Thursday, August 9, 2012

Post Birthday Mirth

Sound: Doctor Who season 3 episode 6 'Evolution of the Daleks'
^ Andrew Garfield is in this episode and the one before. Thought you should know.

Just a quick post, I suppose. Last Friday I officially turned 20! My mom sang to me on the phone and said there should be a package soon of gifts! :D

Soon after, I got a call from Amanda, a new friend who lives with Lindsey, who I roomed with just over a year ago. New friends are definitely a good thing to have around your birthday! To be honest, I would not have been surprised if they forgot or anything, people do that all the time. I had hopes but not too many, because I didn't want to be disappointed.

And my goodness! I most definitely wasn't.

Amanda not only texted me happy birthday, but soon after she called me to invite me with her other friends to go to Sand Hollow! I almost said no but I'm SO GLAD I didn't. I took the leap and joined them- literally. I jumped off cliffs whilst there! Cliff jumping on my birthday!

Maybe up to 25 ft high? I have no idea, I don't do numbers. Worked my way up but finally jumped off the highest- screaming all the way dooooooooooown.

The sand/mud was a lovely desert red, and the water was so clear, I couldn't believe it. I think I read something about them having vents or something, you know, to keep it that warm. It had to have been 80 or something. But I loved it!

The Mitchell family joined us ladies out in the water for a bit, before we headed over to their house to rinse off. There we got to see just how sunburned we were [quite a bit! haha]. We showered off, got Hawaiian flavored snow cones [pina colada, YUM], and finally ventured away.

We went and got mongolian BBQ for dinner. Stir fry style- you shove as much as possible into a bowl of your choosing, watch them stir fry on their big thing [almost a show, really], then sit down and enjoy! I bought the smallest, but it fit me for about four servings that I took home and enjoyed over the weekend. So delicious!

My left overs with the last of my apple juice and my chopsticks from Japan :) Or was it China...? Somewhere in Epcot in Disney World, haha... but still. It was lovely!

We finally ventured home and they dropped me off for the evening. By then it was getting a little dark, about 8 or 9, I don't really remember. I sat down with a good movie, most likely The Little Mermaid, and then i went to bed!

AND that was my birthday. I never got on the computer to see if anyone told me happy birthday since i had no internet at my place yet, I have to go to the library which is on short summer hours, you know? But it was nice, a very fun birthday indeed!

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