Friday, November 30, 2012

Surviving As A Ginger

Sound: Stove boiling my tortilla soup, yum!

All right, so it was my day off and I've been thinking its about time I got myself a passport. So you know, if I ever have to flee the country, it won't be too much of a hassle. Anyways, so I walked seven blocks up to Main to get my picture taken, only to find they would be closed for another hour or so.

Eh, fine, so I went shopping. I'm a girl, it's not that hard. Plus it was the Catholic Thrift Shop's end-of-the-month sale so even better, I spent less than $6 whilst there. Still too early, so I walked all the way back home. By then, my ears hurt from the cold [storm coming?], but I grabbed an energy bar and headed back.

^Where I plan on traveling. Guess the route I'll take!^

I got my picture taken at Zion Photography [they have two adorable dogs], for just $10 and he gave me four copies, so that was all good. Thus, I made my way across Main several more blocks to the Post Office. After maybe five minutes, I was inside.

Only to find out California in the early 1990's made some mistake with their birth certificates [they look fine to me and are still technically legal], but they wouldn't take it so I left with everything I had arrived with. The very nice lady had given me a website where to go to get this worked out- and it would cost $33, not including shipping.

Basically, it would cost me at least $200 for a passport. I'm a bargain hunter, and that didn't make me happy. After all, my sisters have their cards and books just fine without a hitch.

My .8 mile walk home, I was internally ranting [I am only human!] how of course this would happen to me. Who else? Nothing ever comes easy for me, and after 20 years I still have nothing to show for myself. I can't even get my passport when my sisters got theirs without a problem. Nothing is allowed to work out for me until I have ripped through the walls, torn out my hair, and ranted and raved and cried about it for weeks on end.

It was just one of those feelings. But I got home, got some food in my system [miracle worker!] and it's gotten me thinking. Which is usually a good thing, though, maybe?

Anyways, people love asking me about my temper. After all, I'm a redhead. We're famous for that.

^Me sort of doing the stupid duck face and looking sassy because now and then, I remember how awesome I am, though I might be pushing it a little far sometimes^

I don't even know why. Okay, that's a partial lie. I remember reading something just the other week about in some culture, Native American or Indian or something, they preferred burning people with redhair because it symbolized fire and the devil.

Thanks, I appreciate that.

On top of all that, I'm decked out in freckles and people say that I have one for every soul I suck...? As for where that came from, I haven't got a clue. That one's a little beyond me- first time I heard of that was whilst working at Disney World and my coworkers started making fun of me for that [that may have been before or after I made a remark about not being about to tan which maybe they took offensively?]...

Anyways. So a new coworker asked if I had the infamous redhead temper. To be honest, I never know what to tell people. That I can act like a pissed off dragon or for all you know, I'm always the (slightly awkward) umm....princess doesn't really quite cut it, haha. How about.... Luna Lovegood. That's who!

^ Me in my natural habitat and happy state of mind^

Like most people, I had a tricky time growing up- and I'm a girl, so I haven't always taken things in stride. But I do work hard, day after day, to be the best version of myself. As my family knows too well, and Katie because as my best friend and roommate, it's bound to happen eventually, I'm not always happy or collected.

But I try to be. I work really, really hard so I'm not the "typical redhead" stereotype who gets pissed off at just about anything. It's not that I'm a people pleaser, but I do enjoy being around people and I'd like to keep doing that [and never getting locked up in a mental ward would be fabulous]. It's not like I'm always containing my rage, that's not what I mean either- but I'm like most people. I love laughing, smiling, and happy people- I like being one of those. But if you take a step too far and try pushing me in the wrong direction, I might not exactly be smiling- but don't worry. I don't know karate- yet.

Anyways, we get fame and endure the shame, but that's okay. I can mock my sisters for being blonde, can't I? And as much fun as it is to mock people for what they are born with- be careful now and then because people can take it to heart.

*Don't get me wrong, I love my freckles and I love being a ginger. I wouldn't trade it for anything else, except for the often craving to dye my hair silver or teal. But life is tricky for us all, so don't make a stereotypical thought that it's ever easier for anyone because of their hair color or anything...or something like that, ;)

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

I Vant Yer Blood

Sound: The Walking Dead

^And no, I don't know why I'm watching it. If you know me, I don't do horror films ever. The scariest I like to get is something like Beetlejuice or The Mummy. The Walking Dead- I'm still not liking just about anyone at this point, actually, but the plot intrigues me enough so I don't start rewatching Doctor Who or keep taking myself to the theaters. But don't worry, I'm planning on picking up a book and reading it, just like the good old days.


Unfortunately, this is not a rant about Bram's Dracula

I just wanted to share the exciting news that this Monday, three days ago, I donated blood!

Silly, I know, people don't like doing it. A lot of people pass out. And I'm not saying it's fun or anything, I'm not. But I've taken so much, lived such a blessed life and I've had the necessary surgeries to survive- I wanted to be able to give back for once. There's no way I'll become a nurse or anything, but this is a tiny something to help out.

I didn't pass out, but I did feel nauseated- for about the first time since... oh, probably since the family reunion blood poisoning party [but before that, a few good years].

And I was just glad to be able to do it- I'm not exactly that big, and last time I tried- this last spring- my veins were too little because I'm not a big fan of water. Silly, right? Of course, the guy had to test both arms for a bit... but eventually, with some effort, we got it sorted out. We laughed a bit, talked about San Diego and growing up, [even complimented on my lovely band shirt] and soon I was done.

I walked about a bit early, so Katie and I sat together for a bit, but here you go. I donated blood, yay! I even got a sticker for it, and there's been no bruising. Though I didn't really use it for anything all day ;)

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Goin' Crazy

Sound: Boy Meets World S05E08 "Chasing Angela"

I'm on a Boy Meets World rollin' marathon, obviously. I grew up with them [and Sabrina the Teenage Witch], and I can't stop laughing. Disney's actually wanting to take over and do a sequel show, Girl Meets World- which would be about Topanga and Corey Matthew's tween girl's life! They even want Danielle and Ben to reprise their rolls!

Disney Channel would probably ruin it. But it's the thought that counts!


It's November! Not only am I still on a Tim Burton streak [Frankenweenie was MARVELOUS! So much better than I could have imagined. Seriously, a must see. So fantastic!], but it's also NANO.

For those who don't know what that really is, it's National Novel Writing Month. I think I mentioned it in my last post? But it's time! Hey, better late than never, eh? The main point is being able to write at least 40,000 words in the month of November.

Last month, in the beginning, I wrote a 58,000 word story in 20 days. Which sort of freaked me out, because that's insane. I wrote like five chapters in the first two days. It's also kinda crazy that I finished it. Unfortunately, as much as I enjoyed the story, I don't see it being strong enough to last in the big world so it's never going to really be shared, published, or anything.

The real problem resulting from this, is writer's block. It's like running a big marathon or doing a huge contest- lots of hard work, done really fast- and then you need rest. Right? Except when it comes to writing- to get something good out, you can't always force it out of your system. It can make the situation worse.

It's the third of November but I've been plotting out this new story, little by little, and writing out little excerpts in notebooks and on my laptop. Anything I can do, to at least get out a piece of string filled with words to create the story, line by line.

This is actually frustrating, though, I haven't been able to get very far...

Curious, much?

Not only am I a writer, but I'm also a girl, so I'm not too great at being concise. The basics of this story is about a girl [she's yet to have a name]. She has an older brother, and two parents. Small family, simple enough, right? It would be, if she were all right- if she were normal.
But she's a schizophrenic.
-I was writing another version of this story, about halfway through with it, when I got caught up in other stories and life so I never finished it. But now I'm taking it and messing around with it again. Just about everything has changed, except her and her relationships with her family.

Pieces will include: meeting a boy in a flower shop. the flowers calm down her thoughts and that's when the voices have no power over her. he works there, but she's also running off to spend time with him. he has no direction in life but has so many possibilities- whereas she's so restricted, she doesn't have the chance to do anything. they have the opportunity to change each other's lives. She just happens to have a mental disorder...
fun pieces will include- having conversations with voices in her head, hallucinations, and a Peter Pan theme of  youth, wonder,  music and flowers...

It's going to be fantastic and magical and yet so simple... I'm really excited, you know. Writing stories about people is such a blessing for me. I'm not the most social, we all know that- but the human race is amazing and I love writing about bits of human nature. I love being inside others' heads and seeing their problems, and hopefully helping them find their happy ever afters or at least a solution for the time being...

Anyways. I'm really hoping that this year, I can complete NaNo. I've "competed" a few times now, but being pushed into writing is never the easiest thing for me, so I've never actually finished... wish me luck!