Sunday, December 9, 2012

Tis The Season

Sound: Baby, It's Cold Outside

^ Because as stalkerish as this song may seem, I adore it! Next up: Santa Stole My Girlfriend by the Maine mostly because it's hilarious and I love the band.

Anyways! GUYS! CHRISTMAS TIME! Definitely a holiday post. Definitely. Though I'll admit- and I'm not ashamed of it- I don't start Christmas music or anything [besides shopping, of course, I did half of that back in Disney World], until the day after Thanksgiving. Then I blast it like crazy. Of course, there is variation. Quite a few bands, like The Maine, have done Christmas songs and the like [Relient K also has an amusing and original compilation as well]. So I have rock songs, then the Mormon Tabernacle Choir... it's awesome.

Um, so yeah. I have to say, it's seriously disappointing here in Utah right now. I want snow! I desperately sing "Let It Snow!" in hopes that something will happen. Actually, walking to church today with Katie and Jordan, a few flakes trickled down. Maybe I have to sing louder? If only my guitar strings weren't broken, then I could do that too.

All the same, good things come out of this. Few of you may know that I'm not too adept in the kitchen [though I can survive, even if it's just frozen pizzas], but I do love baking!! The moment Thanksgiving starts rolling around is when I start finding some recipes [Jenessa, hope you're looking for some more fudge ideas!!], and trying things out.

Today, I made these:

I didn't have chocolate chips, so I had to make my chocolate from scratch. It seemed too runny, so I added more wheat flour and raw sugar [sometimes it's still hard to get used to], but it turned out pretty well. Katie and I had our hometeacher over, Robby- and HE BROUGHT HIS DOG. Sam is three years old, a golden retriever, and might weigh more than me.
Which is why when he got excited and basically jumped on me, I just sort... well... yeah I couldn't do a thing, really. That boy wouldn't budge. I might have to start lifting weights. I got drenched in his slobber.

But he was adorable, and I couldn't stop laughing. So all was well.

My point of this story is, I knew he'd be coming and he took some pumpkin whoopee pie cookies I made [with cream cheese frosting] and he said they were delicious, and I tried to give him more but I left for Thanksgiving and the cookies went bad [so sad! It's horrible seeing good food go to waste. Especially cookies], but I did manage to pass off four of these to him. Hopefully, Katie will eat the rest. Or maybe I'll try one, we'll see. I like pretzels, love soft ones, but big hard thick ones.... Hm. I'm not the biggest fan, sorry!

The point: GOOD THINGS COME TO THOSE WHO DO GOOD THINGS. Barely ten minutes after Robby left, some lovely ladies from our ward [visiting teachers? something like that? I don't know, they didn't say their names they just brought us goodies], and I got super excited:

Cute right? I was so delighted!  And excited! Turns out, it was other homemade goodies.

Caramels and truffles 

It amazes me that anyone can do diets. I remember doing a yeast-free one two...two years ago? Something like that. Hardest thing EVER. Got to the point that vanilla ice cream just so delicious [and no, Barry, you do have to have chocolate syrup on it or at least caramel to really be good], and I haven't really tried doing a diet since. I mean, I try not to have too much soda, though my veins might be bleeding hot cocoa these days. But I love vegetables [as long as Katie makes them for me, because she makes them so delightful!], and fruit [some- can you believe I've never tried berries?], and bread [okay not the best healthy choice but come ON], and... I'm losing track of my point. 

I made cornbread last night. It's probably been at least a year since I had some. It was delicious. Katie even had honey for me to use. I had that with Sante Fe Chicken Soup this afternoon. Some say food is only to fill up our bodies, but come on... if we can take time to smell the roses, we can take time to delight our taste buds, right?

And I'm not trying to distract from the holiday season. But there's food. Incredible, savory food just waiting to eaten or at least made. So, friends, if you're in my town at the moment, feel free to stop on by for a pretzel. I'm told they're pretty tasty!

Cheers to the holidays and splurging!