Thursday, January 5, 2012

The End Of The End

2011 was a tough year in a lot of ways.

It was supposed to be a good, fresh start- my first semester of college had been extremely tough and I hadn't wanted to return in the first place. And then starting the new year in tears hadn't been the plan either.

HOWEVER, I shall cover my favorite things of the year.

First, I did return to Cedar City for school, where I found the best of roommates-

[Somehow I don't have a picture of Lindsey who was always disappearing.]

Then I almost FINALLY met my favorite band of forever, The Maine. They were in a small venue in St. George with a few other local bands and I learned the week before they showed up they would be there. I scrambled for someone to join me but everyone was... what's the term? "Grouping up" or something. Let's just say I was single and they weren't.

I went anyways. Second row and I met them all!

I bought a poster and got that signed- the lead singer loved my 50 cent vest. ^ that's Garrett Nickelsen, their crazy bassist who I adore most because... well, there are too many reasons.

What else? Well, January-April were literally the best months of my life. I was constantly the third-, fifth-, or even the seventh-wheel, but I lived through it. I went dancing, won a hula-hoop contest, got clothes, had several game nights, I cried,I laughed, I ran barefoot in the rain- those days really were the best.


Wasn't too bad!

June, I spent as a live-in nanny. They picked me up Sunday evenings and brought me home Friday afternoons to watch their cute kid, Abby. I have too many adorable pictures, umm.....

I went to Warped once again, the "traveling concert" with Kei Riggins and her bro, Drex who were awesome. We met a few bands and I saw some of my new favorite musicians like Go Radio, Every Avenue, and more! It was incredible, hot, and too much fun.

Back in June, I saw The Maine AGAIN with Augustana and Austin Gibbs. It sort of beat the first concert, but in a way it didn't because my sisters picked me up too early so I didn't get the chance to meet any of them.

^ In order of their set, that's Austin Gibbs, John O'Callaghan of the The Maine, and Dan Layus of Augustana^

The weekend after my birthday, I also saw This Century who are personally good friends with The Maine, and I got to meet 3/4 of the band [ryan was deliberately avoiding us or something] But these guys were amazing though they had such a tiny crowd [somehow for some wierd reason, because the building should have been properly crowded]

THENNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN Before summer could end, my family and I made our final trip with our family passes to Disneyland and California Adventures! We split up a time or two in various ways and grabbed pictures with some of our favorite people! I'll never be able to get enough of that magical place!

Shortly after, I returned to Cedar City after a bit of deciding. I remained a few days at home to give a lecture for her school group about the little voices in our heads that went well. Then I was up in Cedar, pretty alone without Jenessa there.

Still, I was living in the same house as Katie Barnes so that was good enough. I met the other girls as well as Jenee, who's just precious, and the crazy women, Jordann and Aleshea. Weird things happened but we went with the flow! A few parties, movie nights, bowls of popcorn and boys, and everything went well.

The last thing I should mention is the progression intooooo 2012!!


And not to visit- but to work there! I got accepted into their college program and chose that over Disneyland because it's cheaper [that defines half of mine decisions, I swear]. I'll get paid practically nothing and do a lot of boring work forever.

BUT it's a new place. New people. New everything.

And quite frankly, that's just what I need. A seriously new clean slate. It's something I've never really faced- anything I ever do, I do with someone else be it Jordyn my younger sister, Jenessa my older sister, or a friend- Stephanie, Kei, or Katie.

I've bought the plane tickets and I head out this following Tuesday for a flight to LA and then to Florida- a red eye, my favorite. It'll be my first time flying alone for one thing, and then trying to sort out everything after that.

Scared out of my wits like you have no idea but so excited. I'm ready for an adventure. 2012, HERE I COME!

*I intend, once I arrive, to update my blog every Sunday, if I'm lucky, to share how my new life is going! If there are certain details or anything you're ever looking for. My new address, a Disney discount, let me know ;)

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  1. awww you missed me! I knew it. :) Better keep in touch in Florida, I want to hear all about it all!!