Thursday, August 9, 2012

I Don't Mean To Brag...

But really. I just thought I'd share my good fortune in this tidbit:


And now I ask you this: Think I could have gotten it under $25? Maybe? Well what about under $10? Little tough, right?

Well I'm TELLING you this: I paid less than $5 for all that.
No, seriously.
What was it, again? $4.40 I think?

Shirts: 50 cents a shirt, four of them, thus $2
Mugs: Buy 1 get 3 free. Thus four mugs for fifty cents.
Backpack: 1.00
Old Disney Post Card: .15 cents
Two Mickey folders: 25 cents each
World Atlas [No I'm not using them as maps but for decor. You'll see in time!]: 25 cents

Missing anything? No? Well then. There you go. All of that for less than five dollars.

Granted, the clothing is a bit big. BUT things to do with clothes to big: shrink them, alter them, or find a way to wear them as they are. Should I start a fashion blog? I think not, we've more than enough I'm sure. But I couldn't resist!

And the mugs-
Look in my cupboard and there's already a vast assortment from superhero mugs to butterbeer, and more! I think this puts my limit over ten mugs now. That's a little embarrassing, isn't it? I just adore mugs. I like a good handle, a good grasp.
And if you know me: I FOUND AN IRISH MUG OKAY. I wasn't going to give into the sale but then I found that mug and was like "Hey, I can get three more for free! Hmmm" So that's what happened. It wasn't my fault, I'm a victim of my lovely heritage.

The folders... I didn't need them either. But Disney. They were DISNEY. My obsession is getting a little scary: a Disney blanket, stuffed creatures, pillow, more than two shirts, at least two mugs, a few notebooks, now folders, two purses, a wallet... my, oh my. It's almost frightful! Haha

The backpack was just nice and you know, girls and their bags. we never have enough.

As for the clothes... well like I said, I'll make them work. I've noticed though my style is forever changing and  currently a good bit influenced by a lovely, fashionable woman, Charla. You can check out her own blog and life at charlavail because she's just that awesome. Seriously. I envy her a little too much, I think. Her adventures in Alaska and Europe and everything just kills me!

AAAAAND that's it. 13 items for less than 5 dollars. I shouldn't have splurged, yes, I know. But I won't be doing any shopping for the next two weeks, I swore to myself! Scouring the streets for a job in Cedar now, and getting ready for the two classes I'll be taking this semester.

^My cobra ear cuff I bought before my birthday for about $2 Probably can't see it too well though eh?

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