Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Disney Overdose

Sound: The Big Bang Theory S3

So I finished decorating my new place and I realized that once again, I have quite the obsession with Disney. I've mentioned it before, yes, and I just thought I would show the proof.

 Frame, picture [haven't gotten my own put in yet], and a Cheshire Cat keychain thing

A Stitch Pillow-Pet. They have quite the growing selection, of course! I meant first to get a Eeyore one. Then I saw Simba. Then I looked at Stitch, remembered my dog, and it was meant to be.

A Rapunzel blanket from a dear, dear friend of mine :)

Decorem on my bedroom walls! I drew Pluto in the Animation Studio at Hollywood Studios, I got that picture of Mickey scuba diving from one of my old managers from my first day of training at The Seas. And That is a sticker of Mickey waving- we kept getting the big roles of stickers [they cost about 300, I heard, a roll], and one day I believe it was Seana, who stuck one on my back without my knowledge! I ended up having a guest informing me of this, and to my embarrassment, they handed it over through the laughter. I couldn't help but laugh as well, and stuck it on one of my old break time sheets.

Two of my Disney shirts! I have Disney clothes! I also have another one with Yoda. I also have Tinkerbell shorts that I don't really wear anymore... Hm. I also had Mickey Mouse keds but those didn't fit right so I didn't keep them long. But yeah. Disney clothes. Oh shoot and there's that Alice shirt of mine as well.....

Disney jewelry! I have at least another pair of Mickey Earrings, along with another necklace or two :) I love them!

Disney band-aids. A birthday gift, actually. Weird, right? BUT THEY ARE SO CUTE. I'm even wearing one right now! Stupid paper cuts... but ugh those are cute bandaids I kid you not. I feel like a kid, wanting to put all of them on and wear them around hahahaa

Okay, the last day of our Disneyland Year Passes, both my older sister Nessa and I bought the Mickey Mouse keyring. He's classic and his arms moves and it looks like he wants to give you a HUG. So precious, we love him so. Anyways, when I started working at Disney World, I realized they of course have classic Minnie Mouse as well. And by the end of my trip, I had to get her as well. Now they're hanging out on my pantry doors. And when I want them extra shut, I can swing them close to each other and they can hug each other! It's soo cute!

My Mickey Towel. Sorry, awkward picture. It's just how I ended up folding him up and putting  him away for later use. It's reversable with the same picture but opposite color positioning on the other side. Too fun!

My Pins! Not that that's even half of them. But some of my favorite pins- there's Simba with the Mickey Wheel for Disneyland's World Of Color. I am not ashamed, last time I saw it I cried! It's so perfect! And my nametag, of course. I was so worried they wouldn't actually let us keep it... am I the only one tempted to put it on and stroll around the parks? Hahaha

My Mickey Graduation ears! Proof I graduated from the college program, haha. And my lovely Alice in Wonderland mug. It's so precious I'm too scared to use it, haha

Then my mug addiction is no less. I have another Disneyland mug, and I think another one besides this Walt Disney & Mickey Main Street mug, and my little Disney Nerds cup collection, hehe!

My favorite poster. Vision- shows a shadow of Walt and the Castle on the Florida ground and below it says a quote of his, "It's Kind of Fun To Do the Impossible" ugh I love that.

My stuffed creatures! Chewbacca [Star Wars works with Disney, or they own the rights, I can't remember. Can anyone tell me?], and the Mad Hatter!

And then some LP Records I picked up for 25 cents a piece. One of these days I'll get me a record player, haha...

But there we go. Some of my Disney obsession. I PROMISE this isn't to brag or something [though I do love them], I'm just still realizing how big my obsession really is! I'm such a fan of so many things [Doctor Who, Supernatural, Sherlock Holmes, other Musicals, other great movies like Batman and Quest for Camelot, and the classics with Frank Sinatra and Gene Kelly, and so on], and to see that my Disney obsession has sort of taken over most of them, it's just a little... extreme.

Very childish as well, I know. But I'm working on it. I've grown up and now I just have to start acting mature, right? Well, I'm trying to get a job [pray for me] and trying to make friends [I attended FHE for the first time in about three weeks, I went there all on my own! (Thanks a lot, Jordan :P ) ] But I do like to think I'm getting somewhere. We'll see!

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