Monday, June 11, 2012

My Spice Cupboard- And Pantry Of Thought

Exciting thing of the day: I dreamed I was tattooing a (my) cow.

^However I have decided to accept this as something more... well, more as an analogy. In case you didn't know, cows are one of my irrational fears [probably because I've always been a bit more of a city girl than anything else], and tattooing is a form of art, which I've always aspired to.
So it's like I'm conquering my fears, almost, with something I love.
Make sense, right?

Well it's going to get stranger for you.
I thought I'd share a thought or two before saying how my week has been. Or feel free to skim down because it's gonna get a little odd. So I was lying in bed at 10:26 PM last night, just thinking to myself and having those absolutely brilliant thoughts that you always get so late at night- and for once, I actually remembered it after I dreamed and woke up!

My Spice Cupboard (Analogy)
In case you haven't noticed, I don't immediately attach to everyone. Talking to me, you might be able to feel as if there's something blocking the two of us? We can make connections but it doesn't always bring us closer. I've just had the feeling that I make the effort but not enough to make us close friends.
So I've related many/most of my connections of people to a spice cupboard.
But don't take this too literally. I don't relate any of you to a certain spice or anything. You aren't cumin and you aren't cinnamon.
ANYHOO, I just feel like I get to my cupboard, and I have you labeled. "This person's mom" or "Kid I almost grew up with but not really because we were growing apart the entire time" or "mentor" or something along those lines. I know we shouldn't label people, but that's how I recognize everyone and I'm not too sure I could go back to scratch all of a sudden.
So when I talk to you, it's like I'm pulling out the jar of you with the lid off, and talking to "this person's mom" or something along those lines. Whoops. Made a little more sense last night to myself. I was just thinking how I appear so unattached to people and how I don't really mean to act as though I don't care.

Let's get onto something slightly more eventful: my life.

Scarily enough, these are the people I hang out with most. My younger sister Jordyn, and her boyfriend Eddie. They've been together since last September or so and are together a lot of the time, as in every spare moment.  Not that I can complain much. He helps out around the house, helps with a lot of the yardwork, and is almost amusing.
But we had a serious talk the other night which was good, I suppose. He wanted to know why I don't wholly heartedly approve and we dug into that for a bit [with Jordyn sleeping in the car with us], and I'm not used to serious conversations so it was pretty interesting.
It's [mostly] all good now.

Other things in my life:
-I'm still trying to get hired at O's Kitchen (originally Pat & Oscar's)
-Adam Mellor, an old friend from school, returned from his LDS Mission abroad in Russia! Pretty exciting. We went over there for an Open House kind of event to see him after all that time. He's doing swell.
And they had kitties! Their cat, Lady, had kittens a few weeks ago and so they brought them out for us. Eddie says he'll be taking two home in a few weeks, if possible, once they're ready to go. [If you're around San Diego, you should ask because they still have more!] They were all so tiny, fitting in my palms. Everyone in my family was loving them- except for my Dad. He won't let a cat inside the house.
-Still doing a little bit in the Re/Max Praecelsus Real Estate Office, that's getting me a little money.

And not much else.

Camp Nano: Write 50,000 words in the month of June. I'm trying to to do it right now with one of my favorite stories that I'm rewriting. I'm already halfway done after 11 days! I didn't do any writing over the weekend but hopefully I'll get a good start today or something and finish up soon. It's about time I published a book!

And that's my life. Hoping to go to [my first] art museum this week with my mom. We'll see how that goes :D

-I realize this was a pretty crappy update. I'll try and find anything more that I've been up to, take pictures, and pretend my life is a thrilling roller coaster ride with a lot of upside downs. ; )

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