Saturday, February 4, 2012


Sound: 'Mission Impossible III' movie

Saturday night! Where am I?
If you know me, you don't have to ask!

Hey, I'm sitting in my pajamas, it's barely 10 pm. Obviously I am alone about to watch an action movie after eating some chocolate cereal.
Please don't laugh at meeee.

Anyways! I just realized it had been a week or so since I last updated so MY APOLOGIES! I had a three day weekend and should have updated then [or did I?] but I didn't. I was too busy running to the post office for my sister [and Jenee and Katie] and... well, then I went to the Magic Kingdom and bought some teaspoons.
What? They were cute- adorable.

Random Orlando Fact: their fire hydrants are painted silver. With green accents. Almost feels like I'm in Epcot's Future World. But it's toooootally awesome.

Totally, man, totally.

[TURTLE TALK WITH CRUSH. A twelve minute interactive show where you sit inside a theatre and can interact with Crush the Turtle from Pixar's film, Finding Nemo! = that place is so crazy and different every day, for sure. My first day alone after training, I worked the show six times! Six!! And the last two days, not at all!]

All right my social life is:
Increasing by 3%
Why? Well, in case you haven't noticed, I'm a hermit. Not good with people. Socially awkward. And here, a Christian conservative who, well, let's face it, is surrounded by liberals who ignore me. But hey, it's all cool. There are a few people who are pretty chill. Jonathon, for example, even moved across the bus so we could chat before work. Jaime is a sweet guy, as well, everyone loves him and he loves everyone. Mike is a friendly older man who always wants me to do his work [if I could, I would], and just a few others.
> However I did get reprimanded by today's coordinator about rotation which I had nothing to do with it and hopefully she's feeling better now because it was NOT MY FAULT.
I say only three because my roommates rarely talk to me. At all.

But hey! It's a fun place and I love seeing the kids around. Usually I can get them to wave to me and smile. Also, I finally got a pin lanyard so they voluntarily come up to me now! Shocker.

Up above is the.... um. Well. The center tree... at Disney's Animal Kingdom.
Note: if you want to go to the park: grab a map. IMMEDIATELY. and keep it open.

Thank goodness I was alone, I guess? Although someone else would have laughed, at least they might not have been too lost. It took me a few minutes to shuffle through the jungle and get on to exploring!

The Everest ride really is awesome! But it's way too short. At least it's not too boring in line, though, once you get closer in the line, there's a small museum filled with artifacts about ventures and myths of the infamous yeti- very cool!

The bird show is cute, as well, and they have Africa and Asia there as well, with food and more things. I didn't go into Dinoland, however, because I was sick of "having fun" alone.

Revelation I received today: I spend money on fun things, because people never have the time to spend money on memories with me.

^NOT directed at anyone, I'm just saying. We all have our own lines and I have too much pride to even ask someone half the time.

If you have any questions about here or something, just ask and I'll provide the answers :D

So at the moment, I'm living off soup and cereal, looking to put in more hours at work [they barely gave me 30], seeing as I have nothing to do on my days off but do an hour or so of errands. Um... I don't know what else.

Yes, their are cute boys. Do I stand a chance? Not really.
And I'm probably not coming back with too much money- but at least it's a definite experience.

Coming up: Working my first Sunday tomorrow! Not too thrilled at all :( But I have just enough time in the morning to attend Sacrament Meeting, wooo.

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  1. well girl, get rid of that pride! if you want things out of life, you gotta ask for them.