Tuesday, August 28, 2012

It's Tuesday

Life Update:

Worked at the T-Bird Grill. Much easier than Outtakes because it's not like a grocery store, there's only one menu page of possibilities. Though I was shorthanded up front- Kevin in the kitchens was such a dear, I do mean really, and he came out to help out now and then when I was frazzled or I didn't know what to do.

Because let's face it, your second day of training isn't usually just being shoved onto the register. She gave me an idea of the layout and was gone. I was left wide-eyed and scared witless, I assure you!

But Debb and Kevin were always around with the answers, thank goodness. I even stayed later- resulting in a free lunch, since I worked five hours with no break- so that's good, eh? It helped them and helped me! So here's a picture of me in my outfit:

Shirt & Visor: Free [Loan] (That includes the name tag, I suppose) My own jeans [I bought another pair for fifty cents which I need to hem about five inches] and the priciest bit: $25 shoes. I wasn't allowed to get anything cheapter. And there is no such thing as the "last time I spent twenty dollars on shoes" because I never have. Never. So I'm just praying I don't get fired for a good while because that's just silly.

You can't even see my name tag. Well this picture is useless. Except for what I learned at Disney World- always keep a smile on your face! Ha :P And by the way, I'll have you know that shirt is a SMALL. I don't know in what world it's a basic S, but it'll have to do.

Other stuff?
Oh right. I lasted through Flight School! I made it out with a whole lot of hand outs, a few possible friends, and some free stuff. Like pens and and shirts. For example, I attended the Tie Dye party [mostly because it was just across the street and there was no way I'd get to bed with all that racket.]
I let it hang up in our bathroom because I didn't want to stay the entire time [too many people!], so I dyed it and walked back home and finished my snow cone. Well no, that's a lie. I never finished it. But still.

I don't know. Can you see it?
I see it.
Give it a minute.
Then you'll see it.

Peach Juice. There's five boxes of it right there. And we even have more. This is sort of scary, but it's actually sort of awesome. Katie and I returned to the dollar store- yes, scary that we bought it there but it's still good for another year and it tastes SO GOOD- and we bought seven more. 
Originally, on Saturday, she bought a peach juice and a peach nectar. Warning: the nectar sucks. The juice is beautiful. So we have seven. And I won't be surprised if we're going back next week. Although we might have to- we're almost out of milk and the Dollar Store's on the way to Wal-Mart.

Just thought I'd share this with you. I was slow on reaching Katie inside the store and I found her with a broom and SEVEN juice boxes. I thought we'd get like, three at the most. She was thinking at least ten. But she compromised- though I don't think I said anything?- and then we bought them. Though I think I'll definitely have to treat her there some time, and buy her five just for herself, eh?

Extra news: I attended Institute today! Yay! First time in about a year, I had two classes. I might end up sitting in on another. Tomorrow's busy with all these plans though none of them are set in stone: making cookies, making sloppy joes, attending Institute with redhead Jordan, studying for my archaeology class, going to pizza and politics, attending choir practice for the Holland conference, possibly something else, and of course seeing Elaina Humiston as she passes through to Idaho.

But more on that later :D

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