got some ice cream, and we headed back.

My feet were killing me, which sucks. BUT THAT'S OKAY!

Anyways, in all, it was a good weekend. Too easy, really. So now it's my first week of real training and let's see how that goes! :D

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  1. Kaylee! It sounds like tons of fun! I'm particularly jealous of the French boys...I need natives to practice with! :P I love reading your blog! Miss you!