Saturday, July 14, 2012

Dinner's Ready

Music: 'Trust Us With Your Life' Improv Show

Okay, I know I have to get better at blogging. You'd think after years of writing, I'd have an idea how to write a basic blog, right? Apparently wrong.

Anyways, I'm in the middle of this tug-of-war to get an apartment. I said I'd take it, I could convince my friend, but then he was like "yeah well if you don't have enough people then I'm giving it to these six guys because that's a better deal, there will be six, blah blah blah" after he's already promised at least half of his rooms to girls.
Just imagine an anvil falling. I do.

ANYWAYS so I just wanted to make a quick, sort of late post, about DINNER. I'm supposed to make dinner at my house every Wednesday, we all have a day to make [or destroy] dinner. And if you know me at all, you know I can sometimes make popcorn. Maybe bake the same chocolate chip cookies if I'm lucky. But I have not been able to make bread rise in over a year, and I even burn the pancakes on the stove. I kid you not.

So I attempted again and I succeeded! I make easy, delicious [it's all in the onions, I swear] sloppy joes! I actually tried them out when I first got home and with a lot of help [I had to make like half the recipe and so my mom told me everything haha], I made them yummy. That was the first time they were in our house in YEARS. I loved them as a kid, but we had one bad batch and I never ate them again.

But these were DELICIOUS

I even managed to make a basic salad.

And french fries!

^Those are easy as all get out. You cut potatoes, rub them with some oil, spray a pan and dump them on there and sprinkle salt or seasoning if you'd like. Put them in at 400 or 450, whatever you like, and wait about 20 or so minutes until you decide they're done. Ta da!

On another note, I went to the County Fair for fun on  my last day of working there. We brought my cousin, Alyssa, my brothers, their friend Hunter, and Jordyn's boyfriend, Edie. While Jordyn and I worked, they... well, I'll be nice and not tell them the stupid things they did without us there to stop them. :D
I'll just show you a picture of my drink!

A butterbeer! Not quite as good as the frozen ones in Universal Orlando, but hey, it was half the price and still tasty! We ran our hands in some hot tubs, tried some swings, embraced massage pillows and tried fried oreos! [Not really that impressive, unfortunately] Then the day was done and we went home to crash after a long, fun day in the sun.

Now, I'm dusting all of our fake plants at home for money. This is how desperate I seem to have come. Just thought I would share. Booyah.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Look At The Time!

Sound: 'Bleach Blonde' by This Century
^ check them ooooout

WOW it's been a while. A month or so, eh?
Hm. So what has happened. WELL.

End of June:
I had a date! And if you really know me, then you'll know that's decently rare. Double date with Adam, an old friend from my "high school" stage I guess you should say? We grew up studying Shakespeare and the like together.

Man that was a long time ago. (It was a double date with his bro, Jonathon, and his date... oh no. OH NO. I'm so sorry I forgot her name! I want to say it was a 'C' or 'S'.... SORRY! She was very lovely, very fun, though! )
Um but yes. That was us in the audience for the Broadway play Wicked! My sisters sort of wanted to kill me but that is A-Okay! It was absolutely amazing. During Intermission we chatted and tried to guess what could happen next, seeing as I only knew about the first half. But then we got our questions answered and maaan it was amazing! I couldn't believe it. Seriously. We had such a blast!

Literally the next day, this!:
Okay, I know this weirded out a few people. The general population know I'm not such a fan of pink- anything pink! However, I've been considering this for quite a while. Months, in fact. You can ask my friends back in Florida! I've been wanting super short hair [time for a trim, yes??], and I wanted bubble gum pink hair. Like pale pink, you know?
My only problem is having darker hair. My sister, Jordyn, achieved such a color in her blonde hair with kool-aid. I tried the same and literally nothing happened. But at the moment, I was dying for something new and my sister had her dark pink dye lying around so... ta-da! This is what came out.

But be warned. Expect this in the future. At least a strip:
Because I'm dying for that light color... Ugh. I'll have to bleach it, though. That's the problem.... But it shall be AWESOME.

Anyways, onto July:
A week later, Warped Tour!
It was a little weird this year. It came to San Diego in June instead of August. Instead of getting the early prepaid ticket [which look SO COOL, I have three from the last few years], I got in free by volunteering. I helped American Rag magazine which was fun and easy.
They had a tent with a fan which was so nice. I ended up not seeing a few bands because I wanted to stay in the shade so much, haha... But I met a few fun and fabulous people. Two lovely sisters, two crazy brothers [I had to help one of them get a skelanimals fake tattoo off his neck because it got sticky in the heat and I couldn't stop laughing], and some others!
Ummm Then I had to run between Mayday Parade's set to the oooother side to see the last of All Time Low's set because they played at the same time [not cool!] But it was still cool. Then I reuinted with a few girls I met a year ago downtown at the House of Blues for The Maine- SO crazy they recognized me, it was so insane I still can't believe it. We talked for like thirty minutes and went inside together but eventually lost contact with the show began. It was crazy and it took me a minute, but its all cool.
Also ran into Meghan and Andrew from church! We hung out for a little.

Then to be honest, I left earlier than normal to go get dinner with my dad, grandma, and my cousin who got in town, Alyssa. After all that music, energy, and possibly drugs, I was feeling high and happy and that was a fun dinner...

Ended up hitting up the beach a few days later with her, Jordyn, and Eddie.
We were at South Mission Beach right by the rocks so since it's surfers area, we got kicked out after a short while. But we had a decent hour in the water, and we were soaking wet and COLD! But it was nice. Took Alyssa to eat her first Jack-In-The-box tacos and burger, yayyy.

Anyways, all was well. Lots of Mexican food once her parents arrived.

The fourth of july! INDEPENDENCE DAY!
Lovely day. We have more traditions than Christmas.
First: early to the Church Ward Breakfast at the Park
Then: Hurry home and CLEAN
Noon: Barbeque with friends! Invite right beforehand. Games, food, sweets!
3ish: CLEAN. Make caramel corn!
4ish: Head to Coronado!
We've been going there for fireworks for the last... four years maybe? We bring frisbees, games, and snacks. The Humistons have always joined us and managed to do so this year as well, yay! And another few people come as well :D

Lots of swimming for exercise, taking Eddison on walks [he's lazier than I am!], Oh I had a temporary job at the Del Mar Fair, aaaand NOW?

In about TWO WEEKS I'm heading up to UTAH for school. Currently in a rush to find a place to live!
A house with more girls, 10 mn walk, more expensive?
Or an apt with 1 friend, cheap, next to school? Hm?