Sunday, February 5, 2012

The First Ugly

Sound: "Hook" movie beginning

[Just read the book Peter Pan again. Watching Hook and in the morning, getting Peter Pan- every version- from the library]

So, my morning began at 7AM, a time that is WAY TOO EARLY FOR ANYONE TO EVER EVEN BE ALIVE OKAY WAY TOO EARLY. I showered, did my hair, dressed up, and headed off to church. More people coming in and our little chapel was full! It was really neat, seeing so many people in a YSA ward like this.

I did fast, by the way, no worries! Fast and Testimony meeting was seriously incredible. To be honest, I was ready to doze through the whole thing, I was so tired. But we had person after person going up, we went over by about ten minutes because there were so many people. It was great.

While sitting there, I was a little overcome. I was sitting with girls I couldn't remember the names of though we had a nice chat beforehand. But others had crossed the country with friends, come from other countries with their friends. Here I was, surrounded by strangers.

Sure, you can say every member is a friend but honestly, it takes a lot to be a true friend for me, and I don't really have many of those. I don't have someone I can call any time, guaranteed they will respond quickly and sympathize or tell me what I need to hear.

Until I realized that this last week, I'd done a lot of praying on the job for some help. To keep walking, to keep my head up, to smile, to laugh things off. I needed energy I couldn't drink and a hug no one was about to give me. So this Sunday, I realized more than ever Jesus Christ is my best friend, and He'll never leave me, and He'll always keep His word. It's something you don't really find often and I know that I probably wouldn't be here today if I didn't have the gospel.

Anyways, I headed home early because if I took the buses I would have been late to work. I was given a ride all the way back to Vista, where I changed, gathered my things, grabbed food [I was starving and needed something if I was going to work], and headed off to the bus.

It rained randomly tonight at work just before closing. A lot harder than it usually comes, strangely, but hey it was still pretty warm. I really liked it, except for what it's done to my hair [let's not dwell on that, though]

HOWEVER even better news that got me literally jumping up and down-
I have three days off next week INCLUDING MONDAY which is when there's a trip to Universal Studios!! I wasn't too sure about going. 80 dollars for both parks and the bus is good but I'd also add in money for souvineers. Okay, my MAIN issue was going alone. I'm sick of having adventures on my own. Even Peter Pan wasn't alone on his adventures, you know?

BUT Jonathon [one of the super nice and awesome guys hanging about at The Seas] came by whilst I was near the theatre and I was rambling on about my schedule and mentioned the park and I had the day off and he was like "Hey I have the day off too!" [Insert Pause] "hey you want to come- you want to come with me??!" And that's when I jumped up and down several times, nodding.
-Buying my ticket in the morninggggg. So at least something came out good today from working!

Final Decision: Working on Sunday was just uncomfortable. There were tons of people on the bus which is always a problem [hate standing on my feet and had to do it both ways meaning over an hour of standing round]. But I just missed the relaxation I feel, closer to the spirit.
It was a little tough to keep myself focused and I kept forgetting what the day was. I don't like it, but He knows I'm trying and that's the point, right?

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