Thursday, November 24, 2011

Gratitude For Dummies

If you've looked through my past posts, you might realize something: I barely have any of my own pictures up. Instead, I amuse and intrigue you with other- hopefully delightful- snapshots. Maybe because I just don't the moments well and maybe because my camera sucks. But I will be posting a few pictures soon, I promise you this.

This year, Thanksgiving was a bit different.

First, I spent the last week with my grandparents. Wednesday to tomorrow, Friday morning. Pretty intense, especially if you know them. My grandma has Alzheimer's which isn't as amusing as it used to be. I'll have the same conversation with her five times all over, plus she likes to tease a little harshly. My grandpa tries to take it and is a good man, but there's not much he does about any of it except to get patient after a few times.

So it was just the three of us. Last night, my grandma woke up in the middle of the night and spent a long time in the bathroom, tossing up the sweets she'd had that day [too many]. So we weren't sure if we'd make it to Chuck-A-Rama.

Morning came and surprise, she was doing better [lots of prayers will do the trick]. So we left about 9:30, got there 9:45 and they usually don't open until 11 AM. But they told my grandpa, waiting in line, they'd open at 10:30 A line was starting to form but hey, we were the first ones in line!

We were leaving by 11:30. I enjoyed two hot chocolates, three different dishes of turkey alongside chicken, a roll, corn, and more. I barely even managed any dessert at the end, I was full.
Then we tried to stop at Barnes & Noble but of course they were closed. I spent maybe an hour back at the house talking to my family- sort of really missed out on the family Thanksgiving at my uncle's. Our family gatherings get so much more interesting the older you get, after all.

Movie time commensed, and that's how we spent the rest of the day. My grandparents headed to bed about 6PM and I've been in my little hut since, trying to find things to do on the computer after packing up to go back in the morning.

Thanksgiving just felt... very... unconventional? I don't know, I can't think of the right words, if there are even any of those...It didn't feel like any different day, I suppose. Which was disappointing- if there is any reason to celebrate, I want to celebrate!

Back to working on my story, I suppose. Making another bucket list as well ;)


i am thankful

for my health, because it’s good 90% of the time so i can have fun, and enjoy nature

for my friends; because the ones who leave me have still taught me something and for the few who stick around because it reminds me i am worth something

for my schooling because i have paid for it all by myself, literally and emotionally

for the music and bands in my life because they remind me every time when i feel alone, someone will always be there

for my Heavenly Father because of all He has given me and all that He teaches me whether i like it or not

for my talents because without them, i would be twice and lost and they give me hope

[for my pet dog because he fits in my family perfectly and his soul is beautiful and hilarious]

for my family, because i know they will never leave me no matter how much they sometimes may want to; because we can hate each other and be laughing again ten minutes later; because we are one crazy puzzle that fits together perfectly with our faults, weaknesses, strengths, and love

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