Friday, September 14, 2012


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This post is here mostly because I've been busy going through Pinterest, and finally scrounging around outside of the Geek and Animals categories [crazy, right?], and went to the Quotes selection.

So inspiring! Even the sad ones. I've been feeling something building inside of me, something great just waiting to get written. I started a few lines, but it faded and thinks I'm not prepared yet. Reminds me- I watched this lecture where they talked of a Poet who recently passed. But that woman, the poet, claimed that her inspiration would come like a wind running right at her. She could feel it coming, all she could do was run: run to find paper before it went through her and left. If she didn't get it all down, the wind would move along to find someone else who would do it better.

Make sense to anyone else? It does to me, though my way is slightly different. It sort of makes me feel whimsical, and light, and usually a little bit quiet. It's like I'm waiting for the full moon to see the fairies dance in their circle sort of way, even. Like Cinderella in her pumpkin carriage, anticipating the glory and wonder of the ball. Like Ariel wobbling on her new found legs, excited and pretty scared.

Back to the quotes. They've been making me think about life. I mean, what doesn't? It's such a fascinating concept of how we mortals think of it- death, as well. It's such a mystery filled with questions we don't have the answers to- that we couldn't even comprehend.

So why do so many of us waste it away?

Just a little something I've been working on in the last few years: boredom. In the morning I may think differently, but isn't it such a silly concept? People getting bored. In this world. Where you can take a walk or listen to the birds- I used to wake up to the crows and I didn't mind it, I liked listening to them. My brothers say this all the time the moment they can't have the TV, computer, or their itouch.
Sure, there's the world at your fingertips right there.

But what about cooking? Trying a new recipe? Even cleaning- I love turning on music and getting things done! I reorganize my closet if I want to. Or I make paper airplanes. Or I steal Katie's ukulele and attempt to strum it. I pick up my archaeology textbook and read a few paragraphs [ugh, textbooks, so unhumorous].

Granted, it gets tougher when you're alone in a tiny town like this. But both of those choices are mine- and I can change either of them if I want to! Besides the boredom issues, I'm attempting to get better at making decisions.

Instead of saying "I don't know" I say something else. Of course I don't know- but I can change it by making a choice and finding out. Sure, there are some choices I regret [like ever climbing in the car with my sister's boyfriend], but at least I can learn from them [that took me a few times to sink into my head, to be  honest], and make better choices next time.

All of this helps with making goals, and I think tomorrow, I might start writing down some answers to choices ahead of time- like no, Katie, I will not ever go camping. [This idea comes from watching all 5 seasons of the Big Bang Theory in an evenly spread out amount of time that allows me to soak up Sheldon's nerdyness.] Then, I'll head off into town and buy some more washcloths. While jamming to music.

Oh! Thought I'd share an update of my weekly events:
Work: Mon-Thur, random times.
Institute: 2 classes before and after work on Tue/Thur
Zumba: starting this week,3x weekly
Archaeology class: online, study daily
Archery club: thursday nights [SO EXCITED AREN'T YOU EXCITED FOR ME?!]
^ This is my kind of sport. No running, and it releases my stress/anger because we all know I could cool it now and then, haha.

In between, I need to work on the very first 23 seasons of Doctor Who. As well as make an attempt to be slightly more social. Instead of hiding out with my computer on Friday nights. As usual.

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