Saturday, January 21, 2012


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Guess who's one of the trainees at The Seas With Nemo And Friends? ME!
Obviously, of course.

I don't have a complete picture of my uniform but here we go. My roommates actually don't think it's too bad but I try not to think about it too much. I've already been reprimanded for keeping my hands in my pockets [they're just so big and my hands get cold] and not having the top button buttoned [I'm claustrophobic].

Um, so I can't say too much, of course. But I'm already having issues because we get paid every Thursday and my roommates have gotten their paycheck and I haven't... It should get sorted out soon, though. At least I had the weekend off!

I meant to get this out last Wednesday because that was the anniversary of my real arrival! It already feels like I've been here forever, practically. But I was lazy.

BUT I DID MY FIRST TURTLE TALK. I was so nervous, you have no idea. I've gotten out of it twice but there's always that one time you get tricked into it, you know?

Still training with Joe. Our trainer, Ariel, said that we appear like brother and sister. He's such a kid making weird noises and claiming to be a player but he can't keep to his script, whereas I work hard and try to do everything right- which I do- and I just roll my eyes at his antics. I can't keep track of how many times I've done that, to be honest.

Friday I wandered around Epcot finally.

I wandered around Future World into Innovations [you can see how sturdy television screens are supposed to see and try and drop a heavy weight on a hard hat, etc.], then on Spaceship: Mars. That ride was GENIUS. I got pretty claustrophobic because it's a simulation with no space at all but wow it was incredible!

Then I headed to the International Realm um, place. I wandered from Europe to Morroco to Mexico in less than three hours, hitting about twelve or so countries. They all have at least a few [fake] buildings to celebrate their culture, along with a restaurant and a gift shop or two. Plus they bring out characters from those countries [Belle from France, Pooh Bear from America, etc], AND everyone working in those countries has literally come from that country and speak the native language and everything. It's so incredible!

Norway even has a ride. France has a patisserie that had a LONG line going out. I'll have to go some time! They have fireworks about nine but I didn't stay for that. Hanging alone is something I'm used to but it eventually gets tiring.

^Plus I'd just worked from about 7am to 4 in the afternoon. So I walked around the place, mocked my sister [Hi, Nessa!], for about four hours and headed out.

Last things: I went to Hollywood Studios- they put on a live 30mn show of Indiana Jones AND Beauty and The Beast. I saw a partial film/show of The Little Mermaid but I was there late so I didn't get to see the first few. YET anyways!! But it's such a fun place, mostly shops but still cool.
There and both in the International area they do live music- BRITISH ROCK BANDS ARE BEAUTIFUL- and they have a stage at the big hat in HS which is awesome.

Then work:
-I met Jaime, a BYU student and I feel not too alone in preferring clean language at The Seas
-TUESDAY is my final test to see if I can do everything at The Seas. This includes being followed around to prove I can perform every position [there's at least twelve of them], and taking a few tests. Wish me luck! I'm so nervous. I'm not good at testing at all.

Anything else? I don't think so. After my testing [about four hours], I have the day off in the afternoon and I'm going to check out Disney's Animal Kingdom!

And we have a little library here on the grounds and they actually had MY FAVORITE BOOK OF ALL TIME. Does anyone know what it is? GUESS!

We've had lovely weather, by the way. Nice seventies, a few breezes.

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  1. What?! How were you mocking me?? :P And I want that car...