Monday, June 11, 2012

Good Morning, America!

Sound: Daytrotter Session of "I'm Sorry" by The Maine

Okay so since it's been forever I figured I'd do another [daily] update. Aren't you lucky?
And I did recall: I DO have a few of these in Drafts that I'm still working on. My thoughts on dating, for example, and even better: big chunks about all four parks in Walt Disney World, FL!

Anyways, it's Monday Morning in the Petersen household.
As usual, I'm at my daily post: on the computer
Isn't it lovely? I really do need a desk.
But I get on, write a few thousand words a day, and of course, I have my television shows to catch up to:
New Girl
Modern Family
Criminal Minds
and currently, I'm finishing up The Mentalist (In season 4, yes!)

*And more, of course. Such as researching Art Museums in San Diego. My mommy's taking me out and I get to choose the place. I feel slightly uncultured when I consider the fact I've never really been to an art museum. Unbelievable, right? That should change this Thursday!

Eddie managed to get Jordyn up (as long as they're together he's sort of like the cousin who doesn't really live here but is here anyways, you know that guy) early to go running but he came over and spent like three hours working in our front yard to help mom plant her avacado or lemon tree. [how to tell the difference when neither are blooming? great question]

He's very proud of those trenches, just so you know. Them trenches he did.
When he's not working at either of his jobs this summer, he's usually with Jordyn. Half the time that even includes hard work either for his family or over here because he has a really good work ethic. Pretty good example for my brothers, if they would look his way.
And probably me. But, you know, I'm busy.

Jordyn on the other hand took a few minutes to work on a skirt she's trying to sew. We girls know the basics of sewing anyways, and find fun fabric to play around with on occasion. So why not fiddle around? There are a few rips in some of my clothes I should probably take care of now...

Connor's got Camp at the beach this week so he'll be disappearing early every morning so he's out, and Jake'll spend his time playing yahtzee, studying German, or sneaking around with the itouch he just bought with Connor.

Treats for the family!
Oh ta da- Cinnamon Rolls Bread or something like that. Basically from I saw: a sourdough loaf with about 3 cups of sugar aaaand anyways made into cinnamon dough-y treats. Next to it is Texas Sheet Cake, my family's favorite version of brownies [but not me, NOT my favorite] from last night. We celebrated Father's Day a week early because my mom's leaving town with my brothers for YFF and such next week.

Another picture of proof my younger sister does more with her time than me.
Wow I need a job.
I hate Mondays.

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