Monday, August 13, 2012


I miss it.

Well, not technically Florida. I just miss Walt Disney World.

I miss working there, I miss my coworkers, I miss messing around with my coworkers.

I miss wearing that stupid smile all the time and answering the same questions over and over. I miss doing the two-fingered point and I miss getting to work early enough to jump right onto 'Journey Into The Imagination With Figment.' I miss doing Turtle Talk w/ Crush, even when I messed up and got the wrong kid.

I miss their pretzels, the jalapeno-cheese stuffed pretzels, the sweet cream cheese pretzels, and even their plain pretzels. I miss walking past all the decked out nuts and loving that delicious smell. I miss seeing people trying to finish their salty turkey legs. I miss seeing those Mickey Mouse shaped ice creams.

I miss jumping onto a bus and getting into the park. I miss the shows like Beauty And The Beast, Fanstasmic, and the Star Wars show for kids. I miss climbing onto all of the rides, ready for that little adrenaline rush and the stupid pictures they take.

I miss seeing that magic daily and I miss being apart of it.

I even miss coming home, exhausted with my feet throbbing in pain from working for 12 hours.

I love Disney. I saw behind the magic and though I got so sick and tired of it sometimes, I could still see the magic through the eyes of the guests. Even the basic pin trading, or meeting your favorite character. The laughter and love that was everywhere- well, except half the moody guests, you can just forget about those.

A lot of my things are Disney related. I put some of it in the kitchen, some of it in the living room, and a lot of it in my bedroom. I have my pins hanging from the lamp so I can always see them. I have folders so even as I start school, I can think about Mickey Mouse. I have the beads a co-worker gave me from Mardi Gras. I have the pin from Goofy's Mystery Tour, a cast member only scavenger hunt. I still carry my Disney ID around, for crying out loud.

Making plans to go back. Maybe even early as this next spring. Wouldn't that just be wonderful? The "New Fantasy" land will all be open by then. If I can make it before the Brazilian school groups, then that would be great. Just for a few days, to watch all the shows again, to see the new things, to relive it and love it- Disney and my memories and my friends- one more time.

I'm trying to get this out to the Universe, so maybe in the end, it can work out:

Early Spring, before April.
I have two coworkers/friends who said they'd be willing to house me if I ever returned.
Hopefully I have enough friends there they'd get me in a day or two.
I'd repay them with cookies or jokes.
We'd have a ball! Then I'd fly back to school.

See? That should work, right?

Because at this point, I'm almost ready to cast in my lot again and go back there to work. Work at the parks again, though I said I didn't really want to do that so much. But I just love it and miss it so much. Disney's made magic daily for millions of people and I desperately miss being part of that.

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