Saturday, November 3, 2012

Goin' Crazy

Sound: Boy Meets World S05E08 "Chasing Angela"

I'm on a Boy Meets World rollin' marathon, obviously. I grew up with them [and Sabrina the Teenage Witch], and I can't stop laughing. Disney's actually wanting to take over and do a sequel show, Girl Meets World- which would be about Topanga and Corey Matthew's tween girl's life! They even want Danielle and Ben to reprise their rolls!

Disney Channel would probably ruin it. But it's the thought that counts!


It's November! Not only am I still on a Tim Burton streak [Frankenweenie was MARVELOUS! So much better than I could have imagined. Seriously, a must see. So fantastic!], but it's also NANO.

For those who don't know what that really is, it's National Novel Writing Month. I think I mentioned it in my last post? But it's time! Hey, better late than never, eh? The main point is being able to write at least 40,000 words in the month of November.

Last month, in the beginning, I wrote a 58,000 word story in 20 days. Which sort of freaked me out, because that's insane. I wrote like five chapters in the first two days. It's also kinda crazy that I finished it. Unfortunately, as much as I enjoyed the story, I don't see it being strong enough to last in the big world so it's never going to really be shared, published, or anything.

The real problem resulting from this, is writer's block. It's like running a big marathon or doing a huge contest- lots of hard work, done really fast- and then you need rest. Right? Except when it comes to writing- to get something good out, you can't always force it out of your system. It can make the situation worse.

It's the third of November but I've been plotting out this new story, little by little, and writing out little excerpts in notebooks and on my laptop. Anything I can do, to at least get out a piece of string filled with words to create the story, line by line.

This is actually frustrating, though, I haven't been able to get very far...

Curious, much?

Not only am I a writer, but I'm also a girl, so I'm not too great at being concise. The basics of this story is about a girl [she's yet to have a name]. She has an older brother, and two parents. Small family, simple enough, right? It would be, if she were all right- if she were normal.
But she's a schizophrenic.
-I was writing another version of this story, about halfway through with it, when I got caught up in other stories and life so I never finished it. But now I'm taking it and messing around with it again. Just about everything has changed, except her and her relationships with her family.

Pieces will include: meeting a boy in a flower shop. the flowers calm down her thoughts and that's when the voices have no power over her. he works there, but she's also running off to spend time with him. he has no direction in life but has so many possibilities- whereas she's so restricted, she doesn't have the chance to do anything. they have the opportunity to change each other's lives. She just happens to have a mental disorder...
fun pieces will include- having conversations with voices in her head, hallucinations, and a Peter Pan theme of  youth, wonder,  music and flowers...

It's going to be fantastic and magical and yet so simple... I'm really excited, you know. Writing stories about people is such a blessing for me. I'm not the most social, we all know that- but the human race is amazing and I love writing about bits of human nature. I love being inside others' heads and seeing their problems, and hopefully helping them find their happy ever afters or at least a solution for the time being...

Anyways. I'm really hoping that this year, I can complete NaNo. I've "competed" a few times now, but being pushed into writing is never the easiest thing for me, so I've never actually finished... wish me luck!

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