Friday, December 2, 2011

That's Just Mean

Song: Ho Ho Hopefully- The Maine

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Something scary: how much five strangers can mean to you. Especially when a lot of the people I'm surrounded by sometimes don't mean a thing. You would think it's completely reversed that the people I get to talk to change my life over and over with our interaction.

Of course. All you have to do is just look at them:

See? But anyways. I did want to dedicate a whole piece to it but I figured it wouldn't be of interest for one thing, and for another it really wouldn't end.

BUT THEIR NEW ALBUM COMES OUT IN FOUR DAYS OKAY FOUR. 12/6/11 is going to be a beautiful day. You should listen to The Maine. Honest.

I spent about $15 to preorder. Then I just spent some money for Christmas gifts. I'm quickly going broke. And you know why? Because I would take a step here and take a step there and I kept walking in the wrong direction.

Funny how much my family thinks I save. It's almost laughable. Sometimes I wonder how much they think I have stashed because they seem to think it's quite a bit. They say how I'll never go broke because I always save so much.

A secret: just because I don't buy expensive items, doesn't mean I save. It just means I have plenty of money to spend on many more things. Unfortunately.

I've just been trying to figure it out. Studies show that money spent more on moments mean much more than buying items. Which seems obvious after you consider it, whereas I rarely do/go anywhere if it's going to cost me. So I've been slowly trying to focus on where I do want my money to go, where it'll mean the most. At first, I tried to loosen up as though money doesn't matter.

Except at this day and age, it kind of has to.

For me, personally, it's pretty vital. It means I can do something and more specifically, be somewhere. Because as much as I love my family, there comes a time where it really feels like the point of no return, and I only want to be there if necessary.

Holidays excluded. Of course it's time with the family!

But then again... I guess it does imply I should be growing up.
We'll see. Often I feel constrained because of my religion in what's appropriate, even for having my own house sometime. Even other members may see my ideas and wonder what my deal is. It bothers me that [as much as I love the tykes], children have to be considered asap as well as marriage.

So it makes me selfish, I understand. But hey, if I'm going to be a mother someday, I'm going to enjoy it- my way. We're going to build forts, eat celery sticks straight in the peanut butter jar and sneak an extra cookie now and then.

I'm rambling, aren't I? Well, it is getting pretty late, I suppose. I'll just leave you with some of my favorite house ideas, then? Most of them are bedroom options. But man, are they wonderful.

And one more for now: [it's not close to half]

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  1. I love the bedroom pictures!! As for all the other stuff, just listen to the little spirit of peace inside you, to guide you and it will work out.