Thursday, August 23, 2012

Current News~

Sound: The Big Bang Theory Season 3 Episode 15

Between all the storms and Big Bang Theory Episodes, I have managed to get through/achieve three things!

First: Tuesday, I was sending around applications, because that's what I'm constantly doing around here. An hour later after, I was chilling at the library after passing in 2-3 applications around campus, and I got a call. I was quiet about the call but apparently she'd needed another job filled in food services here at SUU and asked me to come over.

So I did! She told me the times: Mon, Tue & Thur afternoons, and I could! So I signed all these papers, she gave me papers to read and then suddenly ta-da! I have to buy non-stick [or something like that] shoes, I grabbed an extra pair of black pants for 50 cents [yay thrift shops!], let them finish the criminal background check [yikes], and I could be starting on Monday!

It's only about 12 hours a week, however, so I'm still looking for more work! I have an interview in a little over an hour, and then another on Tuesday! Wish me luck!

Second: Orientation. It went on and on. They repeated a lot of thing. Lots of smiling and energy from the directors, of course. Fajitas for lunch, yum! But their cinnamon chips were definitely not as good as my own, I have to admit,  sorry! I have "Flight School" tonight, all day tomorrow, and Saturday morning. A few lectures, some activities, and there we go!

Third: KATIEEEE. My roommate arrived! Well, sort of. Haha. I finished Orientation and finally made it home to find her there! After eight long months we got to see each other, cheers. I helped her unpack, we had cookies and started catching up with one another! We also started on making plans to St. George, camping and hiking trips, going to the movies and more! Then it was Wing Wednesday at Pizza Hut so we went there for dinner and talked some more.
Then she decided to ditch me for Vegas for the weekend, but that's okay, haha. I'm pretty busy anyways! So it's all cool....Although I'm totally going to finish all the cookies. That is all.

So, ta-da! I'm going to check out some movies from SUU library because I have my ID card [discounts eeeverywhere!], then I'll go home and prep for my interview, and then onto Flight School! Wish me luck!

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  1. yay! I'm so glad you found at least some kind of job! also, they have non slip shoes at payless and walmart. I know when I got some stuff at payless a couple days ago they said it was $10 off $30 so they might be doing that still, I don't know. go you!
    um...what's "flight school"?