Thursday, March 1, 2012

A Day In The Life Of

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Updates: 'One More Disney Day' happened yesterday on Leap Day. This meant Magic Kingdom was open from 6AM- 6AM. I got off work around 7, came home and showered, and headed back around 11 to watch Disney's Electrical Parade, see Capt. Jack Sparrow, and a few more things.

Scholarly update! At last!
I started my Exploration into Leadership 6 week seminar program on Tuesday.
The class, to me, is huge which worries me about how well it can actually function the way I like it to. However, the teacher, David, is pretty good. He's humorous, a decent public-speaker, and deals well with our age and everything.

^It's helping me, at least, get back my drive to climb up and do more with myself.

& I bought a book "the red rubber ball" or something like that. Short and quaint but very creative and talks about how he became the athletic coach for the 76ers all because of his love of red rubber balls from his childhood. We all have that drive in some shape or form, something that we find ourselves in love with and [maybe subconsciously] chase. For me, its the simple form of creating and most definitely writing!

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The basics of my life, I thought I would share with you:

I wake up. I've found that I pretty much need 8 hours of sleep every night or I die a little. My roommate snores + half the time my other housemates are watching MTV a bit loudly so I do have earplugs just in case. I have my Stitch pillow or my Minion that I like to cuddle with a bit under my warm, fuzzy blanket. [While Florida has reached the 80s this week, our apartment is always cool so I get to use my blanket!]

I always use my alarm to get up although lately I've been waking up before then. Immediately I put on my watch and gather my things outside of my room, grab a bite to eat [usually blueberry pancakes, poptarts, or toast], and head out.

The majority of the time, I'm just going to work. Epcot, The Seas (With Nemo & Friends)

In this picture, it actually says a lot. You can see the back of my costume [pictures coming soon], where I work. Literally, I never have to leave this corner. I stand under the umbrella half the time, or by the nearby strollers, or else inside. I eat, work, rest in that building. It's pretty incredible seeing as it carries the nation's second largest acquarium.
(To the right in this picture is the Coral Reef Restaurant. To the left is the acquarium entrance along with the exit of the ride and Turtle Talk w/ Crush which I also work with.)

There are about about 12 positions always being filled. I'm finally becoming pretty chill with half the coworkers and I understand most of the lingo now. CDS, ADA, etc, I don't even know maybe.

Usually I bring a lunch- I buy animal crackers, oranges and apples and bananas, and get those cheese & crackers packets. I actually splurged on pudding and bought everything to have peanut butter & cheetoh sandwiches. Pretty excited. [I can't spend money for a month now]

Shifts vary, of course. Fridays are the latest anyone can work and that's till half hour past midnight. Earliest is just before the park opens at nine, and with attractions I don't have to work overnight thank goodness! There is seniority so the older members get the best times which are the mornings and CPs are closing people, our nickname. [aka college program] Confused yet? Anyways my shifts lately are around noon till just before closing so not too terrible...

Epcot bus route is a big circle. Vista Way is the stop just before Epcot meaning it takes me maybe 10-15 minutes to get there- but about 45 minutes to get home every evening. Definitely bites! But at least I usually get a seat on the bus and can rest my feet.

Home, I shower immediately [I have to wash my feet three times] and grab a bite to eat before revving up the computer. I rarely hang out with everyone so my evenings are usually filled with movies. Vista has a wonderful movie library and since you can check out 2 movies at a time, I'm there two or three times a week. I'm doing marathons lately: finished the Terminators and onto Ghostbusters!
^Hot dog, egg and hashbrowns in ketchup. Amazing dinner!

On the rare occasion, I'll go out. There is FHE but I haven't been in a few weeks though the other times were so much fun. There's been the occasional movie night with other LDS members aaand that's about it. I recently went to ESPN's Wide World Of Sports to see Orlando's Pro City Soccer Team.

My additional activites would include shopping. But I've already spent half of the money I've earned, I think, so I'm going to push it to a stop for a few weeks. Which sucks but I really do need to do just that. Seriously. I won't tell you everything but let's just say my future home will be majorly themed Disney.

Went to Hollywood Studios today which was AWESOME. It's incredibly underrated. Watching a band play which I really needed. They played a few fun songs and even got a pack of cheerleader groupies dancing for them. I saw the Lights Camera Action Extreme Stunt Show which was long, but incredible. Pictures posting soon [anyone want select posts for each park? hehe... ]

My day off was nice, which was today obviously. This is when I run errands. Post Office, Wal-Mart, and do the laundry. In a way, I hate these days because I spend so much money [laundry is two dollars for one load], and the scary thing is I still don't have any buyer's remorse. I bought donuts and cookie dough [instead of ice cream, okay?] and still have no remorse. It worries me a little.


So that's basically it. I had the missionaries over- with three guy friends- which was definitely a highlite of the week. [besides where a little boy hugged me after we traded] Speaking of which I have a draft post on dating... Haha. But it's sort of nice, not bothering about that too much here. Although there are lots of boys!! So many...

This is dying, isn't it? Well, I guess I'm done. I need to find another snack. I eat a lot, it seems, maybe more than usual. Hard to decide, to be honest. I'm just always hungry you know? My feet are constantly killing me (do you know what it's like to be exhausted but your feet ache so much you can't sleep, and to wake up with your feet still hurting?) Can't decide if I've lost any weight.

However in the last few weeks, I have been questioned about my age. I was asked if I was old enough to even work at Disney. Then at Wal-Mart they had samples of ice cream [could anyone resist that?] and she asked how old I was. Very embarrassing on the latter one...

I can talk to strangers now, which is good. But it's getting difficult to hold everyday conversations sometimes because my roommates rarely talk to me. Days are good and days are bad, that's just how it works.

Hope all is swell!
[Get it?]

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  1. you like never got 8 hours of sleep at home! you were always the last one to bed and the first one up! you're crazy. maybe you're just getting old. :)