Thursday, August 30, 2012

Scheduling Life~

Sound: Sherlock S1E02 [BBC. Why am I not British?]

Oh, and traffic.

It's been so hot lately, the windows definitely have to be open and living right next to the school makes a ton of annoying traffic. Ugh :/ At least we have ice cream, though, cheers!

Anyways, most people are finishing up their first week of school. While I have yet to have my first class. Haha... But it's tomorrow! Kinda scary, but it's supposed to be super easy, to the point of being totally useless. Cheers!

But hey, I have nothing to do until then, and that's a great feeling. I haven't had that empty of a schedule for over a week now- and when you just jump into everything, it can be sort of crazy. I mean, I did just finish my first week of work!

It was supposed to be 11 hours of scheduled work, but another girl they hired doesn't start till next week so I picked up her extra time and worked 14 hours this week- cheers! I definitely prefer working at the T-Bird Grill. Easier menu, and it's just a bit simpler for me. I work the register and though there's supposed to be another worker helping get out the bags of burgers and drinks and the like, I sort of do it all unless someone like Debb or Kevin comes over to help for a little bit.

Kevin's always around and he's such a life saver, I swear.

But yeah- before work, I have a morning Institute class. Then I eat in the student cafeteria [if I've worked five hours,which I have], and then I hurry to another Institute class. That keeps me busy from waking up until about 6 PM or so, and today that just left me so exhausted!

I like that feeling.

Wednesdays are an extra day I have in the middle of the week with nothing, but I was talking to Deb and it turns out she's looking for extra help in Outtakes, which I do for 4 hours on Monday mornings.They have the bigger menu, bigger crowds, and all that fun totally scary stuff.

Like starbucks fraps and craps and caps and other caffeinated beverages I don't even know the proper names of or anything. Then again, I have always wanted to learn, hmmmm....

It looks like I'm getting my chance though! Debb was so worried all week because I "had" to stay later with no one else coming in [but seriously, I'll stay there until they kick me out, that's just how I roll], and so she loves having my help apparently. CHEERS! Woo! Anyways my point is: Debb loves me, she needs me, I have nothing on Wednesdays, and they need more help from about 11 AM to 5 PM.

The only thing is I have to chance Institute classes. I want to take three- just because I can- so I have to take off the one I was doing on Wednesdays [I'd only made it to one class so far] and I'll just switch to another on Tue/Thur because I'll have more time since my shifts will be cut short to about 3.5 hours at most.

Slight bummer, but I'm ready! And I might have a day-gig as a poll worker for election day. That would be great! It pays super well :D Haha

Anyways, I don't think I ever explained Flight School very well, I know Nessa asked about it:
SUU is home of the Thunderbirds.
Birds. Get it?
Unfortunately, I'm not learning to fly. Actually, that's really fortunate. I don't like NOT being on solid ground, and I can barely drive a car. I'd probably find a way to hit a cactus in the desert, I kid you not.

So it's just like... I don't know. A gov't school. Doing all these "fun" things to get school started and get everyone excited. Flight School was specific for new students to SUU, whether Freshmen or Transfers or whatever. It was just a few days filled with motivational speakers, a few social activities, and all these booths with all the school's clubs. There was a lame dance somewhere in it as well.
Oh, and we did the symbolic walk under the clock tower. Symbolizes something. We walk under it as we enter the school- and then we don't walk under it until we're graduating.

Katie and I want to walk under it again, because some people take it seriously and obviously, we don't. I actually remember a church official once stating that traditions are dangerous to us mortals. So there. Reason enough, right?

Oh! And right now it's Flight Week. A few fun things. They had Casino Night last night- gamble with chips not of your own money and if you get enough, you can buy kindles or stuff. Basically for free. But Katie went on a motorbike ride that lasted three hours too long and I didn't know what to do so I trapped myself inside our apartment and made cookies! Yum!

Tonight, as a part of it, we're going to watch The Hunger Games on the fields tonight  in about an hourish, and OOOOHHH tomorrow, we're going to watch a Mentalist. Granted, I shall not be too impressed seeing as it won't be Simon Baker as Patrick Jane from The Mentalist. Seriously, wouldn't that be the best? My life would be complete! But life isn't perfect you know?

I hope you enjoyed my collection of gifs. There's a lot more where they came from, haha... I'll finish with one last one :D

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

It's Tuesday

Life Update:

Worked at the T-Bird Grill. Much easier than Outtakes because it's not like a grocery store, there's only one menu page of possibilities. Though I was shorthanded up front- Kevin in the kitchens was such a dear, I do mean really, and he came out to help out now and then when I was frazzled or I didn't know what to do.

Because let's face it, your second day of training isn't usually just being shoved onto the register. She gave me an idea of the layout and was gone. I was left wide-eyed and scared witless, I assure you!

But Debb and Kevin were always around with the answers, thank goodness. I even stayed later- resulting in a free lunch, since I worked five hours with no break- so that's good, eh? It helped them and helped me! So here's a picture of me in my outfit:

Shirt & Visor: Free [Loan] (That includes the name tag, I suppose) My own jeans [I bought another pair for fifty cents which I need to hem about five inches] and the priciest bit: $25 shoes. I wasn't allowed to get anything cheapter. And there is no such thing as the "last time I spent twenty dollars on shoes" because I never have. Never. So I'm just praying I don't get fired for a good while because that's just silly.

You can't even see my name tag. Well this picture is useless. Except for what I learned at Disney World- always keep a smile on your face! Ha :P And by the way, I'll have you know that shirt is a SMALL. I don't know in what world it's a basic S, but it'll have to do.

Other stuff?
Oh right. I lasted through Flight School! I made it out with a whole lot of hand outs, a few possible friends, and some free stuff. Like pens and and shirts. For example, I attended the Tie Dye party [mostly because it was just across the street and there was no way I'd get to bed with all that racket.]
I let it hang up in our bathroom because I didn't want to stay the entire time [too many people!], so I dyed it and walked back home and finished my snow cone. Well no, that's a lie. I never finished it. But still.

I don't know. Can you see it?
I see it.
Give it a minute.
Then you'll see it.

Peach Juice. There's five boxes of it right there. And we even have more. This is sort of scary, but it's actually sort of awesome. Katie and I returned to the dollar store- yes, scary that we bought it there but it's still good for another year and it tastes SO GOOD- and we bought seven more. 
Originally, on Saturday, she bought a peach juice and a peach nectar. Warning: the nectar sucks. The juice is beautiful. So we have seven. And I won't be surprised if we're going back next week. Although we might have to- we're almost out of milk and the Dollar Store's on the way to Wal-Mart.

Just thought I'd share this with you. I was slow on reaching Katie inside the store and I found her with a broom and SEVEN juice boxes. I thought we'd get like, three at the most. She was thinking at least ten. But she compromised- though I don't think I said anything?- and then we bought them. Though I think I'll definitely have to treat her there some time, and buy her five just for herself, eh?

Extra news: I attended Institute today! Yay! First time in about a year, I had two classes. I might end up sitting in on another. Tomorrow's busy with all these plans though none of them are set in stone: making cookies, making sloppy joes, attending Institute with redhead Jordan, studying for my archaeology class, going to pizza and politics, attending choir practice for the Holland conference, possibly something else, and of course seeing Elaina Humiston as she passes through to Idaho.

But more on that later :D

Monday, August 27, 2012

Life Update:

Sound: SILENCE [library]

My life's update:

1. I have a job! Only 11 hours a week, three days, on campus food stuff. Today was my first morning, I got my shirt, spent half the time trying to stuff mini bread loaves into smaller bags, and smelling the cookies I can't really eat, as well as cleaning up everything. Extremely hectic, but it should work out well. Tomorrow I'm working at the Grill and that concerns me a little as well- it's so scary handling money! We'll see how it goes!

2. Katie is back! This means a huge shopping trip Saturday to buy a ton of food, a $5 vaccuum [don't judge], a dust pan but no broom, and a wireless router. I also bought a super cute lace top and skirt from some birthday money! Katie took a picture and I'll post it eventually ;)

3. We hung out with Barry from Maine and went on a walk in the canyon. The insane part was going to the "water fall" [like a mini three-layered dam], and walking in. I accidentally stepped in and it went up all the way on my legs, cold stuff! And probably really dirty, ew. The two of them are taller and more balanced than myself, so I had to have a hand [or three] every time we climbed up or down something. It made me feel like I was 5 again but let's face it, this won't ever change. So I wasn't really embarrassed, just annoyed.

4. I have another interview today for another job. Wish me luck! I desperately need it. Seriously. With the job I have now, it'll be barely $200 a MONTH. And the holiday seasons are coming right up! I'm trying not to panic, though I'm sure I don't need to. I don't know- we'll see how this works out :/

That's about it, I guess. Cheers!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Current News~

Sound: The Big Bang Theory Season 3 Episode 15

Between all the storms and Big Bang Theory Episodes, I have managed to get through/achieve three things!

First: Tuesday, I was sending around applications, because that's what I'm constantly doing around here. An hour later after, I was chilling at the library after passing in 2-3 applications around campus, and I got a call. I was quiet about the call but apparently she'd needed another job filled in food services here at SUU and asked me to come over.

So I did! She told me the times: Mon, Tue & Thur afternoons, and I could! So I signed all these papers, she gave me papers to read and then suddenly ta-da! I have to buy non-stick [or something like that] shoes, I grabbed an extra pair of black pants for 50 cents [yay thrift shops!], let them finish the criminal background check [yikes], and I could be starting on Monday!

It's only about 12 hours a week, however, so I'm still looking for more work! I have an interview in a little over an hour, and then another on Tuesday! Wish me luck!

Second: Orientation. It went on and on. They repeated a lot of thing. Lots of smiling and energy from the directors, of course. Fajitas for lunch, yum! But their cinnamon chips were definitely not as good as my own, I have to admit,  sorry! I have "Flight School" tonight, all day tomorrow, and Saturday morning. A few lectures, some activities, and there we go!

Third: KATIEEEE. My roommate arrived! Well, sort of. Haha. I finished Orientation and finally made it home to find her there! After eight long months we got to see each other, cheers. I helped her unpack, we had cookies and started catching up with one another! We also started on making plans to St. George, camping and hiking trips, going to the movies and more! Then it was Wing Wednesday at Pizza Hut so we went there for dinner and talked some more.
Then she decided to ditch me for Vegas for the weekend, but that's okay, haha. I'm pretty busy anyways! So it's all cool....Although I'm totally going to finish all the cookies. That is all.

So, ta-da! I'm going to check out some movies from SUU library because I have my ID card [discounts eeeverywhere!], then I'll go home and prep for my interview, and then onto Flight School! Wish me luck!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Disney Overdose

Sound: The Big Bang Theory S3

So I finished decorating my new place and I realized that once again, I have quite the obsession with Disney. I've mentioned it before, yes, and I just thought I would show the proof.

 Frame, picture [haven't gotten my own put in yet], and a Cheshire Cat keychain thing

A Stitch Pillow-Pet. They have quite the growing selection, of course! I meant first to get a Eeyore one. Then I saw Simba. Then I looked at Stitch, remembered my dog, and it was meant to be.

A Rapunzel blanket from a dear, dear friend of mine :)

Decorem on my bedroom walls! I drew Pluto in the Animation Studio at Hollywood Studios, I got that picture of Mickey scuba diving from one of my old managers from my first day of training at The Seas. And That is a sticker of Mickey waving- we kept getting the big roles of stickers [they cost about 300, I heard, a roll], and one day I believe it was Seana, who stuck one on my back without my knowledge! I ended up having a guest informing me of this, and to my embarrassment, they handed it over through the laughter. I couldn't help but laugh as well, and stuck it on one of my old break time sheets.

Two of my Disney shirts! I have Disney clothes! I also have another one with Yoda. I also have Tinkerbell shorts that I don't really wear anymore... Hm. I also had Mickey Mouse keds but those didn't fit right so I didn't keep them long. But yeah. Disney clothes. Oh shoot and there's that Alice shirt of mine as well.....

Disney jewelry! I have at least another pair of Mickey Earrings, along with another necklace or two :) I love them!

Disney band-aids. A birthday gift, actually. Weird, right? BUT THEY ARE SO CUTE. I'm even wearing one right now! Stupid paper cuts... but ugh those are cute bandaids I kid you not. I feel like a kid, wanting to put all of them on and wear them around hahahaa

Okay, the last day of our Disneyland Year Passes, both my older sister Nessa and I bought the Mickey Mouse keyring. He's classic and his arms moves and it looks like he wants to give you a HUG. So precious, we love him so. Anyways, when I started working at Disney World, I realized they of course have classic Minnie Mouse as well. And by the end of my trip, I had to get her as well. Now they're hanging out on my pantry doors. And when I want them extra shut, I can swing them close to each other and they can hug each other! It's soo cute!

My Mickey Towel. Sorry, awkward picture. It's just how I ended up folding him up and putting  him away for later use. It's reversable with the same picture but opposite color positioning on the other side. Too fun!

My Pins! Not that that's even half of them. But some of my favorite pins- there's Simba with the Mickey Wheel for Disneyland's World Of Color. I am not ashamed, last time I saw it I cried! It's so perfect! And my nametag, of course. I was so worried they wouldn't actually let us keep it... am I the only one tempted to put it on and stroll around the parks? Hahaha

My Mickey Graduation ears! Proof I graduated from the college program, haha. And my lovely Alice in Wonderland mug. It's so precious I'm too scared to use it, haha

Then my mug addiction is no less. I have another Disneyland mug, and I think another one besides this Walt Disney & Mickey Main Street mug, and my little Disney Nerds cup collection, hehe!

My favorite poster. Vision- shows a shadow of Walt and the Castle on the Florida ground and below it says a quote of his, "It's Kind of Fun To Do the Impossible" ugh I love that.

My stuffed creatures! Chewbacca [Star Wars works with Disney, or they own the rights, I can't remember. Can anyone tell me?], and the Mad Hatter!

And then some LP Records I picked up for 25 cents a piece. One of these days I'll get me a record player, haha...

But there we go. Some of my Disney obsession. I PROMISE this isn't to brag or something [though I do love them], I'm just still realizing how big my obsession really is! I'm such a fan of so many things [Doctor Who, Supernatural, Sherlock Holmes, other Musicals, other great movies like Batman and Quest for Camelot, and the classics with Frank Sinatra and Gene Kelly, and so on], and to see that my Disney obsession has sort of taken over most of them, it's just a little... extreme.

Very childish as well, I know. But I'm working on it. I've grown up and now I just have to start acting mature, right? Well, I'm trying to get a job [pray for me] and trying to make friends [I attended FHE for the first time in about three weeks, I went there all on my own! (Thanks a lot, Jordan :P ) ] But I do like to think I'm getting somewhere. We'll see!

Sunday, August 19, 2012

My College Necessities

Word of the Week: Allons-y! [It's French for "let's go!" used and favored in Doctor Who, mostly season 4 I do believe, by the tenth doctor. If  you don't understand this, then please begin watching. They have the latest 6 seasons on Netflix! Yum yum!]

Sound: my new neighbors being obnoxious.

Cheers. Because you know how social I am!

Haha but seriously. I did talk to like one... three... three new people today. I'm going to try and keep working on that and amping up the list to keep meeting new people. I don't have a max number of those I have met in one day because seriously, people, I worked at Disney World. Think about it for a second... yeah, haha.

Anyways, I was scrounging around for an evening snack before bed [even though the 'Skinny Rules' do state to go to bed hungry, but technically I'm not in bed yet so that rule doesn't apply until I'm lying in bed, thinking about how hungry and thirsty I am. Right?]

So I have a decently well stocked pantry, thanks [like a HUGE THANK YOU] due to my parents to helping me out with just about all of it ( and a few from Jenessa that she left over). I've lived here almost three weeks to the date! It's so weird.

Feels like foreeeeeeeeeverrrrrr.

Looking around in everything, between my no bake cookies and all my frozen tortillas [I love CORN tortillas about 100x better than flour, you know those little ones and they come with like 75 at a time for $4? Yeah. Then I put over half of them into other bags and freeze them till I'm ready to use them!] and my eggs, I realized what I'm practically already out of:

Ice cream- it's completely gone as of five minutes ago. My favorite: Kroger's Soft Churned French Silk
Peanut Butter- I even had some left over from Jenessa, about a quarter container. I finished that in one round with 2-3 celery sticks. I think I have enough to smother five more saltines and that is it.
Salsa- My dad got me that middle size, it's... 24 oz. He picked it up and said, no lie "this should last you the whole semester" and really, i just had to bite back a laugh or two. I'm halfway through it already, and it might be gone in 1.3 weeks, I'm figuring.

These have become such staples in my life since beginning college. Peanut butter took a while, I admit, and then in Florida I didn't do so much ice cream, but there's always been salsa. And now I'm practically without all three of these.

It's bad enough I haven't had milk for a week. 

But I'm trying to be good! I still have a well stocked pantry so I'm eating a toooon of mashed potatoes [YUM CARBS!], graham crackers, and then I made no bake oatmeal peanut butter chocolate cookies. But don't worry, I had a cup of oranges this morning. ;)

This was supposed to be a short post, haha. I'll just leave you a picture of an ADIPOSE*. From BBC's Doctor Who with the tenth doctor. It was supposed to be a new dieting pill where "the fat just walks away." Turns out that alien-nanny was literal! These would climb off you:

ALL THEY DO IS GIGGLE AND WAVE. The friendlist alien in the universe! and so cute, they're the size of my- or say, my dad's- fist! 


Thursday, August 16, 2012

My Books~

Sound: SILENCE [I'm thinking Simon & Garfunkel. anyone else?]

Anyways, I'm scouring the internet because that's all I do in the evenings because let's face it, I'm not the most social person around and since my roommate hasn't arrived yet, I'm just super bored and hey, look! My computer needs company!

So I was just scouring another blog- but of course much more professional than my own- when I came across one of her posts about her favorite movie, You've Got Mail. Now my own mom is a big Meg Ryan fan and really, anyone from the 80-90's should be a Tom Hanks fan. I grew up watching a few films like that [so therefore I may blame the parental units on my hopeless romantic nature].

There were a few carefully chosen quotes from the film and really, Nora Ephron did a spectacular job in all of it. Kathleen Kelly, Meg Ryan's character, owned a cute little bookshop. Which I often fantasized about having my own one day but thanks to the stupid nook, ipads, and so on, that just might not work out.

Moving on, one of my favorite quotes posted would definitely have to be: When you read a book as a child, it becomes a part of your identity in a way that no other reading in your whole life does.

And that got me to thinking, obviously.

To any who know me, and you all do, I love my books. I adore books. I breathe books. I used to carry at least one around constantly, if not too. Most of my purses that I have ever bought, I've tried to make sure that they will at least fit a paperback book. (All the purses I have now do fit one, if not two. And a notebook. And a water bottle. )

The books of one's childhood! Granted, at first I didn't enjoy reading. I was an active kid [wow, that's kind of hard to believe, huh?]. I wanted to hang out with the boys, I ran and chased the balls and everything. I wasn't necessarily great at any of them [I blame my height and bad vision and complete lack of competition which grew with time], but once upon a time in public school I was sort of popular.

But then I started reading with a vengeance! I remember this book about a kangaroo in Australia; I don't know where it went from there. I'm sure there was a dramatic trial before it arrived home safely to return to it's mother's pouch and it lived happily ever after.

I read a lot of books at night. After a certain time, bedroom lights had to go out- but we'd get a night light out in the hallway. So if my parents weren't nearby, I'd crawl out and read some more. They weren't challenging books or anything- there were these 'Alice' series, where she opened her great big Bible and watched the events happen, and it was all poems. I used to think that was so clever! Then I read the Clifford series, and the Magic School Bus oh and of course, Dr. Seuss. I read about Amelia Bedelia and oh of course, Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle! Anyone read those? I read them again when I was 17, I loved them so much as a kid! So funny...
With time, I moved onto the easy chapter books. I read Andrew Clements, Junie B books, I read about fairies, and Roald Dahl... Harry Potter, and then that's when I really just attacked the library.

I don't know. It just got me to thinking about my childhood and how innocent things were then. My parents never came outside and trusted we'd behave and not get kidnapped [granted they still don't do that for my brothers]. I would play with the kids on the block [well, the boys, since I didn't have too many girl friends and none of them seemed to live on my street or at least had time to play], and I'd watch Disney movies on occasion.

So there was some drama now and then, but that's how growing up is. I still got to stay home when I was sick and my mom would make chocolate chip cookies and I could dump in the flour and watch the puff cloud rise up. I had to come in when the sun came down and then I played with my barbies and complained about dinner because I didn't like meat in my meat sauce. I got to be a kid, society wasn't forcing me to grow up back then.

Now, kids whine because their parents take away their freaking ipod. It's just so weird! I dreamed of being a princess to have adventures and ride horses and make animals speak to me [because princesses had magical powers]. Kids now dream of being rich enough to have a yacht or something, I don't know. I don't really talk to kids of this day and age. They sort of scare me.

But I like the books I read as a kid, like 'Goodnight Moon' and my favorite, 'I Love You To The Moon And Back.' Kids don't hear things like that anymore. They don't get to enjoy the simple poetic art of children's stories... Sad thought.

Monday, August 13, 2012


I miss it.

Well, not technically Florida. I just miss Walt Disney World.

I miss working there, I miss my coworkers, I miss messing around with my coworkers.

I miss wearing that stupid smile all the time and answering the same questions over and over. I miss doing the two-fingered point and I miss getting to work early enough to jump right onto 'Journey Into The Imagination With Figment.' I miss doing Turtle Talk w/ Crush, even when I messed up and got the wrong kid.

I miss their pretzels, the jalapeno-cheese stuffed pretzels, the sweet cream cheese pretzels, and even their plain pretzels. I miss walking past all the decked out nuts and loving that delicious smell. I miss seeing people trying to finish their salty turkey legs. I miss seeing those Mickey Mouse shaped ice creams.

I miss jumping onto a bus and getting into the park. I miss the shows like Beauty And The Beast, Fanstasmic, and the Star Wars show for kids. I miss climbing onto all of the rides, ready for that little adrenaline rush and the stupid pictures they take.

I miss seeing that magic daily and I miss being apart of it.

I even miss coming home, exhausted with my feet throbbing in pain from working for 12 hours.

I love Disney. I saw behind the magic and though I got so sick and tired of it sometimes, I could still see the magic through the eyes of the guests. Even the basic pin trading, or meeting your favorite character. The laughter and love that was everywhere- well, except half the moody guests, you can just forget about those.

A lot of my things are Disney related. I put some of it in the kitchen, some of it in the living room, and a lot of it in my bedroom. I have my pins hanging from the lamp so I can always see them. I have folders so even as I start school, I can think about Mickey Mouse. I have the beads a co-worker gave me from Mardi Gras. I have the pin from Goofy's Mystery Tour, a cast member only scavenger hunt. I still carry my Disney ID around, for crying out loud.

Making plans to go back. Maybe even early as this next spring. Wouldn't that just be wonderful? The "New Fantasy" land will all be open by then. If I can make it before the Brazilian school groups, then that would be great. Just for a few days, to watch all the shows again, to see the new things, to relive it and love it- Disney and my memories and my friends- one more time.

I'm trying to get this out to the Universe, so maybe in the end, it can work out:

Early Spring, before April.
I have two coworkers/friends who said they'd be willing to house me if I ever returned.
Hopefully I have enough friends there they'd get me in a day or two.
I'd repay them with cookies or jokes.
We'd have a ball! Then I'd fly back to school.

See? That should work, right?

Because at this point, I'm almost ready to cast in my lot again and go back there to work. Work at the parks again, though I said I didn't really want to do that so much. But I just love it and miss it so much. Disney's made magic daily for millions of people and I desperately miss being part of that.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

I Don't Mean To Brag...

But really. I just thought I'd share my good fortune in this tidbit:


And now I ask you this: Think I could have gotten it under $25? Maybe? Well what about under $10? Little tough, right?

Well I'm TELLING you this: I paid less than $5 for all that.
No, seriously.
What was it, again? $4.40 I think?

Shirts: 50 cents a shirt, four of them, thus $2
Mugs: Buy 1 get 3 free. Thus four mugs for fifty cents.
Backpack: 1.00
Old Disney Post Card: .15 cents
Two Mickey folders: 25 cents each
World Atlas [No I'm not using them as maps but for decor. You'll see in time!]: 25 cents

Missing anything? No? Well then. There you go. All of that for less than five dollars.

Granted, the clothing is a bit big. BUT things to do with clothes to big: shrink them, alter them, or find a way to wear them as they are. Should I start a fashion blog? I think not, we've more than enough I'm sure. But I couldn't resist!

And the mugs-
Look in my cupboard and there's already a vast assortment from superhero mugs to butterbeer, and more! I think this puts my limit over ten mugs now. That's a little embarrassing, isn't it? I just adore mugs. I like a good handle, a good grasp.
And if you know me: I FOUND AN IRISH MUG OKAY. I wasn't going to give into the sale but then I found that mug and was like "Hey, I can get three more for free! Hmmm" So that's what happened. It wasn't my fault, I'm a victim of my lovely heritage.

The folders... I didn't need them either. But Disney. They were DISNEY. My obsession is getting a little scary: a Disney blanket, stuffed creatures, pillow, more than two shirts, at least two mugs, a few notebooks, now folders, two purses, a wallet... my, oh my. It's almost frightful! Haha

The backpack was just nice and you know, girls and their bags. we never have enough.

As for the clothes... well like I said, I'll make them work. I've noticed though my style is forever changing and  currently a good bit influenced by a lovely, fashionable woman, Charla. You can check out her own blog and life at charlavail because she's just that awesome. Seriously. I envy her a little too much, I think. Her adventures in Alaska and Europe and everything just kills me!

AAAAAND that's it. 13 items for less than 5 dollars. I shouldn't have splurged, yes, I know. But I won't be doing any shopping for the next two weeks, I swore to myself! Scouring the streets for a job in Cedar now, and getting ready for the two classes I'll be taking this semester.

^My cobra ear cuff I bought before my birthday for about $2 Probably can't see it too well though eh?

Post Birthday Mirth

Sound: Doctor Who season 3 episode 6 'Evolution of the Daleks'
^ Andrew Garfield is in this episode and the one before. Thought you should know.

Just a quick post, I suppose. Last Friday I officially turned 20! My mom sang to me on the phone and said there should be a package soon of gifts! :D

Soon after, I got a call from Amanda, a new friend who lives with Lindsey, who I roomed with just over a year ago. New friends are definitely a good thing to have around your birthday! To be honest, I would not have been surprised if they forgot or anything, people do that all the time. I had hopes but not too many, because I didn't want to be disappointed.

And my goodness! I most definitely wasn't.

Amanda not only texted me happy birthday, but soon after she called me to invite me with her other friends to go to Sand Hollow! I almost said no but I'm SO GLAD I didn't. I took the leap and joined them- literally. I jumped off cliffs whilst there! Cliff jumping on my birthday!

Maybe up to 25 ft high? I have no idea, I don't do numbers. Worked my way up but finally jumped off the highest- screaming all the way dooooooooooown.

The sand/mud was a lovely desert red, and the water was so clear, I couldn't believe it. I think I read something about them having vents or something, you know, to keep it that warm. It had to have been 80 or something. But I loved it!

The Mitchell family joined us ladies out in the water for a bit, before we headed over to their house to rinse off. There we got to see just how sunburned we were [quite a bit! haha]. We showered off, got Hawaiian flavored snow cones [pina colada, YUM], and finally ventured away.

We went and got mongolian BBQ for dinner. Stir fry style- you shove as much as possible into a bowl of your choosing, watch them stir fry on their big thing [almost a show, really], then sit down and enjoy! I bought the smallest, but it fit me for about four servings that I took home and enjoyed over the weekend. So delicious!

My left overs with the last of my apple juice and my chopsticks from Japan :) Or was it China...? Somewhere in Epcot in Disney World, haha... but still. It was lovely!

We finally ventured home and they dropped me off for the evening. By then it was getting a little dark, about 8 or 9, I don't really remember. I sat down with a good movie, most likely The Little Mermaid, and then i went to bed!

AND that was my birthday. I never got on the computer to see if anyone told me happy birthday since i had no internet at my place yet, I have to go to the library which is on short summer hours, you know? But it was nice, a very fun birthday indeed!

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Happy Birthday To ME!

It's my birthday!
Well, almost.
TOMORROW! Who knew? It kind of just popped up. But that's what happens when you're born in the summer. It comes sort of suddenly.

You know, I feel like my red hair is part of the reason I was born in the summer. Red just fits the summer doesn't it? I don't look good in the color but the chopped up mop on my head looks decent there, eh?

Anyways, yeah I need to work on updating, I know. I'll try do it weekly or something. I don't know. Updates: Family Reunion. Flu/Food Poisoning [can't figure out which]. Moving to Cedar. Alone!

Not really my own place- Katie will be moving in the next few weeks. But I found us a little place to live right next to campus. It's noisy with the windows open but I hate turning on the A/C so the noise makes me feel... less alone, maybe? Oh, and I already hate college. GWC was fun because it was simple. But I don't do things complicated. I do storylines and ideas that are fun with all these strings but this is real-world-complicated which quite frankly, does NOT settle well with me.

Anyways! As an upper, I went by the thrift shop and found something I knew I'd like. TA-DA!

Total spent: $1.25

Oh I do enjoy a good deal! Granted, I do not own an LP record player or anything- yet. But one of these days when I'm famous and rich, I'll have one and I will love it very much with my lovely records. And hey, if you know me well enough, you'll know why I'm so happy with these-
I'm much a cat person. [Though I really do love dogs as well. Go fur!]
Musicals! Broadway! And of Shakespeare origination so how can I not love WSS?
Frank Sinatra is beautiful and fabulous. If you don't know him, you better start now
Mary Poppins- British, witty, creative, and quite eccentric! My dream :)
-I got one more, Snow White, though she didn't have a case, poor thing! She's hiding away with the kitties, because I thought she'd enjoy that ;)

We'll see what tomorrow brings. I may receive a package, for one, hopefully! And maybe even a friend or two in Cedar will come by and say hi, at the very least. Wouldn't that be nice? I've come to accept that I handle being alone a little too well. But really, no one should be this alone on their birthday. Thinking I'll go to Smith's and get me some yummy ice cream, eh?

Ta- ta!

PS hey hey if anyone did have a record player.. ehm... and they're not using it... and it's not broken? We could make a deal! and c'mon, it's my birthday!!! ;)