Saturday, September 8, 2012

Dark Friday~

Sound: Once Upon A Time [Jenessa wanted me to watch it. Not too bad]

Um I don't really know where to take this, but here goes.

My grandma- my mother's mom- passed away this last week from Alzheimer's. My family drove up Sunday to spend sometime with her, and once most of had spent some time with her, she let her spirit go. I'm so glad, I'm so happy for her- thanks to the gospel and the atonement, I know the truth that she is happy and healthy, and that'll I'll see her again someday.

She didn't have very much family, mostly just my mom, dad, and us kids. Our grandpa had everything already planned with her passing, and everything came together well. I was asked to speak a few minutes at her funeral and shared a few precious memories [for anyone who could understand me.] I sat beside my sister Jordyn, and we went through at least half a box of tissues. We struggled to keep our spirits high, reminding each other of our grandma's humor, and did all we could.

It was a lovely service, and all the family friends were so very kind. I wrote her a poem as well, that I feel she's going to be reading a lot- as will my grandpa, because he has a copy of it. And I'd just like to put it on here, because it seems in a way I don't really do a lot of writing here.

I’m making you a paper crane,
In paper red, your favorite color!
And on it’s wing, I’ll write your name:
There’ll be none the same.
I’m folding her so carefully,
My fingers smooth every wrinkle-
Already I can’t wait to see
I know she’ll fly so beautifully.
I feel her spirit fluttering
She’s a miracle, she’s a marvel.
Her soul is flying though we can’t see.
An angel, a crane, she’s more than a body.
Her red wings stretch out to the sky,
She’s ready to soar with the eagles.
Her dreams and spirit make you sigh
And with the wind, she waves goodbye.
I’m making you a paper crane,
It’s red, your favorite color.
With my heart I write your name-
There’ll never be another the same.

This isn't the first personal poem I've written- I wrote a few for some friends in the past, and it's a really nice challenge to add particulars. My grandma loved the color red, and she's always shared a love of eagles with my grandpa; and she's had the biggest love of [guardian] angels. But I think this is one of my favorite poems I've written so far.

She was- and is- my biggest fan. I'm just going to miss her hugs.

And on this note, I've had plenty of time to learn about funerals and how depressing they are- no offense, Grandma. History reveals that when people died, the tradition was to have a long procession with the family tearing out their hair and ripping their clothes. It's a horrible, sad time, it always has been.

Thus, my sisters have all agreed on having Celebration/Receptions instead. 

So I thought I'd try to end this somewhat cheerfully with my ideas of what is to happen when I die:
-A nice party, preferably at 3AM on a Friday Night [perfect time when people are delirious,cheers!]
-There can be pictures with our memories all over the place 
-A book of Remembrance- write down your favorite memory of me!
-They can use a microphone and share your favorite things about me [wow this is beginning to sound conceited, yikes!]
-Possibly a talent show where you can mimic my talents, haha!
-My favorite songs playing one onside, my favorite movies on the other
-A collage of my favorite things- and people!
-All of my favorite foods [I wonder if we eat in heaven?]
-I almost think I'd like everyone dressed up all fun, but I'd have to make a list of what's appropriate, haha
-At the conclusion, there may be a moment of silence
-And for the closest friends and family, they shall visit my grave and make a toast with apple and peach sparkling cider [YUM YUM!]

I was going to include black lights until I was reminded it would appear like a rave, and I don't like crazy crowds, I like small friendly ones so I decided against that. Hopefully by then as well, I've have published books and you can all read those or something there if you want to be there but not talk to people [because let's face it, that's what I would be doing].

Also if anyone wants to know: 
Katie Barnes and my two sisters may fight over all of my clothes and accessories. 
My brothers get my books and must bear the responsibility of READING THEM ALL. 
Jordyn must take the responsibility- along with any of my friendsto help her- in sharing my works with the world, anything that's finished. 
And I think I'd like my set of scriptures buried with me, is that allowed? That would be nice. And a glow stick, possibly.

And on that last note, let me show pictures of what I intend on getting once I earn enough money:

A hedgehog! Apparently illegal in California but I'm working on getting my Utah residency so... I CAN'T STOP SQUEALING. Isn't he precious?
Probably won't be that nice. But I'll want some transportation during the summer, eh? Cheap enough and  handy because let's face it, I just shouldn't be allowed to drive a car.

Ugh I want these both so badly!

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