Thursday, August 2, 2012

Happy Birthday To ME!

It's my birthday!
Well, almost.
TOMORROW! Who knew? It kind of just popped up. But that's what happens when you're born in the summer. It comes sort of suddenly.

You know, I feel like my red hair is part of the reason I was born in the summer. Red just fits the summer doesn't it? I don't look good in the color but the chopped up mop on my head looks decent there, eh?

Anyways, yeah I need to work on updating, I know. I'll try do it weekly or something. I don't know. Updates: Family Reunion. Flu/Food Poisoning [can't figure out which]. Moving to Cedar. Alone!

Not really my own place- Katie will be moving in the next few weeks. But I found us a little place to live right next to campus. It's noisy with the windows open but I hate turning on the A/C so the noise makes me feel... less alone, maybe? Oh, and I already hate college. GWC was fun because it was simple. But I don't do things complicated. I do storylines and ideas that are fun with all these strings but this is real-world-complicated which quite frankly, does NOT settle well with me.

Anyways! As an upper, I went by the thrift shop and found something I knew I'd like. TA-DA!

Total spent: $1.25

Oh I do enjoy a good deal! Granted, I do not own an LP record player or anything- yet. But one of these days when I'm famous and rich, I'll have one and I will love it very much with my lovely records. And hey, if you know me well enough, you'll know why I'm so happy with these-
I'm much a cat person. [Though I really do love dogs as well. Go fur!]
Musicals! Broadway! And of Shakespeare origination so how can I not love WSS?
Frank Sinatra is beautiful and fabulous. If you don't know him, you better start now
Mary Poppins- British, witty, creative, and quite eccentric! My dream :)
-I got one more, Snow White, though she didn't have a case, poor thing! She's hiding away with the kitties, because I thought she'd enjoy that ;)

We'll see what tomorrow brings. I may receive a package, for one, hopefully! And maybe even a friend or two in Cedar will come by and say hi, at the very least. Wouldn't that be nice? I've come to accept that I handle being alone a little too well. But really, no one should be this alone on their birthday. Thinking I'll go to Smith's and get me some yummy ice cream, eh?

Ta- ta!

PS hey hey if anyone did have a record player.. ehm... and they're not using it... and it's not broken? We could make a deal! and c'mon, it's my birthday!!! ;)

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