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It’s hard to believe I just closed the pages of such an adventure. Those were the fastest four months of my life, they just flew by. I cried, I laughed, I yelled, I lived life in a way I’ve never done before.

Orlando was so different for me. I saw the world from the inside out, the world I only judged but never came near. Everyone’s morals were so different, I was a little afraid I might even lose myself towards the end. After all, I went to church only a handful of times whilst there- whereas usually I’m there every Sunday. Everyone swore around me and shared words and stories that made my skin crawl every time.

That and the fact I came home to find condom packages around the living room- you would have thought it was a dead mouse. In fact, I would have preferred a dead mouse over that. Even a live mouse.

So yeah. The people factor was a tough part.

Then I was spending about $88 a week on my apartment that was so worn out and disgusting. We all worked odd, hard hours and never had time to clean much. So usually, most of us didn’t. Whenever I got home, I’d drop my things, shower, and then go to the kitchen to clean up the dishes no one had time to deal with that morning. Everything was left out constantly- and I’ve never been so freaked out by a shower. It was so disgusting!

But anyways, that was just the bad part.

The good part? Disney. I did their Animations Studio a few times- a fun corner near the Character Spot in Hollywood Studios. Three times I went and drew: Chip the chipmunk, Pluto, and Woody! Very cool. I’ll take pictures of those for you all. To me, it was SUPER EXCITING seeing as a kid, that’s all I had ever wanted to do. Draw, do art of some kind. SO COOL.

There were rides, parades, adventures, activities, characters! So many I don’t even know how to begin! Although I do know I need to go over each park with you all, just in case any of you ever get the chance to go. And, maybe, a Disney Trivia one??

Speaking of Disney Trivia:

There is a cast member exclusive party called Goofy’s Mystery Tour in WDW [It’s Minnie’s Mystery or something like that at WDL]. I did it on the tenth, my last night there. After Hollywood Studios was closed down for the night, we ran around the Streets of America in teams of four [tethered together by bungie chords, SO HARD], with sheets of paper of Trivia, activies, and logic puzzles to get another clue! It was hard and fun and we didn’t win but it was cool all the same.

After that event, since I didn’t get home until after 1 AM, I started packing some more and made some cookies. I got into bed about 2 AM, but my sister texted me at 2:30. Plus I’d already taken off my sheets and packed the normal pajamas so I was just shivering and lying there for a while. I dozed a bit but my alarm had me back up at 5:50 to get going!

Seana, a lovely friend and coworker, drove me to the Magic Kingdom to be there about 7:30 AM. Ropes unleashed at 8:00 AM but nothing really opens until 9 AM. However we got to take a few nice pictures before getting started on our tour, "Walt Disney: Marceline to Magic Kingdom" which was fun.

I'll save that sort of information and fun for another post.

Finishing up my day:

Played in Magic Kingdom till 7pm
Fantasmic at Hollywood Studios at 9pm
Wandered Epcot until 12:30pm [pictures with friends, etc]

Arrived at airport about 1:30 am
Dozed till 4am [apparently not much happens out in front until then so I couldn't turn my luggage in or anything]
Got my ticket, turned in my luggage [one suitcase was too big and had to even it out into another SO ANNOYING]
Boarded at 8:45
Arrived in LAX around noon. Dozed in five hour flight. Got two cans of soda
Boring layover
Boarded second plane 2:45
San Diego at 3:40
Waited till 4:20 before family arrived

They took me to Hometown Buffet where I REALLY got to eat for the first time in a long while. (My diet there consisted mostly of poptarts, muffins, pasta, apples and the occasional bananas or salad, weee) Then we watched the Tuxedo.

But I started falling asleep during that. So I went to bed and slept for eleven hours! Yay!

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