Tuesday, March 13, 2012

UnAnniversary Pt 2

Sounds: Supernatural [it terrifies me but I've wanted to watch the series since forever]

Current thoughts: Stupid allergies

TWO MONTHS! I am half way through! Can you believe it?
Hopefully you haven't forgotten about me!

Okay but to be honest sometimes I do forget about myself. I work 28-48 hours a week with varying shifts and it also means at least an hour's worth of bus riding every single day. My feet hurt 80% of the time now, and my cheeks hurt as well because I smile so much. On the bus, I'm reading or listening to my music or the rare occasion of talking to someone about our work.

I'm in a Exploration Leadership Seminar class, that's every Tuesday for just a few hours in the afternoon. It's pretty good and it's interesting, seeing the way they view leadership as well as the lessons and tips we're given on how the leadership ropes are used within Disney itself.

I usually have at least one other day off during the week, and I've used that recently to explore more of Disney's Animal Kingdom to see their shows such as Finding Nemo: The Musical. I haven't been to the parks that often but it feels like it since I can go whenever I want, you know? My next step is to start trying the food from the World Showcase in Epcot- and then meeting every character!

Then when I'm at home, I'm on my computer watching movies.

But hey I've finally gotten out a bit!
Pictures coming soon on Facebook from:

Epcot Cast Kareoke Party
I didn't do the singing myself- only from the audience, anyways. Everybody has to dance to some of the classics, right? I hung out with my coworkers and more for free food towards midnight, goofing around, taking pictures, and doing Disney trivia. In addition, I won a tour ticket for two in Magic Kingdom. Just have to decide who I'll take and when!

YSA Regional Hoedown
I made sure I had the day off just to attend. The rides were a little messed up but we weren't late to the party! The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints owns quite a bit of land about an hour out of Orlando, Florida which a small pasture area for these parties which happen every spring. We arrived after it was finished drizzling, plenty of plaid and jeans to go around. Some learned to rope a cow, to crack a whip [after I slapped myself on the head three times, I figured I'll leave that to Indiana Jones], and more!
Such as horse riding! I waited in line forever before finally getting on a somewhat smaller horse, who was such a sweetie! We were a little goofy, but I talked her into trotting quite a bit and I managed to stay in the saddle without playing with her reins too much which she appreciated. We wandered around and I couldn't slap the silly smile off my face if I wanted, I just loved that moment so much.
It was short and sweet before I had to climb off- and made my way over to dinner for BBQ, pulled pork and lots and lots of rolls!
Then there was cake. Oh so wonderful cake.
Well, and a boy. Who gave me more cake. Rick said he picked me out of the crowd and pretty much ignored the girls I came with because he thought I was so special. Unfortunately he turned me off with two issues: he's not a member [yet], and he can't dance. But otherwise, he was a bit of a gentleman and it gave me someone to talk with [he strongly believes in astral projection which was very intriguing], and dance with a little.
Okay, boys, I will share a secret if you didn't already know: girls will share a look that screams "help" just with their eyes if you're creeping us out. That's usually when they come in and you eventually disappear. Which worked, and I danced with Joe, a very great guy from church. After that, I got to do some dancing with the girls- when was the last time I danced??- and then it was all good.

Sorry about the ramblings. But it's been a few days and this girl has got to get things off her chest! Of course, you probably didn't even read all that, did you? You skimmed, saw I had cake, there was some boy, and that was that? Don't worry, I'm not that surprised.

Currently working to see if I'll come home with any money. Hopefully, yes. We'll find out!
Anyways, feel free to leave comments and talk to me. The majority of my interaction with humans are with strangers who just want to find coffee or The Land so... yeah.

even better?
victory shall be mine.

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  1. Will you, though? Will you really know where everything is?? I'll have a test prepared! Mwahahaha.
    Also...what's astral projection? And of course you're going to take ME on that tour!! Who else would you take? I'm your dear beloved sister! And I'm so excited to go on that tour with you. :) hehe
    I'm jealous, it sounds like you're having fun!!