Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Sound: Supernatural [season 6 finally!]

Oddity of the week: At work I ran into Rebecca Kittleson and her new husband! The ride stalled for a moment and they were the second ones ready in line! It was so BIZARRE! It was a fun little moment and I had no idea what to think or even say, it was so crazy.
Sometimes being here feels like a strange dream. I'm so far away from everything I've ever known even though this has become something of a home to me. All the same, I feel almost detached from my normal world. I'm living at Disney World after all.

Tuesday, my day off. Thank goodness. I slept maybe three hours though, no idea why I couldn't sleep in. So I sat around, trying to read, for a while. Then I made mashed potatoes and chicken nuggets and headed out. Little Disney shopping and here I am again to post for you!

My Easter Breakfast: I wanted to do pancakes, hashbrowns and sausages but because of the timing I did this instead:

Anyways, it was Easter and I wanted to do an Easter post but I was tired because I didn't get the day off, as hard as I tried. So many people called out, I didn't want to leave the workforce hanging and be mean... Although there were some holiday activities for kids, the day after had nearly twice the crowd which we thought was odd.

I put out some little cookies and chocolate eggs for my roommates- received some adorable bags from Mandy [and her lovely mother] a few days before.

We were given little treats for "surviving spring break" by our managers which kept us up with some energy. Then Joe brought in jelly bellies AND malt eggs which I was super excited about. [Added with caffeine (because who knew vanilla coke had caffeine? I DIDN'T)- not that I'm complaining because I kept my coworkers amused by walking in little circles and trying to swim along with the guests to get them into the shells all night on Monday]

Plus my mommy sent me stuff! It arrived Saturday but because of my schedule I wasn't able to pick it up until yesterday morning. But worth the wait with all the goodies!

Back to Sunday. It was a bit of a dull day, to be honest. A little frustrating more than most with some guests, but it's okay because we can laugh it off afterwards on the bus home and getting the rest we need, we can still work that Disney magic!

So there's this thing called Goofy's Mystery Tour. This is a scavenger hunt held each year at one of the parks for cast members. Three coworkers needed another player and it's the day before I leave so I'm signing up for it as the last fun thing I'll do here. We're signing up today! Hooray!

After all, I only have 4.5 weeks left! Then I'll be back in California- and may never return again.

So I've been working on a to-do list. Do every ride at least three times, visit the resorts, get pictures and autographs with as many characters as possible, etc. Plus I still  have a certificate for two guests on a Magic Kingdom tour which I really want to do. That, and see an east coast sunrise. Then I'll call it good! :D Next Thursday I intend on going to a resort after Animal Kingdom with a few friends for dinner and movie which should be fun.

I finally went and saw The Hunger Games! I had a free movie pass so I figured why not? Wandered over to Downtown Disney and was strongly tempted:

When you go inside you get a piece of free chocolate, yum! Always lovely, right?? They have little lunch boxes I was so tempted to get. I mean, a lunch box AND it's filled with chocolates. Who could complain?

Basin is so cute! All these fun soaps and suds for the baths! Fun colors! And then this of course~

If you know me at all, you know I definitely stalled in there for a good bit of time. But eventually I did get a move on. I arrived at the theaters still thirty minutes waaaay too early. I picked up my ticket, treated myself to some frozen yogurt and sat down outside my theatre to enjoy it for a while.

Definitely a good, fun movie. I jumped, laughed, almost cried...

It was dark by the time it was finished, and I headed back towards the buses. It was a pretty good walk and I got to see the evening there. All the fun lights and colors, the adults drinking and having a good time...  after a little while, I thought it was strange. And I couldn't decide if any of those people were actually truly happy with themselves.

To conclude, I keep trying to find myself but the thing is you, you're not hidden away in a hole or anything. You're clay that you need to sculpt. Now I've got that steady foundation thanks to my family and childhood and now, I need to start finishing up because it's time to jump in the kiln or something and start painting over.

If that made any sense.

But yeah. I hope you all had a good Easter. I'll be spending the evening watching more Supernatural with some chocolate milk.

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