Monday, April 30, 2012


Sound: roommates & friends in kitchen

Just thought I'd offer an update. Mostly because it's midnight and I don't know if I'm going to be able to get to bed with everyone up. And I feel like I should update more often, keep them nice and decent sized instead of updating each month with one loooooooooong post or something, you know? I mean, my life is a little more interesting...

A few high lights of my week:
I saw Princess Aurora give a little boy a big kiss [lipstick on his cheeks and everything]
Hung out at Hollywood Studios with Adam [introduced him to another awwwwesome part of the park]
Joking with guests who saw me before and after costuming
Shopping in Japan! [too much stuff, I swear]

I also spent some time running around Epcot to meet all the characters. I really wanted to meet them all but with so little time left, I think I have to cut it a bit short and just meet my favorites- which will now be over at Magic Kingdom. Peter Pan, Rapunzel & Ariel. Gotta work fast!

But otherwise things are good. I'm making a list of great foods and recipes I want to try this summer. My mom's trying to get me into Utah to find a job there [she just doesn't want me home, probably, which in fact Mike over at work, practically a stranger, was telling me all morning the other week, haha...], so I'll be doing that all of May.

Anything else? I don't even know.
I'm signed up for classes in Southern Utah University. Didn't see that one coming.

I don't know how this happened.
I'll be that girl in a corner rocking back and forth all night in the airport.

While it's been such a tough experience, it's still been a great one and I really don't know how to progress with myself on how much I've changed and where I'm taking my life. It's just weird, trying to find a transition but still not falling back into what you used to do/be. It's going to be hard, especially going straight home. To go from working about 40 hours a week [and spending about 8 hours on a bus a week], to doing close to nothing is a little scary for me.

Feel free to provide any ideas.

My only plans:
1. Try cooking 10-15 new recipes
2. Learn to juggle
3. Buy shoes and paint like R2-D2
4. Get a job

Trying to decide if I should start packing for home.
....Nah. I still have over a week. Anything could happen. I can do it later.

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