Thursday, August 30, 2012

Scheduling Life~

Sound: Sherlock S1E02 [BBC. Why am I not British?]

Oh, and traffic.

It's been so hot lately, the windows definitely have to be open and living right next to the school makes a ton of annoying traffic. Ugh :/ At least we have ice cream, though, cheers!

Anyways, most people are finishing up their first week of school. While I have yet to have my first class. Haha... But it's tomorrow! Kinda scary, but it's supposed to be super easy, to the point of being totally useless. Cheers!

But hey, I have nothing to do until then, and that's a great feeling. I haven't had that empty of a schedule for over a week now- and when you just jump into everything, it can be sort of crazy. I mean, I did just finish my first week of work!

It was supposed to be 11 hours of scheduled work, but another girl they hired doesn't start till next week so I picked up her extra time and worked 14 hours this week- cheers! I definitely prefer working at the T-Bird Grill. Easier menu, and it's just a bit simpler for me. I work the register and though there's supposed to be another worker helping get out the bags of burgers and drinks and the like, I sort of do it all unless someone like Debb or Kevin comes over to help for a little bit.

Kevin's always around and he's such a life saver, I swear.

But yeah- before work, I have a morning Institute class. Then I eat in the student cafeteria [if I've worked five hours,which I have], and then I hurry to another Institute class. That keeps me busy from waking up until about 6 PM or so, and today that just left me so exhausted!

I like that feeling.

Wednesdays are an extra day I have in the middle of the week with nothing, but I was talking to Deb and it turns out she's looking for extra help in Outtakes, which I do for 4 hours on Monday mornings.They have the bigger menu, bigger crowds, and all that fun totally scary stuff.

Like starbucks fraps and craps and caps and other caffeinated beverages I don't even know the proper names of or anything. Then again, I have always wanted to learn, hmmmm....

It looks like I'm getting my chance though! Debb was so worried all week because I "had" to stay later with no one else coming in [but seriously, I'll stay there until they kick me out, that's just how I roll], and so she loves having my help apparently. CHEERS! Woo! Anyways my point is: Debb loves me, she needs me, I have nothing on Wednesdays, and they need more help from about 11 AM to 5 PM.

The only thing is I have to chance Institute classes. I want to take three- just because I can- so I have to take off the one I was doing on Wednesdays [I'd only made it to one class so far] and I'll just switch to another on Tue/Thur because I'll have more time since my shifts will be cut short to about 3.5 hours at most.

Slight bummer, but I'm ready! And I might have a day-gig as a poll worker for election day. That would be great! It pays super well :D Haha

Anyways, I don't think I ever explained Flight School very well, I know Nessa asked about it:
SUU is home of the Thunderbirds.
Birds. Get it?
Unfortunately, I'm not learning to fly. Actually, that's really fortunate. I don't like NOT being on solid ground, and I can barely drive a car. I'd probably find a way to hit a cactus in the desert, I kid you not.

So it's just like... I don't know. A gov't school. Doing all these "fun" things to get school started and get everyone excited. Flight School was specific for new students to SUU, whether Freshmen or Transfers or whatever. It was just a few days filled with motivational speakers, a few social activities, and all these booths with all the school's clubs. There was a lame dance somewhere in it as well.
Oh, and we did the symbolic walk under the clock tower. Symbolizes something. We walk under it as we enter the school- and then we don't walk under it until we're graduating.

Katie and I want to walk under it again, because some people take it seriously and obviously, we don't. I actually remember a church official once stating that traditions are dangerous to us mortals. So there. Reason enough, right?

Oh! And right now it's Flight Week. A few fun things. They had Casino Night last night- gamble with chips not of your own money and if you get enough, you can buy kindles or stuff. Basically for free. But Katie went on a motorbike ride that lasted three hours too long and I didn't know what to do so I trapped myself inside our apartment and made cookies! Yum!

Tonight, as a part of it, we're going to watch The Hunger Games on the fields tonight  in about an hourish, and OOOOHHH tomorrow, we're going to watch a Mentalist. Granted, I shall not be too impressed seeing as it won't be Simon Baker as Patrick Jane from The Mentalist. Seriously, wouldn't that be the best? My life would be complete! But life isn't perfect you know?

I hope you enjoyed my collection of gifs. There's a lot more where they came from, haha... I'll finish with one last one :D

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  1. Oh Kaylee. Can I just say...your blog brings me much joy.
    Doug and I are in the middle of the third episode of Sherlock...forgive my ignorance but...are they having another season??? I'm afraid to finish it and then never have any more new Sherlock to watch.