Sunday, August 19, 2012

My College Necessities

Word of the Week: Allons-y! [It's French for "let's go!" used and favored in Doctor Who, mostly season 4 I do believe, by the tenth doctor. If  you don't understand this, then please begin watching. They have the latest 6 seasons on Netflix! Yum yum!]

Sound: my new neighbors being obnoxious.

Cheers. Because you know how social I am!

Haha but seriously. I did talk to like one... three... three new people today. I'm going to try and keep working on that and amping up the list to keep meeting new people. I don't have a max number of those I have met in one day because seriously, people, I worked at Disney World. Think about it for a second... yeah, haha.

Anyways, I was scrounging around for an evening snack before bed [even though the 'Skinny Rules' do state to go to bed hungry, but technically I'm not in bed yet so that rule doesn't apply until I'm lying in bed, thinking about how hungry and thirsty I am. Right?]

So I have a decently well stocked pantry, thanks [like a HUGE THANK YOU] due to my parents to helping me out with just about all of it ( and a few from Jenessa that she left over). I've lived here almost three weeks to the date! It's so weird.

Feels like foreeeeeeeeeverrrrrr.

Looking around in everything, between my no bake cookies and all my frozen tortillas [I love CORN tortillas about 100x better than flour, you know those little ones and they come with like 75 at a time for $4? Yeah. Then I put over half of them into other bags and freeze them till I'm ready to use them!] and my eggs, I realized what I'm practically already out of:

Ice cream- it's completely gone as of five minutes ago. My favorite: Kroger's Soft Churned French Silk
Peanut Butter- I even had some left over from Jenessa, about a quarter container. I finished that in one round with 2-3 celery sticks. I think I have enough to smother five more saltines and that is it.
Salsa- My dad got me that middle size, it's... 24 oz. He picked it up and said, no lie "this should last you the whole semester" and really, i just had to bite back a laugh or two. I'm halfway through it already, and it might be gone in 1.3 weeks, I'm figuring.

These have become such staples in my life since beginning college. Peanut butter took a while, I admit, and then in Florida I didn't do so much ice cream, but there's always been salsa. And now I'm practically without all three of these.

It's bad enough I haven't had milk for a week. 

But I'm trying to be good! I still have a well stocked pantry so I'm eating a toooon of mashed potatoes [YUM CARBS!], graham crackers, and then I made no bake oatmeal peanut butter chocolate cookies. But don't worry, I had a cup of oranges this morning. ;)

This was supposed to be a short post, haha. I'll just leave you a picture of an ADIPOSE*. From BBC's Doctor Who with the tenth doctor. It was supposed to be a new dieting pill where "the fat just walks away." Turns out that alien-nanny was literal! These would climb off you:

ALL THEY DO IS GIGGLE AND WAVE. The friendlist alien in the universe! and so cute, they're the size of my- or say, my dad's- fist! 


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  1. Seriously, it feels like I've been home FOREVER. Trade you places?