Thursday, February 23, 2012


Sound: Nothing

So Jenessa decided to play around and do one of those ridiculous tag-games and she tagged me.

As you can see, I'm bored enough to do just that.

Here we go!

1. Post the rules. 
2. Share eleven random things about myself.
3. Answer the eleven questions from the post I was tagged in (or the two posts in this case).
4. Create eleven new questions for my tagees to answer.
5. Tag eleven people. :)

Eleven Random Things:
1. For the last year I've wanted to dye my hair turquoise
2. I used to be extremely jumpy and paranoid but I forced myself from the habit so when people do weird things [like hiding in a trash bag and being put on my doorstep by a ninja then screaming at me], I don't even react. I just stand there.
3. I love carrots and dip with a very strange passion. So much.
4. I laugh when boys do that 'head-nod'
5. All I really want is to go to Ireland.
6. I'm working on editing my favorite story to publish.
7. Running out of things... I love Disney and what it stands for, so that's why I'm working at WDW!
8. I hate exercise though I do believe in being active.
9. French Silk ice cream is my favorite ice cream flavor, besides hot chocolate
10. If I'm not talking, it's because I'm trying not to ramble.
11. I've started not really believing in love even though I spent the last 18 years as a complete hopeless romantic.

The Other Questions:

1. What was one of your silly childhood dreams?
Well, I always wanted to be an artist. I remember taking all of these art classes and I never threw out anything I did. Unless you mean literal dream- which I was thought burglars would come through our windows to steal my "blankie" which I would have to hide under the covers with.
2. What is one of your greatest fears?
Besides cows? Well, the fear of regret has always been so strong and that's one of the big reasons I've ever done anything. Because I know I would later look back and shake my head at myself for not doing something good or right or fun. 
3. If you could meet any famous person, dead or alive, who would it be and why?
I can't pick just one. Charles Dodgeson (Lewis Carroll), J.K.K. Tolkein, and C.S. Lewis. Especially the latter, I think, because I've read more than just the usual Narnia series of his and he's an incredible Philosopher.
4. If you had to wear one article of clothing for a year, what would it be?
A dress, I suppose? I don't really get this question, but yeah. Floral so it can be casual or pretty.
5. What is one of your favorite things to do with your family?
Haha, I don't know. I just like the random times we actually get along, even if we're just doing card games. But bowling, paintballing... My favorite thing to do with them is to just have fun and have everyone actually happy.
6. Who is someone you've said "When I grow up, I want to be like ____", and why?
I always wanted to be like a human superhero. To make miracles happen for people.
7. If money wasn't an issue, what would you ask for from me?
Maybe a trip, just the two of us?
8. What is one of the qualities you like best about yourself?
My stubborn mind, so I don't give up. So I can make myself laugh when I'm ready to give up. 
9. What is something that always makes you happy without fail?
Tough one. Writing, maybe. It's the one ability I feel like I won't fail at.
10. Where is your favorite place on earth?
Can it be my favorite if I haven't been there? Ireland. Or really, sitting under a tree with a breeze and hiding from the sun.
11. What is one character from a book or movie who you wished you could be?
Seriously, Jenessa? Do you have any idea of how many books I've read and how many movies I've seen? I can't keep track, there's so many!! CRAZY. Um. It would be too weird to say a male. So. Oh, I read this version a while back- how Robin Hood was actually a girl. That would be super awesome. Incredibly awesome. Superb. Or Grace O'Malley who was an Irish pirate. Maybe...

Tag 11 People? I don't even talk to that many on a regular basis except at work. And strangers don't count. Sorry. But hey, you learned what, 22 things from me?

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The General

Sound: Toaster oven ticking for my breakfast at seven a.m. because my roommate snores so loudly

As you know, I get to work on The Seas attraction! I work with guests inside and outside all day long, from 30-50 hours a week, every week. I’ve been here just over a month now [say what?!] and I’d like to offer you the basics of what you should know for amusement parks:

-Be Aware. We tell you things for safety reasons, and we point as well. Look around and listen, because we don’t like seeing you trip. Because we’re the ones watching everyone so we definitely saw that.

-Safety is one of our top priorities.
It’s so important that if we have to yell, we will yell. But it’s like your parents- we’re doing it to protect you.

-Yes, we know you paid a lot of money to come here. But everyone wearing those nametags are human just as much as you are, and we have feelings. And we’re not transparent so when you walk into us, we really are there. If you have a problem or want to compliment us even, you can go to guest relations and fill out a card of where we work and our names and that will eventually reach us.
It’s kind of silly, I know. But there we have it, folks.

^Picture of puppy because IT IS CUTE OKAY?

So Valentine’s Day came around as usual, and I really honestly did mean to do a post on that. It was a wonderful day after all. Last year, I dyed my hair black. This year, I slept in, shopped a little, splurged at the Ghiradelli chocolate shop, and then saw ‘The Magic, The Memories, And You’ which was a night time show at the Magic Kingdom. They bring up pictures every day of guests and display it on the castle!

^Link to video because I obviously couldn't figure how to properly post it. Watch it.

I know, it’s long. But it’s super adorable and worth it!
Oh and I was going to ask Peter Pan to be mine Valentine but he must have stayed in Neverland for the day and I was only in Downtown Disney for a while so I asked Buzz Lightyear. He said yes!

OH and I guess I forgot as well: the day before was spent at… [drum roll] UNIVERSAL STUDIOS!
And Islands of Adventure.
Harry Potter land!!!!!

^Yaya! I even made a friend on the bus there and hung out there again. I haven't seen Megan since but it's only been a week. I'm sure she'll show up again somewhere... But it was a blast! I'm restraining myself from not posting every picture.
However since I did go, I haven't been able to use either mug I got [a butterbeer "honeydukes" one and a Marvel decorated with some superheroes], but I do keep my Minion close by and he's the one with two eyes and open laughing smile... Remember that first movie trailer for Despicable Me and he has the cow-can? Yeah, Him. I keep him in bed and so he's the first thing I see. Think of that laugh. Smiling yet? Well, now that's how I wake up. Yay!!
^ Here's the link if you can't remember it. Or if you just want to watch it again. Like I did.

Anything else?
Well... I do need that pick-me-up upon waking. My roommate hasn't really talked to me in a week. I tried asking her what the issue is but she wouldn't even look at me. Then she has two of our other roommates starting on that.

If you know me at all, you'll know that in some ways I'm stubborn. And lazy. So it goes against my nature to pack up and move somewhere towards some more strangers. Even though the person who shares my bedroom snores so much I wear earplugs so often my ears still hurt.
-Hoping to sort this out in a week or so, I could use some prayers?

Working at Epcot seems to have stolen over my life and I was aware that this happens often- so though I know it's happening, I don't feel like there's too much I can even do about it? I have to think about the bus schedule, having food while I'm there, and then I have to shower constantly and eat [I'm hungry all the time], and I always have to run to Walgreens for stupid things like band-aids, rubbing alcohol, allergies...


I went to movie night at some guys' place in my YSA ward, and we talked how I had been feeling ill over the weekend and a coworker mentioned it was most likely allergies even though I've never had that as a problem in my life before. Anyways, he said that's my "official welcome to Florida" really. It totally sucks, but I haven't had a problem for the last few days so I'm glad it's not that bad.

Can't think of too much else?

I was working at strollers the other day and this little boy, I believe his name was David, came around and I helped him with his stroller [he was four], and his mom explained pin trading and we talked about our pins we both had on our lanyards. He came around twice and in the end he gave me a hug.
A hug!! I nearly squealed but that would scare people.

Anyways, it was so much more nice than to have children crying about not talking to Crush or people getting mad at me about something out of my control. But hey, what can I do? Definitely trying my best!

Happy Mardi Gras!
[so many people dressed up for that today it was so crazy!!]
Sometimes I don't know what to post, but thank you for reading and if you ever have any questions, I'll try and find you answers? LOVE!

Friday, February 10, 2012

Hearts And Darts

Sound: MTV in the Background [kill me now]

Life update:
-I worked 10 days straight
-Working about 48 hours this week [overtime wooo]
-Including an 11 hour shift
-Plus my roommate swore and yelled at me yesterday morning which freaked me out
-Now it's my day off
-Which I'm probably going to spend mostly shopping for groceries
-And chilling by myself.

I've always wondered where my life would take me. And I mean that literally. To New York? Am I going to be stuck in Utah? Will I remain in California? What if I move to Ireland?

As I get older, I've been moving around. I mean, this is my SIXTH address in two and a half years. It's kind of scary. Maybe pathetic. Because it sort of looks like I keep running.

To something? From something?

I'm not letting it bother me yet, anyways. Not exactly. I'm young and I want to travel. This year I'm in Florida. Next year, I want a semester abroad. I'll go Romania or London or France or Italy. I want to see places.

>Especially Ireland. Since I was about 12, I've had this drive to go there. I don't know what to see exactly or who I'll meet or how I'll even get there and back- but I'm meant to go there, even if it's only for a few days.

My main point being, however, is I'm so focused on the places that I'm losing track of people. Maybe that line doesn't make sense but in a way, I don't feel really connected to people anymore. Not really.

I'm such a hermit. And sometimes it worries me. I just don't have the guts to change it. Even though there are some people I connect with, it seems pretty different.

They say love is being able to go away and come back and nothing has changed. I respect that. In fact, it's true. I come home to my family and it's like almost nothing has changed, you know? And I do believe I can return to some of my friends and we'll just chill out like always.

My question is, what about the distance and time in between? What do you have there? Are they not supposed to be there? Do I have to try and fill those lonely spots with new people, making connections where I won't see them again after a while? They claim facebook will work but let's face it. Honestly. Half the time, I just want to quit that thing. It's crappy and a pathetic excuse to "keep our friendships."

I don't know. Just a few things I've been thinking about, really. Mostly because all I do on my free time is read books [Stoker's "Dracuala" currently], watch movies ["Footloose" last night], and on the buses, I listen to my ipod [loudly so I don't have to hear people talking].

Of course, at work I do have to interact. I wave, I smile, I answer questions, I try to keep people safe, and sometimes between that, I ask them how their day is, laugh at their wise cracks, and so on. [it kills my feet daily but it beats being back at my apartment where I think all my roommates hate me]

So I don't know. Once you lose touch with people, is it really easy to get back into society? Make friends? Even keep your old friends? And for goodness sake, how are you supposed to even tell?

Well Valentines Day is coming up, and I have the day off. I actually plan to go chill out at the Magic Kingdom then which I'm most likely going to regret with all the couples there. I don't get that holiday, anyways. Sure, holidays can be selective like "mother's day" and all but really? And even if I did have someone [let's laugh about that for a second], I don't want him just mushy on one day of the year. Not that he has to always be mushy or anything... I just prefer surprises so I don't get high expectations or disappointed.

But the Vow does come out tonight. Who knows? Maybe I'll chill at Downtown Disney and go see it at the theatres, we'll see.

Sorry for the random thoughts, I just needed to write them down and I'll probably come back to them often [untyped?] because these are things I think about again sometimes.


[On the bright side, I bought a 'pillowpet'- of Stitch! We can both look funny, be outsiders, a little weird. But I'd like to think we're pretty cute and cuddly too]

Sunday, February 5, 2012

The First Ugly

Sound: "Hook" movie beginning

[Just read the book Peter Pan again. Watching Hook and in the morning, getting Peter Pan- every version- from the library]

So, my morning began at 7AM, a time that is WAY TOO EARLY FOR ANYONE TO EVER EVEN BE ALIVE OKAY WAY TOO EARLY. I showered, did my hair, dressed up, and headed off to church. More people coming in and our little chapel was full! It was really neat, seeing so many people in a YSA ward like this.

I did fast, by the way, no worries! Fast and Testimony meeting was seriously incredible. To be honest, I was ready to doze through the whole thing, I was so tired. But we had person after person going up, we went over by about ten minutes because there were so many people. It was great.

While sitting there, I was a little overcome. I was sitting with girls I couldn't remember the names of though we had a nice chat beforehand. But others had crossed the country with friends, come from other countries with their friends. Here I was, surrounded by strangers.

Sure, you can say every member is a friend but honestly, it takes a lot to be a true friend for me, and I don't really have many of those. I don't have someone I can call any time, guaranteed they will respond quickly and sympathize or tell me what I need to hear.

Until I realized that this last week, I'd done a lot of praying on the job for some help. To keep walking, to keep my head up, to smile, to laugh things off. I needed energy I couldn't drink and a hug no one was about to give me. So this Sunday, I realized more than ever Jesus Christ is my best friend, and He'll never leave me, and He'll always keep His word. It's something you don't really find often and I know that I probably wouldn't be here today if I didn't have the gospel.

Anyways, I headed home early because if I took the buses I would have been late to work. I was given a ride all the way back to Vista, where I changed, gathered my things, grabbed food [I was starving and needed something if I was going to work], and headed off to the bus.

It rained randomly tonight at work just before closing. A lot harder than it usually comes, strangely, but hey it was still pretty warm. I really liked it, except for what it's done to my hair [let's not dwell on that, though]

HOWEVER even better news that got me literally jumping up and down-
I have three days off next week INCLUDING MONDAY which is when there's a trip to Universal Studios!! I wasn't too sure about going. 80 dollars for both parks and the bus is good but I'd also add in money for souvineers. Okay, my MAIN issue was going alone. I'm sick of having adventures on my own. Even Peter Pan wasn't alone on his adventures, you know?

BUT Jonathon [one of the super nice and awesome guys hanging about at The Seas] came by whilst I was near the theatre and I was rambling on about my schedule and mentioned the park and I had the day off and he was like "Hey I have the day off too!" [Insert Pause] "hey you want to come- you want to come with me??!" And that's when I jumped up and down several times, nodding.
-Buying my ticket in the morninggggg. So at least something came out good today from working!

Final Decision: Working on Sunday was just uncomfortable. There were tons of people on the bus which is always a problem [hate standing on my feet and had to do it both ways meaning over an hour of standing round]. But I just missed the relaxation I feel, closer to the spirit.
It was a little tough to keep myself focused and I kept forgetting what the day was. I don't like it, but He knows I'm trying and that's the point, right?

Saturday, February 4, 2012


Sound: 'Mission Impossible III' movie

Saturday night! Where am I?
If you know me, you don't have to ask!

Hey, I'm sitting in my pajamas, it's barely 10 pm. Obviously I am alone about to watch an action movie after eating some chocolate cereal.
Please don't laugh at meeee.

Anyways! I just realized it had been a week or so since I last updated so MY APOLOGIES! I had a three day weekend and should have updated then [or did I?] but I didn't. I was too busy running to the post office for my sister [and Jenee and Katie] and... well, then I went to the Magic Kingdom and bought some teaspoons.
What? They were cute- adorable.

Random Orlando Fact: their fire hydrants are painted silver. With green accents. Almost feels like I'm in Epcot's Future World. But it's toooootally awesome.

Totally, man, totally.

[TURTLE TALK WITH CRUSH. A twelve minute interactive show where you sit inside a theatre and can interact with Crush the Turtle from Pixar's film, Finding Nemo! = that place is so crazy and different every day, for sure. My first day alone after training, I worked the show six times! Six!! And the last two days, not at all!]

All right my social life is:
Increasing by 3%
Why? Well, in case you haven't noticed, I'm a hermit. Not good with people. Socially awkward. And here, a Christian conservative who, well, let's face it, is surrounded by liberals who ignore me. But hey, it's all cool. There are a few people who are pretty chill. Jonathon, for example, even moved across the bus so we could chat before work. Jaime is a sweet guy, as well, everyone loves him and he loves everyone. Mike is a friendly older man who always wants me to do his work [if I could, I would], and just a few others.
> However I did get reprimanded by today's coordinator about rotation which I had nothing to do with it and hopefully she's feeling better now because it was NOT MY FAULT.
I say only three because my roommates rarely talk to me. At all.

But hey! It's a fun place and I love seeing the kids around. Usually I can get them to wave to me and smile. Also, I finally got a pin lanyard so they voluntarily come up to me now! Shocker.

Up above is the.... um. Well. The center tree... at Disney's Animal Kingdom.
Note: if you want to go to the park: grab a map. IMMEDIATELY. and keep it open.

Thank goodness I was alone, I guess? Although someone else would have laughed, at least they might not have been too lost. It took me a few minutes to shuffle through the jungle and get on to exploring!

The Everest ride really is awesome! But it's way too short. At least it's not too boring in line, though, once you get closer in the line, there's a small museum filled with artifacts about ventures and myths of the infamous yeti- very cool!

The bird show is cute, as well, and they have Africa and Asia there as well, with food and more things. I didn't go into Dinoland, however, because I was sick of "having fun" alone.

Revelation I received today: I spend money on fun things, because people never have the time to spend money on memories with me.

^NOT directed at anyone, I'm just saying. We all have our own lines and I have too much pride to even ask someone half the time.

If you have any questions about here or something, just ask and I'll provide the answers :D

So at the moment, I'm living off soup and cereal, looking to put in more hours at work [they barely gave me 30], seeing as I have nothing to do on my days off but do an hour or so of errands. Um... I don't know what else.

Yes, their are cute boys. Do I stand a chance? Not really.
And I'm probably not coming back with too much money- but at least it's a definite experience.

Coming up: Working my first Sunday tomorrow! Not too thrilled at all :( But I have just enough time in the morning to attend Sacrament Meeting, wooo.