Saturday, September 17, 2011

Geniuses and Gizmos

Tuesday Taylor got a henna kit and was willing to draw whatever we wanted on our skin. I know, it's sideways, get over it please because I don't want to change it I'm too tired.
Anyways, it's supposed to say "Lost & Found" and I know people may look at it and say it's inappropriate, it's stupid, it's silly [hi, daddy], but I am not one of those people who decorates their body [with clothing, tattoos, etc] just because society is doing it.

[Comes from a drawing by Garrett Nickelsen. If I really, really, really, absolutely like and love and crave your company, then I will have shared my.... ehm, joy, of this young man probably. Or most likely, you are trapped with my company and often hear me whining about his pretty face. Either way, he's the bass player for The Maine]

I chose this because it means a lot. Religiously, emotionally, not physically, maybe metaphysically, etc. This little ghost with that sign just symbolizes sort of my life. I feel like I'm constantly being turned around and twisted upside down by the world, by those around me. I tend to take everyone's words into consideration, especially/unfortunately when it comes to me they are talking about.
-I've spent a lot of time overwhelmed and trying to figure myself out. To find out where I am, and who I am.
Finally, I'm learning that I don't exactly have to find myself, but create myself. And whenever I get lost, who knows? Maybe I am there for a reason, and maybe I can have fun and learn from where I am and whatever I'm doing.

This was a serious post.
But it will not end serious.
To the pictures that will always make me laugh:



^^You better learn what that's from^^

And people think I waste my time on the computer? Psh

Do you have any idea how beautiful that is?

So much goodness-


-Just realized Nessa may get offended but I assure you, it has nothing to do with you and your obsession with giraffes, I promise.

We still haven't reached my favorite oh my gosh so much goodness

^ Maybe that shouldn't amuse me as much

and THAT is my FAVORITE.
If you ever see me laughing to myself, I am most likely thinking of this.
I hope you laughed.
if you didn't.
your life
is not something I want
to have.

G'day mate

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