Monday, September 19, 2011

Our Potential

Children do not like fairy tales because they tell us dragons exist. Children already know they exist. Fairy tales tell us that they can be destroyed. -G. K. Chesteron

I'm not positive how this is how it was first said, but it was said this way in Criminal Minds Season 3 Episode 5 at the very end. Which I've been watching between my studies [obviously not going so well].

They use the best quotes, even if misquoted. I absolutely love how they apply not only to the beginning or the conclusion of every episode, but how we can relate to them. This one I love the most, maybe, because I was a born dreamer.

I could say so much about this, but the quote says everything, and that's why comments like these are preserved through history. They are like photographs that carry a thousand words, but a line or two that carries a thousand thoughts and ideas.

Cartoons these days are so out of this world or ridiculous or so dramatic. It's hard to explain, because I grew up watching Bugs Bunny toss dynamite to Elmer Fudd[sp??] and both of them always survive. That, along with the classical Disney shows that kids don't watch anymore. My brothers don't even know what the Jungle Book is. They only know Spider Man from the current "graphic novels" and the newer movies. We don't have the classics where everything always turns out right and there's something of a lesson to it- or it's so absurd we already know it would be stupid to try it.

Anyways, we don't really have fairy tales anymore. We have Captain America and Superman, but no one really knows the Grimm Brothers anymore. They don't understand where The Little Mermaid really came from, and how not everyone doesn't have a happy ending. They don't know the stories of the Arabian Nights or about courage, valour, Shining Knights in Armor who rescues fair maidens who then love them and they run into the setting sun.

Is it better they don't know this? I'm not so sure. But I'll take Bugs Bunny and The Little Mermaid anyday before Phineas and Ferb or Degrassi.

Just as well, society is telling us that it's okay to be weak. Children are punished for protecting themselves in school. They are taught that there are no moral lines, and if you do not allow people to "be anything" then you are a bad human being and you don't deserve anything. They cradle people and don't ask them to pick themselves up when life gets hard, they don't tell them to look on the bright side and fight back those devils.

They're forgetting that we still have dragons, and that dragons can still be defeated. They will always be around, but it doesn't mean we have to allow them. Eventually, they will trample over us and they will win, if we don't fight back and protect ourselves. Dragons will always be here. But will you?

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