Saturday, July 14, 2012

Dinner's Ready

Music: 'Trust Us With Your Life' Improv Show

Okay, I know I have to get better at blogging. You'd think after years of writing, I'd have an idea how to write a basic blog, right? Apparently wrong.

Anyways, I'm in the middle of this tug-of-war to get an apartment. I said I'd take it, I could convince my friend, but then he was like "yeah well if you don't have enough people then I'm giving it to these six guys because that's a better deal, there will be six, blah blah blah" after he's already promised at least half of his rooms to girls.
Just imagine an anvil falling. I do.

ANYWAYS so I just wanted to make a quick, sort of late post, about DINNER. I'm supposed to make dinner at my house every Wednesday, we all have a day to make [or destroy] dinner. And if you know me at all, you know I can sometimes make popcorn. Maybe bake the same chocolate chip cookies if I'm lucky. But I have not been able to make bread rise in over a year, and I even burn the pancakes on the stove. I kid you not.

So I attempted again and I succeeded! I make easy, delicious [it's all in the onions, I swear] sloppy joes! I actually tried them out when I first got home and with a lot of help [I had to make like half the recipe and so my mom told me everything haha], I made them yummy. That was the first time they were in our house in YEARS. I loved them as a kid, but we had one bad batch and I never ate them again.

But these were DELICIOUS

I even managed to make a basic salad.

And french fries!

^Those are easy as all get out. You cut potatoes, rub them with some oil, spray a pan and dump them on there and sprinkle salt or seasoning if you'd like. Put them in at 400 or 450, whatever you like, and wait about 20 or so minutes until you decide they're done. Ta da!

On another note, I went to the County Fair for fun on  my last day of working there. We brought my cousin, Alyssa, my brothers, their friend Hunter, and Jordyn's boyfriend, Edie. While Jordyn and I worked, they... well, I'll be nice and not tell them the stupid things they did without us there to stop them. :D
I'll just show you a picture of my drink!

A butterbeer! Not quite as good as the frozen ones in Universal Orlando, but hey, it was half the price and still tasty! We ran our hands in some hot tubs, tried some swings, embraced massage pillows and tried fried oreos! [Not really that impressive, unfortunately] Then the day was done and we went home to crash after a long, fun day in the sun.

Now, I'm dusting all of our fake plants at home for money. This is how desperate I seem to have come. Just thought I would share. Booyah.

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