Sunday, November 20, 2011

Long Time, No Chat

It's been a few weeks. Okay, probably a month, at the least. If not more. But what can I say? Lift just got in the way.

As did Bones as the show started up again. In addition, I try to stay updated on: Psych, Criminal Minds, Modern Family, and I've also recently begun The Mentalist and Community.

Oh and I can't stop watching pieces of this beautiful show on youtube.

So, obviously, I'm pretty preoccupied.

Okay, okay. But I do have some legit reasoning. Working a few odd jobs in Cedar, sorting out my future- every few weeks I get a new email about my future work at Disney World in Orlando, FL where I will be next January. Then I had a ridiculous three page paper to write.

And Nano!
Which is what we insiders call it. To the rest of you, it's National Novel Writing Month. There's more to November than Thanksgiving, Christmas music, and No-Shave-November. This project is for writers all around the world who choose to start a novel and write 50k [that's five thousand] words within those 30 days.

My only problem is that as incredible as my story will be- outlined with 22k so far- I just keep getting immensely distracted with... well, more stories. I had started one earlier this year which I finished just today- 72k! Plus just last week I started something else and I've already written about 15k and I really don't want to quit on that because it's just so much fun, you know?

But I'm going to still and do what I can. The story I'm doing for this is one I've been working on for about three years and it means a lot to me. I've put in so many hours of work for it and it's just special.

Among other things, I'm trying to relearn patience around those closest to me. I've gotten better at expressing myself instead of hiding things away like I have done most of my life [I didn't think people would really care or want to listen]; but as I've grown more blunt, I've lost patience and some empathy which I've always understood completely.
It's a tough life, really.

Anyways, I'm eating out every day and watching at least two-three movies a day as well doing hardly anything but sitting on my bum constantly here at my grandparents for Thanksgiving. They've splurged so much on me, i love it but it almost makes me sick.

Sort of excited to go home. My... excitement has been draining lately. All day, really. Or yesterday? No, today. But hey, I need to learn patience, right?

Hopefully I'll pick this up and pretend people don't even know what's going on in my life right now or something like that.
Fare thee well!

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