Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Call It off

Feeling: 'Big Jet Plane'

The Maine Cover Songs

Emily, I'm finding the recipe for you now, hon, don't you worry!

As for the link, if it loaded correctly- my favorite band covering a song by Angus And Julia Stone, plus Nirvana. I'm listening to it now. My headings will probably introduce a new song to you and kudos to you if you know it!

I'm still sick. And it's seriously irritating me. It's been nearly a week, and I have this absurd cough that's just killing me. This gives me a headache and I can barely sleep. It frustrates me, being unable to control this. They don't usually last this long, either. I just hope it ends very, very soon- and that I haven't gotten anyone else sick!!

There's also a flying ant infestation in Jenee and my bathroom. We bought bug spray and will see if that will work. Let me know if you know of soemthing that works. They're coming out of the shower drain, it looks, plus a hole beside the toilet plumbing. And apparently it's happened before -.- But we're guessing there may be a nest or something beneath in next to the plumbing. I already knew this house was totally crappy, I'd come by before. It's old, cracks everywhere, etc. The things you do for friends...


Enjoy. Please tell me how it works out!

Apparently Andrew Humiston and his family, plus my sister, and a few others are coming up past to Zion to hike Angel's Landing. Katie's been invited along with a few people and that's how I heard so it seems like I wasn't necessarily invited which is totally offensive. Not that I blame anyone. I'm slow and a scaredy-cat and I know how to complain and be grumpy. But still, honestly? Ouch, man. Ouch.

Anyways, trying to work on my future best seller! Will eventually get to it. I swear I must be insane, because the thing is, I can prepare for anything but the hassle is actually accomplishing that. So I have notes for symbolism and places and phrases, etc. But it makes me nervous.
I've even worked on the message it's supposed to send across. Unorganized but personally important all the same:
To show we are all human- different with each of our own talents, struggles, weaknesses, strengths and victories. We don’t have the right to judge others. That there is always hope- and the possibility of change. We are all worth something.
Even when we are at our best, we will never reach our potential- it always continues to rise.
When we are at our worst, we learn who really loves us and who will always be there. FAMILY. Heart and blood. Just because you don’t understand them, doesn’t mean they don’t love you. It’s important to standby them, loyalty. Those bound by the heart are family too, in a deeper sense.
Dreams- keep them.
Humans are all different. We understand or misunderstand each other all the time, constantly. If we all understood, there would be no pain- and thus no joy.
Every moment matters.

Ta Da.

I was going to share something else, but I don't think you're really prepared for it. After all, you don't really know anything about it.
Not a lot of people know the whole, actually. In fact, only one person does.
Which, personally, is a sad thought.

I'm going out on a dangerous limb to share a serious thought, now, so don't you dare mock me for it. My parents, if you know them, are absolutely wonderful people. They take charge, except responsibility, and inspire greatness. They want the best for their children and try to teach us to be our very best. I love them and respect them for this.
It just hurts that they don't really care about reading my stories. I've sent pieces of 'haunting' poems and stories, but all they ever have time to read are the ones about America or our faith. And if they're short, really short.
So they do try, they're always telling me to do my best and they even said they would get me a writing mentor which I extremely am grateful for, because I have acknowledged that having one will be very necessary now. It just bothers me that they don't read what means the most.

Then again, none of us are important.
One of my favorite bands, Thriving Ivory, says "we are only human"

We are only human

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  1. Thanks for the recipe! I can't wait to try it!

    I can totally relate as far as your parents. I just finished writing a piece for my writing class about how my expectations of my dad weren't and never will be fulfilled. It's hard for me to think he's proud of me when he doesn't act like it the way I think he should...I don't know if I'll ever get over it. It might take all my life for me to truly be able to accept his natural expressions of love.